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Last week was spent struggling to finally get back on track after the holiday’s and with my pre-time of the month cravings

In the end, I think I did fared well, but if I am to be completely honest not as fair as I would have liked too.  =(

However, I tried to conquer my struggles by doing the following:

  • Running a lot!
    • Including, outside long runs and inside fast runs, in hopes of getting back on track and to my pre-holiday running shape.
  • Hitting the gym! 
    • To start back on my “core” training and do lots of sit-ups (in order to get my tummy under control, that has gotten a little bigger since the holidays)…………=O
  • “Trying” to avoid my constant cravings!
    • By buying healthy and some no so healthy snacks (see below)to munch on instead of the bad ones I really want!
  • Keeping busy at work!
    • And, of course let’s not forget keeping myself very busy at work in order to not think about the my craving.

And, the above did help a lot and I am VERY happy to report that this week is MUCH better than last as I finally feel back on track running wise, at the gym and my cravings have STOPPED as well!  =)

Check out my Training Schedule for all the details on my running and gym workouts last week and see below for my EATS…….

Dinner (Friday)

Breakfast (Saturday)

Dinner (Saturday)

Healthy Snacks!!!

Not So Healthy Snacks (Sunday)

Dinner (Sunday)

Not so bad (above), right!?!?!

WELL, I ate lot’s, mainly on Saturday afternoon at my sister’s House Warming Party, that was not so healthy or diet friendly believe me so even though I ate good above I canceled it all out then, but oh well, what is done is done……..time to move on to THIS WEEK!

Catch Up & Pork Chops

Well I am happy to report that due to my week not being as busy as usual I have been able to catch up on a lot of things at work and can now finally see my desk after clearing most everything off this week……………

My Desk

And, despite the fact that I added an extra trip to the gym to my schedule this week I have also not been as busy after work.  Which has allowed me to get dinner on the table before 8pm every night this week………total shocker to my husband believe me, as I usually always have dinner done much later.  =O  Last night I made yet another On Repeat dinner – – – Pork Chops, let me take you through how I make them and just how easy this meal is to get on the table.

Step 1 - Flour Pork Chops

Prior to the above step I cut off excess fat on each chop and also salt each.  The flour mixture contains cajun seasoning as well as some pepper.  I do not use an egg as a binder as my husband HATES THEM so I just flour them, let them sit in the fridge for 20 minutes to set and then flour them again before frying.

Steam Asparagus

I steam the cut asparagus for 10+ minutes while I fry the pork chops.

Microwaved Canned Green Beanas

I chose to microwave some canned green beans last night as my husband doesn’t love aspsargus so I knew he wouldn’t each much of them (just the tips) and that he would need more veggies.   Typically, I am not a huge fan of canned or frozen veggies for that matter and prefer “fresh”, however they are always good to have on hand just in case you need them………plus 1 serving of canned green beans has 2 grams of fiber and some vitamin A.

Roasted Potatoes

The above are frozen roasted potatoes.  I tried my hand at fresh onions and neighter the hubby nor the little one liked them so I got these they love them.  They bake in about 15+ minutes while I am frying the pork chops.

Frying Pork Chops

I fry the pork chops for approximately 5-8 minutes per side in 1/4 cup of vegetable oil until brown and crispy.  And, everything together makes a yummy plate full for dinner…..



Earlier in the day I ate the following:




I also hit the GYM last night.

I did 15 minutes of abs.

And, 30 minutes of upper & lower body “core ” Stability Ball Exercises that included free weights.


In other news, I did some reading last night in the latest edition of fitness magazine and came across a great article that I wanted to share with you.

November/December 2010

Power Surge: The Hidden Benefits of Exercise

Exercise does your body good almost instantly, research shows. Here’s mega motivation to get slimmer, stronger, healthier — fast!

By Alyssa Shaffer

Instant Benefits of Exercise

We’ve got some happy news that will rev up your workout routine: The moment you head out on your run, launch into your Spinning class, or start your Pilates session, the benefits of exercise kick in. “We see changes in the body within seconds,” says FITNESS advisory board member Michele Olson, PhD, professor of exercise physiology at Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama. Your heart rate increases, and blood is delivered to your muscles. You start burning calories for fuel. And you get an almost immediate mood boost.

As little as 30 minutes of cardio three to five days a week will add six years to your life, according to research at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas. Do that plus a couple of days of resistance training and you’ll not only live longer but also look younger, feel happier, have more energy, and stay slim. Ready for some inspiration for getting your move on? Keep reading for our timeline on the quick and long-lasting benefits of regular exercise.

As You Work Out……

Your lungs are getting stronger. When you do cardio, your brain sends signals to them to help you breathe faster and deeper, delivering extra oxygen to your muscles.

Your motivation is at its peak. Thanks to a flood of endorphins, which trigger the classic runner’s high, you feel psyched and energized.

You’re fighting flab. “During typical cardio exercise, your body taps mainly fat for fuel,” Olson says.

FIT TIP: Push yourself to go harder. The more intensely you do aerobic activity and the longer you do it, the more efficiently your body uses oxygen, and this boosts its fat-blasting power throughout your workout, Olson says.

Within One Hour of Exercise…..

You’re protecting yourself against colds, flu, you name it. Exercise elevates your level of immunoglobulins, which are proteins that help bolster your immune system and ward off infection. “Every sweat session you do can help strengthen your immune function for about 24 hours,” says Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise.

You’re feeling zen. Mood-enhancing chemicals, like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, flood your brain for a couple of hours post-exercise and for up to a day if you’ve competed in an endurance event, like a marathon. Stress? What stress?

FIT TIP: Do intervals, on the elliptical or the treadmill or while running outdoors, and you may feel even happier. Women who did interval training in a recent study by Olson had a bigger boost in mood immediately following their workout than those who worked out at a steady pace.

You’re blasting calories, even at rest. “For every 100 calories you burn during your workout, you can expect to burn 15 calories after,” Bryant says. If you went on a three-mile run, you would torch about 300 calories, which could mean zapping an extra 45 later.

FIT TIP: To turbo-charge your calorie-incinerating quotient, strength-train at least twice a week. It will charge your metabolism so that you’ll continue to burn calories for up to 38 hours, according to a study from Ohio University in Athens.

You’re hungry. Now that you’ve burned through your energy stores, your blood sugar levels are dropping. Just how low they go depends on how much you ate or drank before your workout and how long and intensely you exercised, says Kristine Clark, PhD, RD, director of sports nutrition at Pennsylvania State University in University Park.

FIT TIP: If you exercised on an empty or almost-empty stomach, you’re probably feeling light-headed or even nauseated or headachy. Your immediate food fix: A high-carb nosh, like a banana or half a bagel, will refuel you and kick-start your recovery. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water with your snack. Intense or long workouts can leave you dehydrated.

I will be MIA over the next 3 days as I am taking the day off tomorrow from work, promise to return with a long post on Monday, have a great weekend everyone!  =)

Pasta Anyone!?!

Yes, please………I will have some!  =) 

Here is a little secret of mine…….I LOVE PASTA (& BREAD)!!! 


However, during my 100+ Pound Weight Loss Journey I stayed away from them as much as possible as I followed a “Low Carb” diet in the beginning and even though I stopped dieting around the middle of my journey that way of eating pretty much stuck with me throughout the rest of my 4+ year journey….and through today! 

I found through the years that I have a difficult time saying “NO” to carbs (pasta, breads, baked goods, etc.) and found it was best for me to stay away from them as much as possible, especially in the beginning.  

Throughout the years however I learned that I could eat carbs but that I just needed to do it in two ways

  • Eat “Healthy/Good” Carbs
    • Whole-grain cereals
    • Whole-grain wheat bread
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Whole-grain rice
    • Oatmeal
    • Dried Beans
    • Whole-wheat pasta
  • Eat “Bad Carbs” in MODERATION!!!

This approached helped me a great deal during the last part of my journey and today as well!  I do not feel deprived this way and benefit from eating healthy (good) carbs that are not only good for me but also taste really good!  I now prefer whole-grain/wheat breads & pasta’s over their white counter parts, eat fruits & veggies on a daily basis and oatmeal almost every other day. 

What is your take on Low Carb vs. Healthy (Good) Carb eating!?!?! 


Onto my EATS for this fine Thursday, 2/18/10! 


Late Morning Snack


The above, Baked Ziti, was YUMMY and courtesy of my mother-in-law and the reason I posted about “pasta” today….I swear I could eat twice as much as I ate above!  =O 

Afternoon Snack



I almost didn’t make it to the gym tonight as my mom had to work late and couldn’t pick up my daughter, however I was able to get out of work a bit early so I was able to hit the gym for about an hour…….so I was in a mad rush to get everything done and I “almost” made it!  =) 

Here is what I did Iron Pumping Challenge wise on Day 2 (Thursday) of Week #5 and Running wise as well: 

  • Sit Ups
    • Seated Leg Tucks Off Bench
      • 2 sets of 20 reps
    • Stability Ball Crunch
      • 2 sets of 20 reps
    • Straight Leg Pullover Crunch
      • 2 sets of 20 reps
    • Toe Touch Crunch
      • 2 sets of 20 reps
    • Weighted V-Sit Twist
      • 2 sets of 20 reps
  • Legs, Back & Biceps 
    • 21s
      • 2 sets of 21 reps w/10 pound dumbbell
    • Hammer Curl
      • 2 sets of 20 reps w/10 pound dumbbell
    • Hamstring Curl
      • Skipped, ran out of time!
    • Lat Pull Down
      • 2 sets of 20 reps @ 60 pounds
    • Leg Extension
      • Skipped, ran out of time!
    • Lunge & Lift
      • 2 set of 10 reps 
    • Stability Ball Back Extension
      • 2 sets of 20 reps
    • Stability Ball Ys & Ts
      • Ys & Ts
        • 2 sets each of 10 reps each
    • Step Ups
      • Skipped, ran out of time!
  • Treadmill 
    • 3 Mile Run
      • 30:45 minutes
        • Mile 1 – 5.7mph
        • Mile 2 – 5.8mph
        • Mile 3 – 5.9mph (5 min.) & 6mph (5min.)




20 Ways to Get Healthier for Free 


17. Try a new sport
You’ve always wanted to try cross-country skiing, right? As part of its anniversary sale Jan. 9, will help you try it for free at a location near you. 



Girl Scout Cookies


The “Girl Scout Cookie” Giveaway Winners will be announced Friday, 2/19/10 in the afternoon!!!  =) 

3 Tip Thursday!

Well the work week is almost coming to an end and we are lucky enough to have some “beautiful” warm & sunny weather here in Florida for the next several days!  =)  

I am not by any means trying to rub this in to those of you that live in the rest of the country and are still dealing with very cold temperatures/bad weather right now! 

It is just that Winter (end of Fall/beginning of Spring) is pretty much our best season her in Florida. 

As I am sure you can imagine our Summer’s can be very brutal so when it is really cold here in the Winter it is almost like Summer all over again for us as we are once again stuck inside!

My morning wasn’t quite on time as my daughter had some last-minute math homework to do that we both forgot about, so while she was doing that I decided to eat a bowl of mini-frosted shredded wheat with 2% milk and a side of orange juice for breakfast.   


I also stopped at 7-Eleven for a cup of coffee as I was out of cream at work and I just cannot have coffee with cream, YUCK!  I poured myself a 16oz cup of their hazelnut brewed coffee then added some half & half and 3 splendas….just the way I like it!  =)  


Then just before noon time I had a slice of Hawaiian Pizza left over from yesterday for Lunch #1.

Lunch #1

Lunch #2 came around 3pm and was a bowl of tuna with a little mayo and 1/2 a diced apple mixed in, minus the bread as I was trying to make up for the pizza I ate earlier.   

Lunch #2

 After work I headed straight to the gym and completed the following:  

  • 10 minutes of abs
    • bicycle
    • but lifts
    • leg lifts
    • stability ball crunches 
    • vertical leg crunches
  • 20 minutes of lower body toning
    • lunges (2 sets of 20)
    • squats (2 sets of 20) 
    • inner thigh machine(2 sets of 20) 
    • outer thigh machine (2 sets of 20) 
  • 21 minute 2 mile run
    • 5.7mph to start& for 18 minutes
    • 5.8-5.9, 1 minute
    • 6.0 – 6.2, 1 minute
    • 6.2 – 7.5, 1 minute

Once I left the gym I picked up my daughter and headed home to make dinner, which was left over spaghetti for the hubby and a thrown together southwest salad for myself.  


 A shower followed dinner of course as it was needed badly and then some t.v. time with the hubby before we headed to bed early just after 10pm.  



 Since last month I have followed Health magazines FGW article and wanted to share it with you along with their plan I found online as there were tons of great TIPS that I found!   

Check out their plan below:  


About the Plan

Wouldn’t you love to wear your favorite jeans with confidence? Or spend the holiday season in that shapely little black dress? With Health’s Feel Great Weight Plan (FGW), you will.  

You’ll get expert-designed, real-woman-tested meals, and workouts to get you fit, slim, and feeling more confident.  

What’s our approach? A 100% free, proven diet plan anyone can use. Simply print out our great daily menus and kick-butt (but easy-to-do) workouts, and get started today.  

Have questions? Need advice or support? We’re here for you. That’s right, Health staffers are following the plan too. Connect with us and fellow FGW dieters by joining our brand-new Feel Great Weight social network. (It’s mobile-friendly, too!)  

Together, we’ll lose a ton while having fun!  

Get started in two easy steps:  

1. Click here to download the FGW plan (PDF format)  

2. Click here to join the FGW social network  


Feel Great Weight

Fear No Cravings
Go ahead – have that cookie!  Here’s why indulging a little is actually a weigh-loss weapon.
YOU KNOW what a craving feels like:  that manic moment when the devil on one shoulder swoops over to sucker-punch the angel on the other, demanding something salty-sweet-forbidden right now.  But, believe it or not, it is possible to master your hankerings.  Registered dietitian Marissa Lippert is here ot show you-and our Feel Great Weight women-how to enjoy your gotta-have foods and stay on track.
Fatou Kine Dieye: 33, Architect and director of graduate-student affairs at Columbia University
Height: 5′ 10 1/2″
Goal weight: 165 lbs

Her cravings:
“Pastries, cakes, pies……I like sweet stuff!”  

The fix: Your best bet-surprise!- is to go for the good stuff, or you’ll drive yourself carzy with depivation.  Two or three times a week, have a dessert that really does it for you.  “It’s all about having the real thing, but occasionally and in small quantities,” Lippert says.  If you try to scratch that itch with “light” versions, you won’t really be satisifed, she warns.  Some worth while goodies?  Full-fat ice cream, a thin slice of banana-walnut bread or 2 to 3 squares of dark chocolate with 70 percent cocoa content or higher.  On days when you’re not indulging, load up on foods that are naturally sweet like pineapple, apples, bananas, watermelon or 1/2 cup of trail mix with almonds an dried fruit.  “Unlike the FAKE stuff, those snacks will help alleviate your sweet cravings overall,” Lipper says.  


Deanna Verbouwens: 39, Stay-at-home mom
Height: 5′ 3″
Goal weight: 145 lbs   

Her craving:
“The week before my period I long for carbs and everthing salty!”  

The fix: “When your hormones are out of whack, it can affect your cravings,” Lippert confirms.  Here’s how to manage them.  The next time you have your monthly yen for friese or Doritos, reach instead for a dozen or so small honey-whole-wheat pretzels with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 4 cups of air-popped popcorn with a little salt and grated Parmesan cheese or 1 1/2 cup of edamame with a pinch of sea salt.  Another way to survive PMS?  Make sure to give your taste buds their salty treat before you’ve worked yourself into a feeding frenzy.  If you wait until your cravings hit, you’re more likely to really go off the rails when you finally do give in, Lippert says.  


Alanna Campbell: 27, Associate producer-director for sports television
Height: 6′ 0″
Goal weight: 170 lbs   

Her craving:
“At night, I’ll be watching TV and want something to nosh on!”  

The fix: It’s OK to give yourself a nibble, Lippert says-just do it at the same time every night.  “When it’s part of your routine, you’re less likely to get out of control,” she explains.  Aim for a 100-to-150-calorie treat five nights a week, with a 200-to-300-calorie indulgence the other two nights.  One caveat: You must put whatever it is onto a plate or into a bowl.”  That’s your treat, and when you’re done, you’re done,” Lippert says.  And no more nibbling mindlessly while your reall attention is focused on 30 Rock, either.  Switch off the TV, “sit down and really focus on how the food tastes – it’ll be more satisfying,” Lipper says.  A couple of no-guilt nibbles to try: low-fat frozen yogurt with berries or a few whole-grain crackers and a slice of cheese.  For a splurge snack, enjoy a small cupcake or brownie, or a small portion of French fries.  

NEXT POST: Caitlin’s Iron Pumping Challenge & J-Just say “moo”. 

Finally Warming Up!

On this Tuesday, 11/12/10…….though only a bit for the next few days as they are saying that by the weekend we could have temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s!  =)  

It was still very cold though this morning when I woke up but by the afternoon we had temperatures in the 50’s for the 1st time since late last week.   

And, YEAH for me as my daughter finally is getting used to the colder temperatures and wasn’t as slow to get out of bed this morning as she has been the past “6” school mornings, which in turn made me late for work each day due to that fact (luckily my boss was much later than me on those same days too).  =O  

So in light of our “on time schedule” I was able to eat breakfast at home before we left so I had a big bowl of mini-shredded wheat and a glass of orange juice on the side.  


Around 11am I had what I will call Lunch #1 on a piece of high-fiber whole wheat bread that I toasted topped with peanut butter and a 1/2 an apple on the side.  

Lunch #1

Then, Lunch #2 called around 2pm and I had the last of my chili that was in the fridge……..wishing there was more at work as I still have some at home!  =(  

Lunch #2

You would think 2 lunches would have quenched my appetite, however it did not so right before I left work to head to the gym I had a Trail Mix Fruit & Nut Bar as a late afternoon snack.  

Late Afternoon Snack

At 5pm I headed straight for the gym and did the following:  

  • 10 minutes of abs
    • bicycles 
    • old fashion crunches 
    • vertical leg crunches
    • leg lifts
  • 20 minutes of upper body weights
    • arms
    • back
    • check
    • shoulders
  • 20 minute 2 mile run
    • 5.7mph to start
    • 7mph to finish


I am so happy to say that not only am I “Back On Track” eating wise, I am also back up & running as well.  =) 

Last night I kicked butt on the treadmill

I started out at my average treadmill speed/pace of 5.7mph and stayed there for the 1st mile, then I upped up my speed by 1mph at a time (every 30 seconds to a minute) until I ended at 7mph

So I was booking it the last few minutes and it felt great afterwards, especially after not running but 1 day over the past 3 weeks.  

After leaving the gym I headed home for a quick shower before my daughter got home and then I got dinner all “heated up” as I made it on Sunday it only needed to be nuked.  We dinned on Montreal Red Chicken, Brown Rice & Green Beans.   


 It was super yummy, however I only ate about 3/4’s of the chicken and rice shown as I started to fill guilty about eating my entire plate full, since it was a large plate and not a small one. 

See the recipe below if you would like to try your hand at making Montreal Red Chicken, which is a recipe that was handed down to me by my mother-in-law who is from Montreal, Canada and is what I would call a slight twist on American BBQ Chicken.

Montreal Red Chicken

Prep Time:  20-30 minutes
Cook Time:  1 1/2 hour
Ready In:  2 hours 
Yields:  5 servings

3-6 pieces of white meat skinless boneless chicken
1/4 olive oil
3 gloves of garlic, crushed
1 onion, chopped
1 cup of ketchup
2 tablesppons of hot sauce
1/4 cup of cider vinegar
1/3 cup of sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 cup of water
1/2 teaspoon of savory
1 teaspoon of parsley

Brown chicken on both sides in oil in a fry pan.  Then place in a large casserole dish with a lid.  Add a little more oil into the same pan that fried the chicken in and then add in the onion, garlic, ketchup, hot sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, water, savory and parsley.  Bring to boil and poor over chicken.  Cover and cook at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours.  Best served the following day or two, just let it sit in the same casserole dish in the fridge until it is time to heat up. 

*Serve with white or brown rice. 
*I like to shred my chicken after nuking as I find it stays moisture this way and sort of reminds me of American pulled chicken or pork. 

A cold and breezy dog walk with my hubby followed dinner.  Then we surfed the t.v. looking for something to watch without much luck before bed time.  Oh, we did cut into the seedless watermelon I had on the counter as a late night snack as well.  

Late Night Snack

Bed time came a bit after 11pm and I slept really good for a change, think my lack of “running” really played a part in my broken sleep recently.  Isn’t it amazing all the benefits that running has!?!?  




Your A-to-Z Guide to a Flat Belly  


H-Have whole grains.  

Obese adults who slashed calories and added whole grains (think brown rice, oatmeal) to their diets lost more belly fat than dieters who ate refined grains (like white bread), a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says.