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Afraid to step on the scale!

Typically, I weigh myself daily, however since after Christmas I have been afraid to step on the scale! 

Why you may ask???

For fear that  might break it, just kidding, no for fear that I will see a number that will throw me into a mini-depression due to it being so high……..a number that doesn’t start with 14, but possibly 15, YIKES, I would die….=O

Fingers crossed when I do finally step on the scale the number is in the 140’s, even if it is a high number as long as it is in there I will survive as I know I can bounce back quickly from that, unlike a 150’s number. 

Why so fearful? 

Because of the following:

  • I have not been eating the greatest since before Christmas and the 2 weeks since!
  • I have only ran a total of 10 miles over the past 2 weeks!
  • I haven’t been to the gym since before Christmas and then only once in the 4 weeks before!

I know, I know…….I shouldn’t let the number on the scale control me so.  I have preached that on my blog, but come on folks we all know the number on the scale controls ALL OF US. 

As said above I typically weigh myself daily.  It helps motivate me to eat better, run farther and try harder at the gym…….weather the number is higher or lower than usual.  I would use a slight weight gain to motivate me the same way I would use a weight loss.  It works most of the time. 

However, around the end of the year, when there are more temptions than not and less time to run or hit the gym and tons on stress on top of both I find myself afraid to step on the scale, very afraid!!!

Now, I typically bounce back during this month and once I do step on the scale I do see a weight gain.  I vow to work on it and by the end of the month or beginning of February I am usually back on track and close to my Pre-Holiday Weight. 

So I need to stop this foolness and just get on right.  Well I will, first thing Wednesday morning…………=O

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