Cracker Christmas

On Sunday…….my mom, nephew, daughter and I visited Fort Christmas in Christmas Florida for “Cracker Christmas”!

Welcome to CHRISTMAS

Prior to departing I had a bowl of Wheat Chex with 1/2 a banana and 2% milk for breakfast.


On the drive we enjoyed Starbucks coffee.  I had a Grande Peppermint Mocha, one of my favorites around the holiday’s.  =)


We arrived a little before noon and the place was pretty busy but not packed. 

Fort Christmas

Basically, Fort Christmas is a replica of a fort built-in 1837 during the Seminole Indian War that has a traditional Florida “Cracker” house and eight pioneer homes; a schoolhouse and lunchroom; a sugar cane mill and other historical farming equipment; and a gift shop.

And, every year the park hosts what they call Cracker Christmas in which they have “cracker” / pioneer demonstrations as well as tons of craft and food vendors.

This was our first visit to the park and what a beautiful day we had in order to enjoy them as it was in the 70’s warm with a clear blue sky.

First, we walked around the craft booths that were throughout the park.

Than, we ventured into the “cracker” / pioneer demonstration area to take a look at all the wonderful houses and presentations they had going on.

Pioneer Area

Old Pioneer Main House

Old Pioneer Main House (Stairs)

Old Pioneer Main House (Kitchen)

Old Pioneer Main House (Living Room)

Old Pioneer Main House (Bedroom)

Old Pioneer Main House (Storage Room)

Old Pioneer Main House (Garden)

Old Pioneer Area (Tent)

The above pictures only show about 1/2 of what we saw yesterday.  It was pretty impressive and very authentic.  We enjoyed everything!

After leaving the Pioneer area we had lunch. 

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture before we ate our pulled pork sandwiches and french fries….but I didn’t forget to snap a picture of the man who made the Kettle Corn we bought before leaving the park.

Kettle Corn

It was as good as it looks, YUM!  We purchased a huge bag to enjoy on the way home and throughout the week for that matter……….=)

What a nice day we had, the first “festive” one of the season for me.

I miss running……=(

I have not run since Wednesday morning due to being sick and it is really starting to get to me!  =(

Fortunately, I am finally starting to feel better today but not 100% so I couldn’t run this morning as I had planned but maybe tomorrow or Monday at the latest, we will see, either way I plan to get right back on track with my December’s Running Schedule as soon as I am completely better! 

CAN’T WAIT… I miss running so much right now!  =( 

Though luckily for me and to my surprise the scale has been very kind to me due to lack of appetite while I have been sick……….in fact it has been very kind so that is nice as I was a bit worried that the lack of running and gym (haven’t been to the gym in almost 2 weeks now) would affect that.


Not to much was “planned” to do this weekend do to being under the weather, however I can’t call in sick to my job at home and the household chores still needed to be done so I tackled grocery shopping/laundry today and plan to do a little cleaning tomorrow. 

And, I am also thinking of putting up the Christmas Tree but might also go to a Christmas Craft Fair with my mom and daughter so it is a toss up for now…….????

Have a great weekend everyone!  =)

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Stuffy Nose

I feel exactly like the below picture today, except I am NOT in my pajamas…….I am at work with a red nose and tissue in my hand & pocket  (literally)!  =(

Started to get a stuffy nose yesterday before I left work and still had one this morning when I woke up, luckily that is all I have though as I really am not feeling getting a Cold right now (pretty please, fingers crossed)!!!

Hopefully taking my daughters Immune Support vitamin gummies, drinking lots of orange juice, eating lots of hot soup and getting some R&R will get me back to normal soon………

Hot Soup

In the mean time the gym and running will have to be missed today in light of this as I don’t want to get worse by pushing myself.  However, let’s hope it is only “1” day missed and not more (again fingers crossed).

I really do hate missing the gym and running, especially around this time of year when I am eating a lot more but fortunately for me the scale was kind to me yesterday and I am staying where I want to right now.  =)

And, I have lots of reading to catch up on so I will be doing that during my absence…………as I need some new moves for the gym and I always get motivated by reading Fitness, Health & Shape Magazines as well!

In other news, we are experiencing a Cold Front here in Central Florida!

Would you believe that on Tuesday the High was 82 degrees and the Low was 66 degrees!?!?! 

Now, I know the above temperatures are really nice compared to the rest of the country right now, however as you can see on the Normal High & Low lines these temperatures are way below normal for us so it takes some getting used to…….espically after it being 20 degrees warmer just a few days ago.  =O

I love the cooler temperatures myself.  Only one issue though!  I have yet to buy som “winter running gear”.  So I need to do that right away so I can continue to run in the early a.m. before work or it will be treadmill city for me until it gets warmer.  Plans have been made to do so this weekend, budget permitting (again….fingers crossed)!

Since it was warmer earlier in the week I did manage to hit the pavement to do the below:

  • Tuesday (Early A.M.) – 2 miles in 25+ minutes
  • Wednesday (Early A.M.) – 2 miles in 20+ minutes

Recently I decided to change-up my Fall Running Training Plan and do the following in December:

  2 miles @ 11:00 2 or 3 miles @ 11:00 2 miles @ 11:00   6 miles @ 12:00  
  2 miles @ 11:00 2 or 3 miles @ 11:00 2 miles @ 11:00   6 miles @ 12:00  
  2 miles @ 11:00 2 or 3 miles @ 11:00 2 miles @ 11:00   6 miles @ 12:00  
  2 miles @ 11:00 2 or 3 miles @ 11:00 2 miles @ 11:00   6 miles @ 12:00  

Basically, I wanted to add in another run during the weekdays and try to do at least a 6 mile Long Run on the weekend in order to up my mileage to around 14+ miles a week and hopefully help ward off some of the pesky holiday pounds that are sure to appear this month!

Oh, and I also plan to hit the GYM on Monday and Friday’s if possible to do weight and core training.

I think I should be good if I can stay on track for the most part with my schedule, however I want to point out that I won’t come down too hard on myself if I don’t as it is the holidays and I am bound to get sidetracked or miss a day or two or more………it is what it is and you still have to live life and enjoy this my favorite time of the year!  =)

That is about it for now folks! 

I will try to check in later this week or after the weekend for sure…………..STAY WARM & HEALTHY!!!

Lots and lots and lots……..

………….of FOOD was eaten over the holiday weekend!!!

Turkey Sandwich

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Movie Theater Popcorn & Coke

The “all” above was eaten and drank while we watched the following on Friday night!  And, yes all by my self.

Which was AMAZING from beginning to end!!!!!!!!

Can’t wait for Part 2, though it will be so sad to see an end to such an amazing story that I have loved through the years and look forward to seeing every holiday season.  =(

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

Sonic Cheesburger, Onion Rings & Coke

And, lots and lots and lots of RUNNING was done over the holiday weekend as well to make up for all the food put in my mouth!  =O

  • 3 miles in 40+ minutes on Saturday
  • 3 miles in 35+ minutes on Sunday

Hope everyone had a great holiday and nice long weekend! 

I know I did, wish I didn’t have to return back to the craziness so fast but luckily Christmas & New Year’s are fast approaching………=)

My family, Thanksgiving!

All of us at the dinner table!

Well here we all our at the Thanksgiving dinner table! 

Sure are a lot of us, huh???

20 in all, would have been more if my brother and his family were able to make it but they couldn’t this year.  =(

My aunt, Debbie, and uncle, Dennis, hosted everyone this year as they have the past several years.  They are amazing hosts on this their favorite holiday.  Check out the spread they had………..

Food Table

Dining Table

Everyone started arriving after 3pm and a bit after 4pm the turkey was done and ready for carving, which my uncle got right to doing as we were all ready to devour it……….

My uncle the turkey carver!

Than it was time to eat, so we all found our seats at the table for the fest ahead.

My seat at the table!

My seat was in-between my parents on the left and my cousin on the right.

A beautiful prayer was said by my aunt and then we got to EATING!!!

My Plate!

I know, I know…….it is PILED HIGH!  But that is the way we do it in my family and yes ate it all!  =O

And, as you might have already guessed dessert was “skipped” due to that………luckily I took a sampling of all the deserts home with me to try later today, YUM, mom’s homemade Pumpkin Pie, can’t wait!


I hope you all had a GREAT holiday and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

I know I am and plan too. 

Going to hit the movies with my daughter, BFF and mom tonight.  My niece is coming over to spend the day with us on Saturday and then I get the entire day alone with my hubby (who has to work on Friday & Saturday) on Sunday.  =)

Oh, I almost forgot – – – I kicked off my day with a very long run on Thanksgiving morning!  I was only planning to head out for a 4 mile run, however after mile 2 I decided to head around the big circle loop that totals about 6.7 miles in all because it was such a beautiful day outside (cool sunny clear skies with a slight breeze).  AND, guess what!?!?!  I ran the entire thing NON-STOP, yep you heard correctly, non-stop!  I still am surprised.  That is the 1st time I have done that long of a run “outside” non-stop, yeah me!  =)  The entire run took approximately an hour and 25 minuts as I was not trying to go fast by any means.

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While I have been away…..

…………I have been thinking about you and trying not to eat too badly during this Thanksgiving week!  =)

Wondering what I have been eating???  Here is a glimpse from the end of the last week through Sunday……….

Dinner (Thursday)Lunch (Friday)

Dinner (Friday)

Breakfast (Saturday)

Lunch (Saturday)

*Best cheesburger ever, by Johnny Rockets!

Dinner (Saturday)

Breakfast (Sunday)

Snack (Sunday)

Lunch1 (Sunday)

Lunch2 (Sunday)

*Only 1/2 of the above was eaten.

That covers my eats, well at least the ones I got pictures of that is!  Not great but not horrible.  I was able to stay away from the sweats for the most part lately so that is good, though I know that will change this up coming weekend……….=O


Unfortunatelly, I did not work out as much as I would have liked recently!  However, I did manage to make it to the gym on Friday night and outside for a 4+ mile run on Sunday.

I will not be able to make it to the gym again until this Friday (becoming a trend the past few weeks) but I plan to run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

In fact, I ran 2+ miles this morning and it was beautiful outside, though the sun was in my eyes a lot………kinda of like how it is on my communute home every night now since the time change.  =(

Drive Home f/Work

Well, I apologize for the RUSHED POST but I am busy busy busy at work and all by myself so that is all I can do for now. 

I will try to take lots of pictures over the holiday weekend.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  =)

No Pictures!

Well, I took lots of pictures last weekend.

However, no pictures were taken during the week as I was SO BUSY at work!

If I am to be honest with you I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately…….wondering if I should keep doing it!?!?!

NOT, because I do not want to continue doing it but because things have just gotten so hectic in my life (at home and work) that I just do not have the time I used to have to devote to it.

What do you all think???

Be honest, as you can see I haven’t been able to post nearly as often as in the past and I feel it will continue this way for some time!


In other news, despite my busy schedule I did manage to run and hit the gym this week.

On Tuesday, I ran 3 miles in the early a.m. before work and on Wednesday, I ran 2 miles in the early a.m. before work.

Than, on Friday I hit the gym after work for 60+ minutes.  I did around 45 minutes of abs, upper & lower body weights and then I ran a fast mile on the treadmill.


Well, I have already taken a picture of my Dinner tonight and will continue throughout the weekend so you have some to see on Monday.

Hope you have a great weekend!

I plan to as well and hopefully get some REST in there somewhere between chores and such……..=)

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