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I Took The Weekend Off!!!

Yes, I you heard correctly……..I took the weekend off! 


And, I also slept in on both mornings for a change until 9am, which is late for me as I am usually up at 7am or so. 

I also skipped my scheduled 5 Mile Run on Saturday!  =O 

Why did I do this you might ask???   

The answer is simple…..I WAS VERY TIRED!!!   

I think the past 3 months of race/toning training and 2 months of working on my new project at work finally caught up to me this weekend.  Because I was just so tired, falling asleep on the couch each night and then struggling to get out of bed the next morning


So when Saturday morning came and I was struggling to get out of bed my husband rolled over and said “why don’t you take the day off of running“.  It was like he was reading my mind.  

Later he also said “you have been going strong for a long time now, a day off won’t kill you“, which is exactly what I needed to hear and is exactly what I did…………I took the weekend off from running!  =) 

Fast forward to Monday morning and I am feeling great, very rested, thanks to my weekend off!  Plus, I also did not feel the least bit guilty about it.  Well ok I did slightly on Saturday morning but it went away fast because I knew I had not taken a weekend off in months (2 to be exact) and I obviously needed the rest!  ***Remember to listen to your body!*** 


So what did I do during “my weekend off” you might ask!?!?!  

The following: 

  • Ordered pizza on Friday night from Papa John’s per my daughter’s request.

My "veggie" slices!

  • Slept in both mornings with my hubby!
  • Ran a bunch of errands on Saturday.  Had lots of “returns & exchanges” to do, plus last-minute School Supplies to buy as well.
  • Had lunch with my Mom on Saturday afternoon.  We went to a local favorite called BJ’s.  I love their food, especially a soup & salad combo they have as a “lunch special”.

My cup of tomato basil soup!

My plate pilled high with my BBQ chicken salad!

  • Grilled out on Saturday night.  We had t-bone & porterhouse steaks that were on sale at Publix, plus grilled veggies and baked sweet potatoes.  Than we watched the UFC 119 premlims and I fall asleep on the couch.

On The Grill!

On my plate!

  • Went into work on Sunday afternoon from 12pm to 4pm to work on a report that is due first thing Monday.
  • Prepared food (lunches & a dinner) for the week upon my return home from the office.  Plus I did the rest of my laundry.
  • Made dinner, than ate it with the family.

My bowl!

  • Watched a t.v. movie with the hubby and went to bed before midnight.


4 Reasons To Sleep More


Why You Need More Sleep Tonight


Skimping on shut-eye has the potential to be deadly: “Chronic sleep debt raises your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity,” says Dr. Emsellem. Your immune system is compromised too, “so you’re more susceptible to catching every virus that comes along.”

Though your body shuts down, your brain buzzes with activity as you sleep. That’s when it sorts, processes, consolidates, and stores the masses of information you absorbed during the day. “Sleep is crucial for learning, cognition, memory, and performance,” says Dr. Epstein. In fact, a Harvard study showed that adults who got a good night’s sleep performed 44 percent better on a memory test 12 hours later, compared with those who stayed awake.

Recent research reveals “a very close relationship between insufficient sleep and the inability to lose or stabilize weight,” says Dr. Emsellem. A likely reason: Sleep debt interferes with the function of hormones that regulate how efficiently the body burns fat.

Harvard scientists have found that after trying a new motor task — playing a piano minuet, doing an aerobics routine — a good night’s rest solidifies what you’ve learned, making it easier and more automatic the next day. “Studies show that your brain replays the same sequences during the night,” explains Dr. Emsellem. “The next day, you just know the moves — it’s no longer a conscious act.”

Putting Yourself First

Guess it is only fitting that we are almost into this weekend when I finally post about last weekend, especially these days (this month) as I have been so BUSY at home and work that I feel like I don’t even have enough time to think let alone type a post.  

However, even though I do not see my current busy schedule slowing down anytime soon I promise to keep on top of my posts the best I can……..hense why I am typing at my laptop at home (that I had to kick my step-son off) at my dinning table at 10pm at night.  Lucky, me I finally got my laptop to work after months of issues.  And, just in case you were wondering the reason my schedule is so busy these days is because of the following: 

  • At the beginning of the month we moved into a bigger home so that my step-son could come and live with us.  He is visiting now and hopes to be residing with us within the next few months.  So the move kept me busy for a while and now with my step-son in town we have a house full which has kept me even busier at home, but in a good way of course.
  • I took a vacation mid-month (Family Reunion) that put me a bit behind schedule on things at home and work, but I feel caught back up from that now after getting a bunch of chores (cleaning, shopping, etc.) over the weekend.
  • Then there is work!  Things have been crazy busy at work the past few weeks as I had several big projects and reports due by the end of the month.  And, next month doesn’t show any signs of slowing down either as I have a class to take for a new license I need for work and a new assignment I am supposed to take over as well.  All this is good, just keeps me chained to my desk pretty much most of the day these days.  But, you got to do what you got to do to move up………..

Now, I want to point out that none of the above is going to keep me from my TRAINING PLANS!  I will continue them as planned and try to keep on track the best I can.  I firmly believe that nothing should allow me to stray from them if at all possible.  Because no matter how busy life gets it is important still strive towards your goals in life, to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy!  

As my mom always said “you have to take care of yourself first in order to be able to take care of others (children, spouses, family, friends, etc.) and be a productive “happy” member of society (employee, volunteer, etc.).  Some may take that statement as selfishness, but it is not by any means.  It basically means that you have to make sure you are happy & healthy before you can properly take care or help others and be a good member of society.  I know any counselor or  psychologist would say the same.  How could you if you weren’t happy and healthy yourself!?!?  I know from experience this to be true because when I didn’t do this I was not the best mom, daughter, sibling, friend, employee…….I could be!  Because I was NOT happy & healthy! 

Of course this was difficult for me to do.  It took time.  And, I know many women that struggle to do this themselves, because let’s face it many of us were raised to put “others” before ourselves and it is very big in our society for us to be the care takers, most of the time at the expense of ourselves! 

Do you struggle to put yourself first!?!?! 


To my own surprise I actually remembered to take pictures of everything I ate this past weekend as you can see below.  

SATURDAY, 6/26/20 



Dinner for the whole family!

Dinner for me!

SUNDAY, 6/27/10 

Breakfast (Pre Run)

Breakfast (Post Run)1

Breakfast (Post Run)2


Breakfast (Post Run)3 Breakfast (Post Run)4

And, yes they were as GOOD as they looks!  =)   


My BFF came over for lunch on Sunday and I made the above for us.  The sandwich was yummy, but I wasn’t too happy with the salad though it looks really good. 

I made chicken enchiladas (my mom’s recipe) for dinner on Sunday but in my stress of getting the dish right I completely forgot to take pictures.  I promise to next time.  Luckily, my hubby liked it so it will be made again.  =) 


In other news I hit the GYM on Tuesday, 6/29/10 and did the following:

Ab Exercises      

  • Russian Twist (2 sets of 20)
  • Seated leg tuck off bench (2 sets of 20)
  • Stability ball crunch (2 sets of 20)
  • Superman Variations (2 sets of 20)
  • Toe touch (2 sets of 20)

Toning Training Plan   

Day 7:  Weights (Legs)

16-Week 15K Training Plan

3 miles @ 12:00

I must admit that I was supposed to do a 4 mile “easy run” per my 16-Week 15K Training Plan, however I just was not up for it after Sunday’s 6 mile (TONS OF SWEAT) run and my leg routine prior to my run so I only did 3 miles and will either do the 4 miles on Thursday or Sunday.


Hey, this question came to me the other day while at the gym! 

How many days have you worked out so far this year!?!?!

72 is my number!  Which, isn’t to bad considering I only hit the gym and pavement 2-3 days a week……=)