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BIG 10

No, I am not speaking about running 10 miles, I am speaking about my daughter turning the BIG 10 this past Saturday!  =)

My Daughter & Her 10th Birthday Cake!

I can’t believe I have a 10 Year Old

My oh my how time flies by…………10 years ago my baby was born, it doesn’t feel like it was so long ago but it was and when I remember the years that have gone by it amazes me how fast they go!  TOO FAST!  =(

That is why you have to stop and enjoy you loved ones NOW and not put it off until next week, month, year…….because it does go by so quickly! 

I always try to that but honestly in todays Hectic Busy World it is hard to not to put that “special time” off as you always think you will have time later (that night, over the weekend or what not) but then the time comes and you don’t…………..quite Evil if you think about it!

That is why I try to schedule some One-On-One Time with my daughter every weekend, even if it is only for an hour or what not, and I also try to take a day off of work every month (or two) to spend just with her by going to a Theme Park or what not……..which we are doing this Friday in fact!

As for my husband he usually metabolizes my time every evening after my daughter goes to bed so I don’t feel so pressed to spend that One-On-One time with him but I also try to make time for him as well.

Man, it is tough being a working mom and wife I tell you………you always feel PULLED between work, home (chores), your husband and kids on a daily basis! 

Sometimes it drives me NUTS that I am being pulled back and forth so much and rarely have time for “myself”, but mostly it makes me SAD that I don’t have more time to give, but at least I try my best and that is all that matters!


Ok, sorry about that, kinda was thinking outloud or more like typing outloud……….back to the BIG 10

The first part of my weekend was spent preparing for it as my crazy busy work schedule kept me from doing anything for the party and buying any gifts until the day before my daughters birthday so I spent all day Friday running around cause of that, luckily I got it all done and we had a great party on Saturday

Though of course my daughter became ill and wasn’t able to enjoy the party as much or the shopping after with all the birthday $$$ she got but such is life sometimes.

The rest of the weekend was spent taking care of her, spending quality time with her and my husband and my mom as her Birthday was on Monday

My Mom & I

We, my daughter and I, met up with her on Sunday and got our nails done, which was really nice and VERY long overdue for me.  =O

Oh, and Sunday morning I went out for my scheduled 4 Mile Fall Running Training Plan run, which was really nice due to the weather being so great right now but also sad as my knee hurt me afterwards…….=( 


Unforuntally, I didn’t get pictures of all the wonderful things I ate over the weekend but I did get some so please take a look at my below EATS:

Breakfast (Friday)

Lunch (Friday)

Saturday (Breakfast)

Lunch (Saturday)

The above is 7 Layer Taco Dip, minus the sausage called for in the recipe, that was at the Birthday Party, courtesy of your’s truly! 

It is a family favorite and VERY GOOD!

Birthday Cake

Above is my daughters’ birthday cake that my sister made, isn’t it great!?!  =)

Chips & Drinks (Saturday Night)

The hubby and I enjoyed the above on Saturday night after the little one (I mean BIG one now) went to bed!


Well that about covers things for the past weekend! 

Sorry for the delay but I am sure you understand………….=)

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