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Do you ever crave cheese!?!


I do all the time it seems! 

And, I wouldn’t say that I am a HUGE cheese lover now but I do really like the stuff a lot………like shredded cheese on spaghetti and broccoli, YUM!

Dinner (Monday)

Now, I will tell you that I love, with a capital L-O-V-E……anything Mexican & Italian with lots of cheese like the below!

Taco Dip

Usually I will allow myself most Mexican dishes on a regular basis as I typically add lots of high fiber beans and veggies to the dishes so they are a bit healthier and I don’t feel too guilty eating them on a regular basis, like taco salads and such! 

Taco Salad

However, I avoid most Italian dishes, like one of my favorites of all time Lasagna as much as possible because I could literally finish a quarter of the dish in one sitting if I am not careful so it is best to avoid it most times for me!


Does it look AMAZINGLY GOOD!?!?! 

How could you not want to eat more than 1 serving!!! 

Good Tip – – – only eat “lasagna” at restaurants as this way you can avoid eating more than a serving or two as we all know the serving sizes at restaurants is typically much larger than 1 serving!

Anyway, it was on my mind so I thought I would see if I was alone on this subject.  Do you crave cheese!?!?!

I will add that I DO NOT typically crave “cold” cheese, only “warm” cheese that is melted on dishes, that I crave all the time.


In other news, I ate the following that did not include cheese on Monday & Tuesday.

Breakfast (Monday)
Lunch (Monday)

Breakfast (Tuesday)

Lunch (Tuesday)

Snack (Tuesday)

Dinner (Tuesday)


On Tuesday morning around 7am I made it outside for a 2 Mile Run that took around 24 minutes in all and I am happy to report that I had NO KNEE PAIN during or after the run!  =)

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