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Our Pumpkins!


T’was a really nice holiday in my neck of the woods.  With lots of  quality time spent with my daughter that is always very appreciated in my busy world………..=)

We did not have any “big plans” for the holiday! 

Just planned on tricker treating around our neighborhood for the first time.  We have lived here for a few years now but last year we went to a friend’s house for a party and tricker treating in they neighborhood so we have yet to do so around ours, until now that is.

Before I share the evening events with you let me summarize what occurred earlier in the day.

First, we all slept in and awoke just after 9am.

My husband played on the Wii, my daughter got ready to spend the day with her grandma and I headed out just before 10am for a 4 mile run.

The entire run took me a bit over 45 minutes in all.  I was scheduled to do a Speed Run, however with my past Knee issues……I didn’t push myself really hard as I don’t want to aggravate it.

Upon arriving home I got cleaned up and planned to head out to the grocery store after stopping for French Vanilla Hazelnut coffee and a Pumpkin bagel with Pumpkin smear at Einstein Bagel.



However, after eating I did not make it to the grocery store as the hubby decided he wanted to do a little shopping so I met up with him instead.

We shopped until it got too hot outside around mid-day and headed home to have lunch.  Along the way I grabbed us something to eat at Polo Tropical as I did not have anything at home due to the fact that I had yet to get to the grocery store so far this weekend.

I had their fajita salad, which was really tasty.

Fajita Salad

I finally hit the grocery store after having a late lunch.  Needed to get there and back before my daughter got home so we could get her ready.

Just after 6pm we started getting my daughter in her costume.  One she picked all on her own at Party City earlier in the week, that I must say fit her perfectly as her hair went with the characters hair perfectly….espically after we spray painted it.

I am sure by now you have guessed what she choose to be (gave it away in the title), but in case you haven’t………see below:

My Daughter's Costume!

Do you know it now!?!?!

She is the Mad Hatter’s Wife from “Alice & Wonderland”! 

Now of course the Mad Hatter did not really have a WIFE in the actual movie but there were tons of costumes for the made up character out this year that were so cute.  And, as you can see looked really cute on.  =)

Before heading out to go tricker treating just after 7pm, when it was getting dark outside, I whipped up dinner……….a homemade pizza that I prepared for earlier in the evening after I got home from the grocery store.

Homemade Pizza

It took us around an hour and a half to make it around our entire neighborhood.  Along the way we ran into some of my daughter’s friends from school and tagged along with them.

Once the candy was overflowing and the streets were starting to get quite we decided to head home just before 9pm.  My daughter immediately commenced to counting all the goods a/k/a CANDY after she changed out of her costume.


She had 186 pieces of candy in all!!!

And, lots and lots of CHOCOLATE……=)

Now of course my husband and I will be the ones that will most likely eat the candy she now has stashed in her Halloween bucket in the pantry as my daughter is not a huge candy eater.  In fact, she rarely eats candy aside from the occasional lolly pop or gummy candy

I know shocker right!  A kid that doesn’t eat candy or chocolate for that matter.  Tell me about it.  I raised her to love healthy treats like fruit, yogurt, crackers, etc……..BUT I never kept her from eating candy if she wanted it so it still surprises me to this day that she doesn’t care to eat the stuff.  Guess that is a good thing all in all of course.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday as much as we did! 

Looking forward to the next one……..Thanksgiving, which will be here before we know it!  Hmmmmm, I can’t wait!

  1. November 3, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    I’ve never heard of a kid who didn’t like candy. lol Cute costume, love how she made up a character too. I havne’t had homemade pizza in forever, looks great!

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