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Over the weekend I took my daughter to Busch Garden’s as a belated Birthday Celebration.  She had decided before her birthday that she wanted to go to the theme park instead of having a big birthday party this year.

Originally we were supposed to go closer to her actual birthday, however she was sick that week as you might remember so we post poned it until the end of the month.

Unfortunately, both her friend and cousin who were supposed to attend with us could not go on the post poned date so we went so solo……..which was REALLY NICE as it is not often that I get to spend the “entire day” alone with my daughter having fun!  =)

We sleep in a bit that morning and headed out just after 9am for the hour+ drive to Tampa Bay, Florida where Busch Gardens is located.

Before hitting the highway I stopped and got some Iced Coffee, plus a muffin for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.  I wanted a Pumpkin Muffin but they were out so I got a Blueberry Muffin instead and it was very good.

Coffee & Breakfast

We arrived at the park a bit after 11am, only an hour short of opening time, and were happy to see that the parking lot was nowhere near full so we knew we would have a an unpacked park

That along with the beautiful weather outside……..clear blue sunny skies in the mid 80’s with a nice breeze, was sure to make for a wonderful day!  =)

Upon entering the park we decided to head counter-clockwise through the park starting at Garden Aviary where we got up close and personal with many Kangaroo’s of various ages.



Kangaroo Babies

Aren’t they the cutest!?!?!

After leaving the Kangaroo’s we headed towards the Flamingos and found A LOT of them……..it was like a sea of “pink”!


My Daughter & the Flamingos

We then headed into Lory Landing, which had more Birds for us to enjoy seeing…………




Bird Feeding

Next, we headed through and right past SheiKra!  For those of you who are not familiar with SheiKra it is a huge roller coaster that has a 90 degree angle drop at the beginning. 

We discussed going on it but quickly decided it was TOO MUCH for us and walked on by to Stanley Falls Flume & Tanganyika Tidal Wave.  My daughter changed into her bathing suit at this point so she could ride both of these water rides.



Stanley Falls Flume Tanganyika Tidal Wave

After getting soaked on the above rides we headed towards one of the funnest parts of the park called Jungala, which is basically a huge jungle themed play ground for “all ages” and YES I joined in on the fun with my daughter!  =)


Playing in Jungala

Yes, I am high above in one of the robe areas of Jungala taking pictures of my daughter playing below……..it was SO FUN, like being a kid again!  =)

More Playing in Jungala

Oh, and let’s not forgot about what lives in Jungala………..


Luckily, they were sleeping!  =O

After departing Jungala we walked past the Chimpanzees before we headed into the Tiger exhibit.



After gazing on the beautiful animals for some time and also visiting the gift shop where my daughter bought a “white tiger” stuffed animal with her birthday money we headed to Congo River Rapids and Kumba.

I skipped Congo River Rapids as I knew I would get soaked but I rode Kumba, one of Busch Gardens many roller coasters with my daughter as it looked to not be too scary and to my pleasant surprise was actually kinda of fun…..aside from some of the jarring around that was involved on the ride.

We settled ourselves as he headed into the next section of the park and decided that we were famished so we got lunch at an eatery there.  I decided to try to stay semi-healthy by having a Chicken Cesar Salad for lunch.


We played some Carnival Games for a while before hitting our next ride………..the Pirate Ship

NOW, both of us thought it just went back and forth but soon found out after we were strapped in and going that it in fact went ALL THE WAY AROUND……….=O 

We of course gasped and wanted off immediately but the ride was already going and that wasn’t possible so we hung on for dear life and made it through. 

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, however it would have been nice if it didn’t hover straight up side down for as long as it did……felt like an eternity and I felt the effects of it through the next day.

That was it for us ride rise!

We spent the rest of the day taking in the wonderful animal views of below……






At late-day we decided to load up on some sugar as we both were feeling pretty tired after the entire day of walking around and got one of our favorites……….YUM!!!

Funnel Cake

We also road the train around the park, which was very nice and relaxing!


And, got to see lots of views of the Serengeti Plains along the way.

Serengeti Plains1

Serengeti Plains2

Well that wraps up our trip!

We stayed until closing at 6pm and got home to Orlando just after 8pm.

It was a GREAT TRIP and day with my daughter that I will never forget!  =)

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