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Lots and lots and lots……..

………….of FOOD was eaten over the holiday weekend!!!

Turkey Sandwich

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Movie Theater Popcorn & Coke

The “all” above was eaten and drank while we watched the following on Friday night!  And, yes all by my self.

Which was AMAZING from beginning to end!!!!!!!!

Can’t wait for Part 2, though it will be so sad to see an end to such an amazing story that I have loved through the years and look forward to seeing every holiday season.  =(

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

Sonic Cheesburger, Onion Rings & Coke

And, lots and lots and lots of RUNNING was done over the holiday weekend as well to make up for all the food put in my mouth!  =O

  • 3 miles in 40+ minutes on Saturday
  • 3 miles in 35+ minutes on Sunday

Hope everyone had a great holiday and nice long weekend! 

I know I did, wish I didn’t have to return back to the craziness so fast but luckily Christmas & New Year’s are fast approaching………=)

My family, Thanksgiving!

All of us at the dinner table!

Well here we all our at the Thanksgiving dinner table! 

Sure are a lot of us, huh???

20 in all, would have been more if my brother and his family were able to make it but they couldn’t this year.  =(

My aunt, Debbie, and uncle, Dennis, hosted everyone this year as they have the past several years.  They are amazing hosts on this their favorite holiday.  Check out the spread they had………..

Food Table

Dining Table

Everyone started arriving after 3pm and a bit after 4pm the turkey was done and ready for carving, which my uncle got right to doing as we were all ready to devour it……….

My uncle the turkey carver!

Than it was time to eat, so we all found our seats at the table for the fest ahead.

My seat at the table!

My seat was in-between my parents on the left and my cousin on the right.

A beautiful prayer was said by my aunt and then we got to EATING!!!

My Plate!

I know, I know…….it is PILED HIGH!  But that is the way we do it in my family and yes ate it all!  =O

And, as you might have already guessed dessert was “skipped” due to that………luckily I took a sampling of all the deserts home with me to try later today, YUM, mom’s homemade Pumpkin Pie, can’t wait!


I hope you all had a GREAT holiday and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

I know I am and plan too. 

Going to hit the movies with my daughter, BFF and mom tonight.  My niece is coming over to spend the day with us on Saturday and then I get the entire day alone with my hubby (who has to work on Friday & Saturday) on Sunday.  =)

Oh, I almost forgot – – – I kicked off my day with a very long run on Thanksgiving morning!  I was only planning to head out for a 4 mile run, however after mile 2 I decided to head around the big circle loop that totals about 6.7 miles in all because it was such a beautiful day outside (cool sunny clear skies with a slight breeze).  AND, guess what!?!?!  I ran the entire thing NON-STOP, yep you heard correctly, non-stop!  I still am surprised.  That is the 1st time I have done that long of a run “outside” non-stop, yeah me!  =)  The entire run took approximately an hour and 25 minuts as I was not trying to go fast by any means.

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While I have been away…..

…………I have been thinking about you and trying not to eat too badly during this Thanksgiving week!  =)

Wondering what I have been eating???  Here is a glimpse from the end of the last week through Sunday……….

Dinner (Thursday)Lunch (Friday)

Dinner (Friday)

Breakfast (Saturday)

Lunch (Saturday)

*Best cheesburger ever, by Johnny Rockets!

Dinner (Saturday)

Breakfast (Sunday)

Snack (Sunday)

Lunch1 (Sunday)

Lunch2 (Sunday)

*Only 1/2 of the above was eaten.

That covers my eats, well at least the ones I got pictures of that is!  Not great but not horrible.  I was able to stay away from the sweats for the most part lately so that is good, though I know that will change this up coming weekend……….=O


Unfortunatelly, I did not work out as much as I would have liked recently!  However, I did manage to make it to the gym on Friday night and outside for a 4+ mile run on Sunday.

I will not be able to make it to the gym again until this Friday (becoming a trend the past few weeks) but I plan to run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

In fact, I ran 2+ miles this morning and it was beautiful outside, though the sun was in my eyes a lot………kinda of like how it is on my communute home every night now since the time change.  =(

Drive Home f/Work

Well, I apologize for the RUSHED POST but I am busy busy busy at work and all by myself so that is all I can do for now. 

I will try to take lots of pictures over the holiday weekend.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  =)

No Pictures!

Well, I took lots of pictures last weekend.

However, no pictures were taken during the week as I was SO BUSY at work!

If I am to be honest with you I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately…….wondering if I should keep doing it!?!?!

NOT, because I do not want to continue doing it but because things have just gotten so hectic in my life (at home and work) that I just do not have the time I used to have to devote to it.

What do you all think???

Be honest, as you can see I haven’t been able to post nearly as often as in the past and I feel it will continue this way for some time!


In other news, despite my busy schedule I did manage to run and hit the gym this week.

On Tuesday, I ran 3 miles in the early a.m. before work and on Wednesday, I ran 2 miles in the early a.m. before work.

Than, on Friday I hit the gym after work for 60+ minutes.  I did around 45 minutes of abs, upper & lower body weights and then I ran a fast mile on the treadmill.


Well, I have already taken a picture of my Dinner tonight and will continue throughout the weekend so you have some to see on Monday.

Hope you have a great weekend!

I plan to as well and hopefully get some REST in there somewhere between chores and such……..=)

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I guess I could have titled this post……..”long over due”, since I am long over due on posting these days, however I felt that exhausted was more fitting as that is truly how I am feeling these days!

Especially, the past 2 weekends.

I have literally felt like I was ready to bed by noon over the past 2 weekends, which I tell you isn’t so great when you have a lot of things to do. 

Like grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, cooking, running, etc. on our To Do List.

Luckily, for me I woke up early on both days thanks to the “time change” last weekend and the 6am sunrise that came with it that gave me lots of time to check things off my list. 

However that also made me more exhausted and by the time I finished my list and had time for fun I was TOO TIRED to do so!  =(  As all I wanted to do is take a nap.

Hopefully, I will be able to make it to the long Thanksgiving break at the end of next week so I can relax over the 5 days I have off during that time.  Can’t wait, honestly!  As, I plan to spend as much “quality time” as I can with my family and MYSELF………=)


Despite my exhaustion I still managed to make it to the gym and run over the weekend.

The gym was hit on Friday night after work for about 60 minutes.  While there I did the following:

  • 15 minutes of Abs
  • 30 minutes of Upper & Lower Body Weight Machines
  • 10 minute 1 Mile Run (5mph to 7mph)
  • 5 minute Cool Down Walk (3.5mph to 2.5mph)

Than on Sunday morning I went for a run while the sun was rising.  I ran a little over 4 miles in just under an hour.  And, I am happy to report once again that I had NO Knee Pain………=)  I think my single leg “leg extensions” at the gym are finally paying off.


Well I may not have had time to post over the past several days, but I did find the time to take as many pictures as I could have what I have been eating so take a look………

Breakfast (Thursday)

Lunch (Thursday)

Dinner (Thursday)

Breakfast (Friday)

Lunch (Friday)

Dinner1 (Friday)

Dinner2 (Friday)

Breakfast (Saturday)

Whole wheat pumpkin muffin (made last weekend) warmed in the microwave with a little butter, YUM!

Coffee (Saturday)

Lunch (Saturday)

I love chili with LOTS of cheese and saltines, YUM!!! 



Tea (Saturday)


Cinnamon Rolls (Saturday)

 ……..the most AMAZING Cinnamon Rolls I have ever had!!!

My Mom-In-Law gets them from the Fresh Market and they are as good as they look I swear.  Believe me, I am not a  huge cinnamon roll girl but these are GOOD.

Dinner (Saturday)

Blurry pizza was for dinner…….just kidding! 

We had The Works pizza from Papa John’s for dinner.

Breakfast (Sunday)

Lunch (Sunday)

I was craving a chicken sandwich and the Tendercrisp sandwich from Burger King hit the spot!

Dinner (Sunday)

And, what better way to end the weekend then with a nice BIG T-Bone Steak and lots of great sides!


Guess that about covers things up through this week!

I will do my best to post as often as I can, but given my current schedule and the up coming holiday I may go a day or more without posting……sure you will forgive me and know how it is.


Since the middle of last week, when I posted on I Passed my test last Wednesday I have been overloaded with work and my desk looks like the above cartoon!!!!

Hopefully, things will settle by the middle of this week and I can get back on track with my posts but I wanted to drop you a quick note in the meantime so you didn’t thing I was M.I.A. or something.

=) Laura

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I Passed!

Hey everyone, I will return tomorrow with a full post but I wanted to post a quick note to let you all konw that I PASSED my exam today and I am so happy to finally be done, WOO HOO!!!  =)

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