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How to Run Longer & Faster

I just read a great post called How to Run Longer & Faster by Iowa Girl Eats and loved her advise so much I wanted to share it with you all!  =)  As it was right on and hit home base with me as I have been trying to do just that for the past year now. 

And, I too found just like  Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats have been running consistently for years, going on 3 years now, and also remember starting to run so I could get in better shape as her as I was struggling to lose the other half of the 100+ pounds I needed to lose back then and running did the trick of course. 

Back then it was a struggle for me to run 5.0mph hour for 1 mile on the treadmill, I didn’t run outside back then, and I used to look at other runners at the gym who ran 6.0mph or more and think how do they run that fast???  I couldn’t even imagine running that fast at that time or run for longer than a mile or 2 either!

Of course, my situation was a bit different then Kristin as she was overweight by 50+ pounds as I was then, so she was in much better shape, but I remember having many of the same thoughts as her then and recently as well.

For example, now that I am down to a good weight (though of course I am still pushing to lose another 10+ pounds) and now that my body and fitness level is close if not the same as other girls that run comfortably at 6.5mph or more on the treadmills at the gym around me, I find myself asking the same questions as Kristin…………why couldn’t I do that?

That is when I realized that I could do that!!!  But, just like Kristin, I realized that in order to do that I would have to run longer and faster.  That you have do both in order to become both!  You have to PUSH YOURSELF in order to grow as a runner! 

Both took time and are still a – work in process – for me, first I started with running longer as I was sick of being only a 2 mile runner.  So I gradually, started to run longer and longer each month until I completed my first 10K in November 2009 and my first 15K in September 2010, see posts from both races below:

Now, I can run up to 6 miles non-stop and quite comfortably, though not really fast yet, I still average around a 11 to 12 minute mile on runs longer than 3 miles.

As for becoming faster!  I have also worked on that gradually through the years, by following plans such as Build Speed With Ease on the treadmill at the gym in the beginning to most recently PUSHING myself to run 1 and then 2 miles “non-stop or slow down” on the treadmill @ 6.0mph+!  Which, I am very happy to report WORKED, as I know can run at 6.0mph quite comfortable for a mile or 2 and am working towards 3 miles……….=)

And, though it is much tougher for me to run fast outside then it is inside on a treadmill I have also been trying to run “faster” outside as well. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to monitor as inside on the treadmill as I do not have a machine telling me how fast I am going and NO I DO NOT OWN A GARMIN, though I wish I did but it is a bit pricey for me right now.  So I try to time myself on my watch and since I know where the mile markers are around my house this method works pretty well and I am improving slowly but surely……….as you could see at the last 5K I last April, the Corporate IOA 5K, in which I ran at a pace of 9:51 per mile………about 3 minutes faster overall compared to the 5K I ran before that in September 2009, the Miracle Miles 5K Race!

So as with Kristin, it has taken me a few years, but I am getting to where I want to be and it feels very good working my way towards that and also looking back and seeing how far I have come.  I can’t wait to see where I am a few years from today.  Maybe I will be a 7.0mph runner like Kristen and have run a Full Marathon!!!!!!!!!

So I leave you with this advise from both me and Kristen:

  • Push to improve!  Anyone can do anything for five minutes.  You won’t fall off the treadmill (as long as you have good shoes, I have almost with worm out shoes).  Don’t listen to your brain, as Kristin and Nike said……….just do it!
  • Always adjust your training schedule!  Your body adapts to whatever routine you are doing after 4-6 weeks, so keep changing things up, where it is to run your first 1/2 Marathon (like me this September) or to become a 10 minute mile runner.  If I can do it so can you!!!

What are you working towards now!?!?!