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I guess I could have titled this post……..”long over due”, since I am long over due on posting these days, however I felt that exhausted was more fitting as that is truly how I am feeling these days!

Especially, the past 2 weekends.

I have literally felt like I was ready to bed by noon over the past 2 weekends, which I tell you isn’t so great when you have a lot of things to do. 

Like grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, cooking, running, etc. on our To Do List.

Luckily, for me I woke up early on both days thanks to the “time change” last weekend and the 6am sunrise that came with it that gave me lots of time to check things off my list. 

However that also made me more exhausted and by the time I finished my list and had time for fun I was TOO TIRED to do so!  =(  As all I wanted to do is take a nap.

Hopefully, I will be able to make it to the long Thanksgiving break at the end of next week so I can relax over the 5 days I have off during that time.  Can’t wait, honestly!  As, I plan to spend as much “quality time” as I can with my family and MYSELF………=)


Despite my exhaustion I still managed to make it to the gym and run over the weekend.

The gym was hit on Friday night after work for about 60 minutes.  While there I did the following:

  • 15 minutes of Abs
  • 30 minutes of Upper & Lower Body Weight Machines
  • 10 minute 1 Mile Run (5mph to 7mph)
  • 5 minute Cool Down Walk (3.5mph to 2.5mph)

Than on Sunday morning I went for a run while the sun was rising.  I ran a little over 4 miles in just under an hour.  And, I am happy to report once again that I had NO Knee Pain………=)  I think my single leg “leg extensions” at the gym are finally paying off.


Well I may not have had time to post over the past several days, but I did find the time to take as many pictures as I could have what I have been eating so take a look………

Breakfast (Thursday)

Lunch (Thursday)

Dinner (Thursday)

Breakfast (Friday)

Lunch (Friday)

Dinner1 (Friday)

Dinner2 (Friday)

Breakfast (Saturday)

Whole wheat pumpkin muffin (made last weekend) warmed in the microwave with a little butter, YUM!

Coffee (Saturday)

Lunch (Saturday)

I love chili with LOTS of cheese and saltines, YUM!!! 



Tea (Saturday)


Cinnamon Rolls (Saturday)

 ……..the most AMAZING Cinnamon Rolls I have ever had!!!

My Mom-In-Law gets them from the Fresh Market and they are as good as they look I swear.  Believe me, I am not a  huge cinnamon roll girl but these are GOOD.

Dinner (Saturday)

Blurry pizza was for dinner…….just kidding! 

We had The Works pizza from Papa John’s for dinner.

Breakfast (Sunday)

Lunch (Sunday)

I was craving a chicken sandwich and the Tendercrisp sandwich from Burger King hit the spot!

Dinner (Sunday)

And, what better way to end the weekend then with a nice BIG T-Bone Steak and lots of great sides!


Guess that about covers things up through this week!

I will do my best to post as often as I can, but given my current schedule and the up coming holiday I may go a day or more without posting……sure you will forgive me and know how it is.

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