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I miss running……=(

I have not run since Wednesday morning due to being sick and it is really starting to get to me!  =(

Fortunately, I am finally starting to feel better today but not 100% so I couldn’t run this morning as I had planned but maybe tomorrow or Monday at the latest, we will see, either way I plan to get right back on track with my December’s Running Schedule as soon as I am completely better! 

CAN’T WAIT…..as I miss running so much right now!  =( 

Though luckily for me and to my surprise the scale has been very kind to me due to lack of appetite while I have been sick……….in fact it has been very kind so that is nice as I was a bit worried that the lack of running and gym (haven’t been to the gym in almost 2 weeks now) would affect that.


Not to much was “planned” to do this weekend do to being under the weather, however I can’t call in sick to my job at home and the household chores still needed to be done so I tackled grocery shopping/laundry today and plan to do a little cleaning tomorrow. 

And, I am also thinking of putting up the Christmas Tree but might also go to a Christmas Craft Fair with my mom and daughter so it is a toss up for now…….????

Have a great weekend everyone!  =)

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  1. December 6, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Found your blog by trolling through some and just wanted to say I enjoy reading it! 🙂

    I remember a point in time when I despised running. I dreaded it. But you know what.. the more I have practiced and done it, the more I actually look forward to it.

    I am still new to it, starting maybe 2 months ago… but I have come a long way I feel. I could barely jog 100 yards, and now can do 1/2 mile. So as with everything in life, especially weight loss, the key is patience! And I am fine with that!

    Hopefully you will get some more run time this week!

    • December 6, 2010 at 8:45 pm

      Thank you for stopping by my blog! =)

      I hope to run after work if all goes well. My stuffy nose is gone, though I do have a slight “dry cough” so we will see what happens. Either way I will be back on the road early this week.

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