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While I have been away…..

…………I have been thinking about you and trying not to eat too badly during this Thanksgiving week!  =)

Wondering what I have been eating???  Here is a glimpse from the end of the last week through Sunday……….

Dinner (Thursday)Lunch (Friday)

Dinner (Friday)

Breakfast (Saturday)

Lunch (Saturday)

*Best cheesburger ever, by Johnny Rockets!

Dinner (Saturday)

Breakfast (Sunday)

Snack (Sunday)

Lunch1 (Sunday)

Lunch2 (Sunday)

*Only 1/2 of the above was eaten.

That covers my eats, well at least the ones I got pictures of that is!  Not great but not horrible.  I was able to stay away from the sweats for the most part lately so that is good, though I know that will change this up coming weekend……….=O


Unfortunatelly, I did not work out as much as I would have liked recently!  However, I did manage to make it to the gym on Friday night and outside for a 4+ mile run on Sunday.

I will not be able to make it to the gym again until this Friday (becoming a trend the past few weeks) but I plan to run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

In fact, I ran 2+ miles this morning and it was beautiful outside, though the sun was in my eyes a lot………kinda of like how it is on my communute home every night now since the time change.  =(

Drive Home f/Work

Well, I apologize for the RUSHED POST but I am busy busy busy at work and all by myself so that is all I can do for now. 

I will try to take lots of pictures over the holiday weekend.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  =)

  1. Amy Caisse
    November 24, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Lasagna yum. Tell me about the Brussel sprouts.

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