Build Speed With Ease

Currently, I am working on increasing my speed in order to become a 10 minute runner!  I found the above pictured article in the March 2010 “Fitness Magazine” edition and tried it out recently.  Not only did I enjoy the work out a lot, it was easy to do and the time passsed quickly. 

Basically, the plan aims to give your legs oomph, not miles by swapping a few steady runs for shorter sprint sessions each week in order to shave more than a minute off your running time.  It states that in order to supercharge your stride, trade on of your weekly loops for this all-levels interval routine.

0:00 – 10:00

  • Jog to warm up.

10:00 – 15:00

  • Do four to six, 30-second pickups, starting out easy and then pushing your pace to almost a sprint.  Catch your breath for about 30 seconds after each pick up before hitting the accelerator again.

15:00 – 35:00

  • Run a quarter mile at your idea 10K (6.2 miles) race pace.  Want to run a 10-minute mile (like me)?  Shoot for 2:30.  For a 8-minute mile, 2:00.  Walk or job for the same amount of time afterward to recover.  Do 4 reps.

35:00 – 45:00

  • Jog to cool down.

NoteAim to add one more run-walk interval into your workout every other week.

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