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My family, Thanksgiving!

All of us at the dinner table!

Well here we all our at the Thanksgiving dinner table! 

Sure are a lot of us, huh???

20 in all, would have been more if my brother and his family were able to make it but they couldn’t this year.  =(

My aunt, Debbie, and uncle, Dennis, hosted everyone this year as they have the past several years.  They are amazing hosts on this their favorite holiday.  Check out the spread they had………..

Food Table

Dining Table

Everyone started arriving after 3pm and a bit after 4pm the turkey was done and ready for carving, which my uncle got right to doing as we were all ready to devour it……….

My uncle the turkey carver!

Than it was time to eat, so we all found our seats at the table for the fest ahead.

My seat at the table!

My seat was in-between my parents on the left and my cousin on the right.

A beautiful prayer was said by my aunt and then we got to EATING!!!

My Plate!

I know, I know…….it is PILED HIGH!  But that is the way we do it in my family and yes ate it all!  =O

And, as you might have already guessed dessert was “skipped” due to that………luckily I took a sampling of all the deserts home with me to try later today, YUM, mom’s homemade Pumpkin Pie, can’t wait!


I hope you all had a GREAT holiday and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

I know I am and plan too. 

Going to hit the movies with my daughter, BFF and mom tonight.  My niece is coming over to spend the day with us on Saturday and then I get the entire day alone with my hubby (who has to work on Friday & Saturday) on Sunday.  =)

Oh, I almost forgot – – – I kicked off my day with a very long run on Thanksgiving morning!  I was only planning to head out for a 4 mile run, however after mile 2 I decided to head around the big circle loop that totals about 6.7 miles in all because it was such a beautiful day outside (cool sunny clear skies with a slight breeze).  AND, guess what!?!?!  I ran the entire thing NON-STOP, yep you heard correctly, non-stop!  I still am surprised.  That is the 1st time I have done that long of a run “outside” non-stop, yeah me!  =)  The entire run took approximately an hour and 25 minuts as I was not trying to go fast by any means.

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