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Finally Weighed Myself!

I finally weighed myself after missing 2 weeks and not weighing myself since 12/22/10 as you can see on my Weekly Weigh In page.

Luckily, the scale didn’t break or report back a truly horrifying number as I was scared it might.  Now, that doesn’t mean the number made me happy.  As of course it was higher than before and yes I GAIN weight, but unlike what I was expecting as stated in my last post it was…….only 5 pounds

Not that I am jumping for joy at the fact that I gained now, guess I just thought it would be more than that given the fact that I had been eating badly, not running as much and not visiting the gym since before the holidays.

So what do I plan to do in order to lose my post holiday weight gain?

Basically, I just plan to get back on track, back to what I was doing before the holiday’s hit and I know the pounds will come off!

It always takes a few weeks for me to get back on track after being off it for a while but slowly but surely I do.  And, in fact, this week I have started just that by running a quick 2 miles on Tuesday morning and then hitting the gym after work on Wednesday in order to do 45 minutes of abs and upper/lower body core exercises, plus a fast 10+ minute 1 mile run on the treadmill before I left. 

I also plan to run at the gym after work tonight, Thursday. 

Of course, I would prefer to run outside but as you can see below it is a bit chilly out there and I do not have the proper “winter” running gear to survive an outside run in these temperatures right now…….so the gym it is. 

And, thanks to my very sweet friend and fellow co-worker I received the below in the mail over the weekend……….

……..which after reading several pages has already given me lots of MOTIVATION to run, run, run!!!  I have always wanted this magazine but just did not have the extra funds for a subscription so imagine my surprise when I got a “gift subscription” in the mail.  THANK YOU AGAIN, Catrina!

Stay Tuned – – – for a future post on some of the things I have learned in the magazine already!

Ok, I am off for now and will try to start taking pictures again soon.  Have a good rest of the week everyone………STAY WARM!!!

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