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Family, friends, food and BRATS………


That is what my parents annual “Octoberfest” party is all about!  =) 

Every Fall I look forward to the party that is always a really good time filled with great conversation with my family and friends, some I only see a few times a year. 

Plus, there is always tons of FOOD, including lots of Desserts……… 


Banana Pudding


Chocolate Cake


Pumpkin Pie

Now, I did not sample all of the above, but I did have some………..banana pudding and a few macaroons, which were both VERY GOOD!  =)

Prior to attending the food filled fun event I spent my Saturday doing the following………..

  • Sleeping in with the hubby until 9am+.
  • Running 5 Miles in the cool upper 70 degree sunny outdoors for about 60+ minutes.
  • Grocery shopping as both the pantry and fridge were EMTPY!
  • Trying to take a nap before the party and not succeeding as my mind was to full of information that wouldn’t “shut up”……=O

I would love to report that my 5 Mile Run went great, however despite the beautiful day outside it did not as (no surprise I am sure) my Knee started to hurt a bit after the 1/2 way point!  =(  Luckily, it did not hurt badly but enough to slow me down and make my run a not so happy one.  And, it bugged me the rest of the day as well but by Sunday it was fine.

The rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful as I slept in VERY late (past 11am) on Sunday, then did a little house cleaning and some laundry during the day.  Took a very needed nap for about an hour in the early evening (think my extremely busy work/home load is starting to catch up to me) and hit Target with the hubby that evening before picking up dinner on the way home. 

***SORRY FOR THE LACK OF POSTS RECENTLY!  Life is so busy right now and I am struggling to find the time to post but I promise to do what I can when I can as I really enjoy my blog a lot and all the postive comments I get from everyone, thank you!****

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  1. Amy Caisse
    October 20, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    I had such a blast at the party! Bratwurst & homemade pretzels. I never got any desserts cause I was so excited about pretzels:)

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