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All Alone

In my office that is as everyone is out today so I am all alone and it is like an Ghost Town in here!

Reception Area



Spare Office

Boss's Office

Coworker's Office

My Office!

It is always nice to have the office to yourself for the following reasons:

  • It Is QUITE!
  • Less interruptions!
  • Get lots more work done!
  • Can listen to whatever I want on the radio!
  • Can dance around like a silly girl, ok “just kidding” about that one!  =O

However, after awhile the silence does start to get to you!  =(

Good thing I am only alone for a day and a half as I think I might go a little batty if it was longer, I do not know how people deal with such silence on a daily basis???


While alone I ate the following………..

Lunch (Thursday)

Office Candy

Breakfast (Friday)

Lunch (Friday)


As you can see I had a little bit of GOOD and a little big of BAD! 

It is all about moderation, though of course around the Holidays my “moderation” varies a bit:

  • Most of the time it is 75/25!
  • Somtimes it is 50/50.
  • And, during bad times it is 25/75…..=O


I missed the gym after work on Wednesday as I had a Report Card Conference with my daughter and her teacher so I will be hitting the gym tonight to do abs & core exercises while my hubby is working and daughter is at Girl Scouts. 

Than I plan to run 5 miles either on Saturday or Sunday morning.


In other news, I am THRILLED to finally report that it is starting to feel like Fall down here in Florida!!!

We awoke to temperatures in the mid 50’s this morning and currently it is…………

Current Temperatures


It is supposed to stay this way all weekend long too!  =)

And, I plan to be out in the beautiful cool weather as much as possible.

What weekend plans do you have!?!?!

I do not have any but chores and a little studying for a test next week, though I do plan to take my daughter to the park while I study since it will be so nice out.



November/December 2010

Power Surge: The Hidden Benefits of Exercise 

Long-Term Benefits of Exercise

You’re getting stronger. Those eight-pound weights don’t feel quite as heavy, because your muscular endurance is starting to increase, Bryant says. Ten reps is no longer a struggle; you can now do 12 or 13.

FIT TIP: Once you can do 15 reps a set, switch to a weight that’s two pounds heavier and go back to 10 reps (the last two should feel hard). Work your way up to 15 again and then repeat the process. By increasing the number of pounds you lift, you’ll sculpt and strengthen better and faster.

You’re blasting belly fat. After four weeks of regular workouts, your body is ditching flab and gaining muscle. Overweight people who took part in a four-week program of moderate aerobic exercise in an Australian study reduced ab fat by 12 percent.

FIT TIP: To trim your tummy, do fewer crunches and more planks: Begin on all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips, then lower forearms to floor and extend legs straight behind you, balancing on toes. Keeping abs engaged and back flat, hold for 30 seconds; do 10 reps three or four times a week. Limit crunches to no more than three sets of 15 at a time. Anything beyond that isn’t doing you much good, experts say.

You’ve got more brainpower. Working out activates growth-stimulating proteins in the brain that may help form new cells there.

FIT TIP: The more challenging your workout, the stronger your mental muscle. Aim for 30 minutes of vigorous cardio at least three days a week.

Within One Year of Regular Exercise…

Working out is way easier. “Your endurance and aerobic fitness can increase by up to 25 percent after eight to 12 weeks of regular training,” Gordon says. “In a year your endurance can more than double.”

Your heart rate is lower. Thanks to regular workouts, your heart is pumping more efficiently. For instance, if your initial resting heart rate was 80 beats a minute, it will have dropped to 70 or lower. The less work your heart has to do, the healthier you’ll be.

You’re a fat-melting machine. Your cells are now superefficient at breaking down fat and using it as fuel, Olson says. That means you’re zapping more flab 24-7.

FIT TIP: To keep your metabolism stoked, turn up the intensity of your workouts to burn more fat and calories. Raise the incline on the treadmill, run up stairs or hills, crank the resistance on the stationary bike.

You’ve cut your cancer risk. In a study of more than 14,800 women, those who had the highest levels of aerobic fitness were 55 percent less likely to die from breast cancer than those who were sedentary. Women considered moderately fit had about a 33 percent lower risk of developing the disease. Exercise may also help protect against endometrial, lung, and ovarian cancer, researchers say.

You’re adding years to your life.
Fitness buffs have better telomeres, the DNA that bookends our chromosomes and protects them from damage, which can slow the aging process, studies show.

You feel fantastic. Just four months of exercise is as good as prescription meds at boosting mood and reducing depression, according to a study at Duke University. Keep it up and not only will your life be longer, it will be happier, too!

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November/December 2010.

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