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Steak & Pasta

However, I did not eat them both in that order!

1st I had the Pasta for lunch.

Than, I had the Steak for dinner.

Though before I had either of the above I had Raisin Bran for breakfast.


Along with some melon and orange juice

Which I enjoyed while I caught up on some of the blogs listed in my blog roll.  A task that I haven’t had time to do in quite some time so it was really nice to have an hour to do so on Saturday morning while family was doing their own thing.

While I was reading some of my favorite blogs I came across some really yummy recipes that I decided to try my hand at since I just so happen to be going to the grocery store Sunday morning and then would have the afternoon to myself after……..so stay tuned tomorrow for a rather long post on what I made!

Later on in the afternoon around 1:30p.m. my daughter and I met my best friend, Amy, for lunch at one of our favorites……especially during the holiday season…….Olive Garden for lunch!

Olive Garden

Guess I was not the only one who was craving LASAGNA recently as I found out Amy has been as well recently when we spoke on Friday so I came up with the great idea of meet for lunch on Saturday so we could share the dish………which would satisfy our craving but also not hurt our waist lines too much since we were sharing 1 portion!  =)

And, in light of the fact that we planned to split things we ordered bread sticks and salad before the lasagna arrived.

Bread Sticks

I just love their salad!  I always mean to buy their dressing and always forget……=(


And, finally the main dish…….the STAR of the meal!


So I finally got my lasagna fix and man oh man was it a great fix I tell you!  I haven’t had their lasagna in a while and all I can tell you is that it was much better than last time I had it from what I can remember.  Just the right amount of pasta, meat sauce and cheese……YUMMY!  I really enjoyed their sweet and savory sauce too.  =)

And, since we split everything I did not feel FULL after as I usually do when I visit Olive Garden or have a heavy Italian meal for that matter!

Upon departing the restaurant we tried to visit the Outlet Malls down the street, however due to the beautiful weather we were having over the weekend it was packed and no parking was able to be found so that joint shopping trip did not happen.  =(

It wouldn’t have been much of a trip though as I had to get my daughter ready and to my Mom’s house for a special belated birthday trip they were taking that night into Sunday so I guess it was a good thing it was so busy. 

T-Bone Steak

Plus, I had to get cracking on the special Steak dinner I would be making for my hubby that night!  Both of us love STEAK!  However, due to budget restraints we can not always afford our favorite…………T-Bone Steak so it is a meal that we only get when it goes on sale, which it did this week at our local grocery store.  =)

I decided to make our favorite sides with it as well………overloaded baked sweet potatoes and corn on the cob!

All together now!


It was as GOOD as it LOOKS!  =)

Guess that about covers Saturday! 

As you can see it was a great day for EATS and also was an overall nice day that was spent enjoying the great weather, friends and family………….hope yours was as well.

STAY TUNED – – – for tomorrow’s post titled “Day of Baking & Cooking!

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