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1 year ago…….

………I officially lost 100 pounds!  

So do you know what that means!?!?! 

I have kept my 100 pound weight loss off for 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months……..1 year!!!  =) 

It is hard for me to believe that it has been an entire year since I finally hit my 100 pound weight loss goal.  Not mearly because it was such a BIG achievement, but because I still find it hard to believe that I actually weighed 100 pounds more than I do now.  =(  Despite the fact that I was upwards of 240+ pounds for several years….guess I feel that way cause I wasn’t at that weight long in my life (only about 3+ years before I started to try to lose the weight) and was at the weight I am at now for most of my life (give or take a few pounds up or down). 

So to recap, this was me below prior to My “Weight Loss” Journey!  

Me at my "heaviest", June 2004!

 And, this was me 1 year ago today after my 100+ pound weight loss

Me after losing 100+ pounds, July 2009!

Here I am TODAY (well the picture is a few weeks old but I pretty much look the same, though I am a little more tan now) 1 year after my 100+ pound weight loss

Me "1 year after" losing 100+ pounds, July 2010!

I would love to report that I have lost the additional 15+ pounds that I had wanted to after hitting my 100+ pound weight loss goal, however I can not at this time………=( 

BUT, I am happy to report that I did not GAIN any weight at least!!!  =)  If you follow my blog and have seen my Weekly Weigh In you can see that I have pretty much stayed between 141-145 pounds throughout the past year.  Though I assure you by this time next year I will “finally” be down those pesky 15+ pounds by this time next year.

Have you ever hit a “weight loss” milestone!?!?!

If so what was it???


Let’s review the weekend……….

On Friday my daughter and I attended a “Farwell Get Together” at Menchies for one of my daughters friends who moved to Georgia over the weekend.  I had the below bowl of “goodness”. 

My bowl!

After lots of good-bye’s we headed to Pollo Tropical to pick up dinner.  I had a pork TropiChop with white rice, black beans, corn, grilled onions and lots of salsa.


It may not look very appetizing but I assure you it is tasty……

The next day (Saturday) I headed out for my scheduled 4 mile run around 9am in the morning.  A little later then I would have liked to get outside to run.  I am afraid the lack of sleep (only about 6 hours or so a night all week) finally caught up to me and I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed any earlier than that to go.  Luckily, I only had to do an “easy” 4 mile run.  Unluckily, it was VERY HOT outside and I sweat like a pig the entire time.  I completed the run in exactly 48 minutes, just like I was scheduled too……12 minute miles each

Overall, other than the heat, the run was really nice and I did not struggle during it.  In fact, I even had enough energy to sprint at the end of the run and can confirm that Caitlin @ Healthy Tipping Point was right on about her speedwork sessions paying off as well as taking long strides makes you go super fast………as they did just that for me and it felt great!  I honestly do not think I have ever run that fast “outside”.  I can’t wait to do it again.

After arriving home after my run and taking a long “cold” shower I had a bowl of frosted shredded wheat with 2% milk with a small glass of orange juice for breakfast.


Both Publix & Walmart were hit after breakfast as we were in great need of groceries.  I actually saved a bit by hitting them both as Walmart is always “cheaper” then Publix, however I still go to Publix though for my meats, deli items, breads, dairy items and some BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) items they may have on special that week. 

Upon my return home and after unloading all the groceries I snacked on some fruit and SunChips before I headed to the pool to get a few rays.  Though I didn’t last out there too long and was home less than an hour later due to the heat…….but that didn’t hurt my tan as I did get a little rays during that time.

Later that evening after the hubby returned from work we grilled some steaks for dinner.  Saturday grilling is quickly becoming a custom around our house and I love it.  We also had baked sweet potatoes and corn on the cob with dinner.  And, I of course had to have a glass of iced tea with my meal.


We completed the evening by watching RedBox rental and hitting the hay around 12pm.

The next morning (Sunday) I hit the RedBox to return movies, then Publix for some items I forgot yesterday and home to have breakfast that was super sweet.  I had a cherry cheese danish, sliced banana, strawberries and melon.  Plus, french vanilla iced coffee.


The danish was a weakness purchase at the Publix Bakery.  I usually can resist the baked good department despite my love for “baked goods” however this morning I just gave in and bought some.  Then I figured that if I pared it with lots of fruit I wouldn’t be straying to far off course and that my breakfast might still be slightly balanced.

What do you think!?!?! 

Is my breakfast “slightly balanced”???

My daughter and I spent a little less then 2 hours at my mother-in-law’s pool that afternoon until she got bored (no kids to play with) and I got too hot and went back to my mother-in-law’s house to visit for a bit before going home to prepare for the week ahead.

While visiting my mother-in-law I had a big sampling of the freshly made Beef Stew she had stewing on the stove and it was SO GOOD as always.

Big Sampling

Back at home I prepared everything for the week ahead by doing the following:

  • Making crustless spinanch quiche for breakfasts all week.
  • Making sandwiches for the hubby & little one for lunch the next day.
  • Getting all my lunch and snack items (salad stuff & fruit) for the week ahead ready to go the next day to work.

While doing the above I also did my last loud of laundry and prepared dinner, which was homemade pizza.


I rounded out the evening by having an icee for dessert (sorry no picture) and hitting the couch to watch some t.v. before bed at 11:30ish……



20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories

Hit the mini links

When’s the last time you played putt-putt? All it takes is about an hour to slash 200 calories.

Weed and seed

Make your yard happy by uprooting those pesky weeds for 25 minutes (127 calories) and planting some new seedlings (77 calories for 15 minutes).

Blown Away


Not by the music as shown above (just couldn’t resist this picture, I love it), but by the WIND on this “finally starting to get nicer weather” weekend as we were graced with upper 60’s, clear & sunny skies and what they called gentle winds here in Central Florida this weekend!  =)  

However, I wouldn’t call them that if you were outside running as they didn’t feel “gentle” by any means………=O  Luckily, my morning runs were still very nice despite this fact.  Just much SLOWER then I would have prefered, but you can’t control “Mother Nature”!  

So as you might have guessed my weekend began with a lovely early morning (9am) 35+ minute 3+ mile run on Saturday, 3/6/10.   

After returning home I took a quick shower and then headed out to the grocery store, stopping at Dunkin Donuts on the way to pick myself up a quick breakfast and medium “hazelnut” coffee.  I tried out there new veggie egg white breakfast flatbread sandwich that was topped with cheese.   


To my surprise, it was very good and I will definitely have one again in the future if I am running late like this morning!   

I got home just before 1pm from the grocery store despite getting there early this morning (just after 11am) as I spent extra time surveying all their sales for the day that included some of the following:   

  • Aunt Jemima’s Frozen Pancakes (BOGO)
  • Baby Back Pork Spare Ribs ($2.29lb)
  • Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereals (50% Off, Saturday & Sunday Only)
  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal (BOGO)
  • Quaker Granola Bars (BOGO)

For those of you that aren’t familiar with my local grocery store, Publix, they are well-known for doing BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) sales every week and I LOVE THEM!    

The extra time spent while grocery shopping today was well rewarded as I ended up saving a total of $37.01, that included the following savings:   

  • $5.00 Competitors Coupon
  • $1.75 Vendor Coupons
  • $30.26 Publix Special Price Savings

So as you can see sometimes a little extra time spent browsing the sales flyers, collecting coupons, planning out your shopping list and looking at the sales posted at the grocery store can pay off BIG TIME!  =)  

On to lunch, which was no surprise for a Saturday.  I had a big southwest chicken salad.   


It wasn’t as good as usual because I was all out of  cherry tomatoes and did buy any at the store as they were a little pricey this week.  They always add a little sweetness so with them missing the salad just did not taste the same or as good…….=(  

The rest of my day was spent doing laundry, going to Target to get a gift my daughter’s friends whose Birthday Party she was attending this evening and then getting my daughter ready for the party.  

Once she was dropped off I went home to spend some quality time with my hubby during the 3+ hours we had “alone”.  We hung around the house for a bit.  Than we ventured out to eat dinner and ended up at Sonic as my husband just couldn’t stand to eat at any of the other fast food joints and we did not have enough time or $$$ to eat out at a restaurant. 

We each had a hamburger and onion rings. 



We both enjoyed everything to our surprise as our last visit to Sonic did not go so well…… I guess not eating at someplace for almost a year can do that and the fact that I LOVE “real” onion rings helps! 


On to Sunday, 3/7/10

My day started early again, just before 8am as my daughter woke us thinking she saw a “flee” on our dog.  It ended up being a black piece of something???   

I guess I could have went back to bed but the dog was then antsy to go outside so I did that and after that I was pretty much awake at that point so I started on my long list of things that needed to get done today that included the following (but not limited to these of course): 

  • House Cleaning (bathrooms & dusting)
  • Laundry (whites, reds/pinks & towels)
  • 3+ Mile Run in 35+ mintues
  • Make Red Chicken for dinner later in the week!
  • Start & Eat Dinner (Baby Back Ribs)
  • Prep Lunches & Snacks for the week!

 While performing all the above throughout the day I ate the following: 


This was purchased yesterday at the 50% OFF all Kellogg’s Cereal event at my grocery store and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this cereal and I HIGHLY recommend anyone else to try it! 


I wanted a spinach & mushroom omelet for breakfast this morning but I didn’t have enough time to make it before my run so decided to have it for lunch instead.  IT WAS AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS!  =)


They (RIBS) were good as always!  I love pork of any kind……pork chops, ribs, pulled pork, etc.

My bed came early tonight as it was a very full & tiring day, YAWN!



50 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day


23. Check the number of servings in a dish. The calorie count on the menu for Shrimp Fried Rice may say 350 calories per serving, but what’s set in front of you may actually contain 4 servings. Split it with three friends, and save 1,050 calories.


24. Beware the healthy-food trap. People let their guard down when the menu is full of healthy fare, underestimating calories by as much as 35%, research by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab shows. You’re also more likely to order drinks, sides, and desserts with up to 131% more calories when you have a healthy entrée. Skip caloric sides—a cookie, chips—to save 500-plus calories.