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New Year, New Outlook

Hey Everyone, sorry I haven’t been on in a while.  =(

It was a pretty hectic holiday season full of celebrating, spending time with family, wrapping up year-end things at work, being sick and more……….sure you had the same and are possibly as HAPPY for the New Year to arrive as I was this year!

Don’t get me wrong I love the holidays, it is my favorite time of the year but this year was extremely busy and tiring.  So even though it so to see them end, it was nice to have some relaxing time to myself before starting anew in the new year.  =)

Now, I am not one for “resolutions” but I do believe it is always good to re-evaluate your goals and reassess things in your life during this time.  Even if only in thought, no need to put undue pressure on you that is all to common with New Year’s Resolutions.

Think about it the majority of New Year Resolutions are health related.  Losing weight, quitting smoking, eating healthier, and exercising regularly top the list.  We have the best intentions as the New Year begins, but all too often, most resolutions are broken within just a few weeks.

Why is that you may ask???

Because behavior change is extremely difficult at best!  Adopting healthier lifestyle habits is not as easy as it sounds even though we know that cardiovascular disease kills more people each year than all other illnesses combined.  Cardiovascular disease, in large par, is a “lifestyle” disease.  Lifestyle diseases are a matter of “choice” because they are the result of our very own behaviors!

Experts tell us that we are not inclined to change our lifestyle choices and health behaviors until we realize what truly matters to us.  What’s more, we are only likely to sustain such behavioral changes when they are deeply significant to us.  Have you ever thought about what is most significant to you?  What truly matters to you?  And, perhaps even more important, what are you risking if you do NOT change your lifestyle choices?

When you are healthy, you are better able to DO whatever IT is that is most significant to you.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this.  Can you picture yourself perfectly healthy?  What would that feel like for you?  Can you even imagine it?  What does it feel like?  How would you look, how would you feel?  What would you do if you could do anything?  Would you be a better parent, spouse, friend, employee or employer?  Would you be able to better DO the things that matter most to you?

As I stop and think about my answers to all these questions I realize that being HEALTHY requires a certain amount of “self-care”!  “Self” care….but, isn’t that selfish you may ask?  On the surface, it may sound selfish because we are not comfortable putting ourselves first.  However, “self” care means taking care of yourself so you can become the best and the healthiest you can be, which then allows you to better serve and care for those around you.  What would you be able to do if you were free of pain, a healthy weight, strong, flexible and fit?  In that respect, self-care is a very selfless act.  Just like the emergency instructions on the airplane, put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you tend to those around you.

This is something that I realized a long time ago, when I first started on My “Weight Loss” Journey.  I realized back then, when I weighed over 240 pounds and was extremely unhealthy and out of shape that I needed to take care of myself and become healthier if I was going to be good at taking care of others………..be a good mom, daughter, girlfriend (now wife), friend, employee and more.  That it wasn’t “selfish” to do this.  That it was mandatory to this in order to be who I truly wanted to be for ME and others in my life.

So this year, rather than make a New Year’s Resolution, creat a New Outlook for yourself!

Imagine where you would like your health to be one year, five years and even ten years from now.  Describe how you would like to look and what you would feel like.  Consider what achieving your “healthy” vision would entail.  Identify your goals and be very specific to yourself, but do not put pressure on yourself to do this over night

First, start with making a plan.  Then, research your available resources for the plan and tell yourself how you will be accountable for it.  Examine any barriers that may stand in the way of you achieving your vision and plan how you can get around them.

Then, each day, take one step towards your vision.  One day that might mean eating better, another day it might mean exercising, another day it might mean scheduling an appointment with your doctor for a full physical to see where you are at and what you may need to work on or change.

Finding your New Outlook and becoming healthy is a “journey” rather than a destination!  It is a process requiring constant re-assessment and re-balancing it: as one goal is met, another goal replaces it.  This is something I have been working on for the past 2 year now, why I started this blog in fact………Finding A Healthy Balance! 

Finding your “new outlook” or “healthy balance” as me……….is not black or white, right or wrong, or all or none, like a traditional New Year’s Resolution.  It truly IS a process.  Strive towards your vision, your goal.  Realize that there will be setbacks or unforeseen circumstances.  Stay on track by recognizing what truly matters to you.  When there are bumps in the road, re-assess and re-balance your goals and set new ones, if necessary, to achieve your outlook/vision/goal.  There are many ways to get there, let the path unfold before you! 

As I re-assess my outlook and goals for the new year, I find myself very excited for what will come for me over the next 12 months.  New running and gym training plans, new races, new PR’s, new recipes to try, new achievements on the home front and within my career, and so much more. 

I look forward to sharing them all with you, HOWEVER I have to start the New Year out on the right foot and admit to you and myself that I just do not have the time I used to and am unable to focus on my blog as much as I would like so in light of that I wanted to tell you that I may go a few days, a week or even two at times without posting but I will post when I can as I enjoy doing so greatly so I hope you will stick around for those times.  If not I understand, such is life…….things change and you have to adapt, which I am doing. 

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and here’s to you finding your NEW OUTLOOK in life and may it be successful and bring much joy to your life!  =)

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