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Finally the return of….

………Fall that has arrived in “Central Florida”!  

Fall in "Central Florida"

As you can see we don’t get much by the way of changing leaves here but we do get a little as you can see.  

Fall is my favorite season!  

For so many reasons, here to some to name a few:  

  • Cooler temperatures!  And, here in Central Florida they average between upper 60’s to low 80’s with low humidity so it is a great time of year here!


  • Lots of birthdays during this time of year!  My daughter’s, moms, dads, step-sons to name a few and my wedding anniversary is also in October.  =)


  • It’s holiday season!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc……


What is your favorite season and why??? 


Of course as you all know Fall officially arrived on September 22, 2010, however for me it didn’t arrive until this past weekend when the temperatures started to dip from the low-90’s into the mid-80’s during the day and from the low-70’s to into the mid-60’s in the evening!  

It was so nice to finally be able to spend more time outdoors now that the weather isn’t as hot and humid as it has been.   

I took advantage of this a lot over the weekend by taking the dog out for lots long walks around the neighborhood so I could enjoy the cool warm breeze…….=)   


During the Summer our walks are cut very short due to the heat & humidity outside, but during Fall, Winter & Spring I love to go for long walks and enjoy the beautiful weather outside……..as does Peanut of course as you can see above!  

In fact, that was pretty much the highlight of my weekend aside from the below:  

  • Having lunch at BJ’ Restaurant with my mom and daughter on Saturday afternoon in which I had my favorites!

Tomato Bisque Soup

BBQ Chicken Salad

  •  My favorite beer of all time was on sale!  Introducing to you Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss.

Berry Weiss Beer

Now, I know berry beer isn’t for everyone, but I fell in love with this beer after trying it last fall and have been hooked ever since.  I love the light beer taste with a hint of berry.  It is very refreshing, slightly sweet and goes down easily.  I have always been a fan of berry drinks, especially wine coolers back in the day, so this was a perfect beer for me!  =) 

My husband also loves that I have finally found a beer that I love so we can drink together on occasion as I of course don’t buy it too often as it isn’t “light” by any means. 

What is your favorite beer??? 



I took the past 4 days off of running!  

Why, you may ask???   

Honestly, I needed a little break from running after the past 4 months of strict training.  So I opted to take it over the weekend so I would technically only miss 1 Run as I am currently not running on Friday, Sunday or Monday. 

Plus, I needed some extra time in the bed so I could try to catch up on the sleep I have missed over the past week+ and I also wanted to give my knee a little break from running as it hurt a little during my 2 Mile Runs earlier in the week. 

It was nice to take a break from running, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss it or that I felt a bit guilty for missing it as well!  

After running so regularly for so long now I have kind of become addicted to running……a subject I will touch on in a later post after my husband told me recently I was just that……..Addicted To Running!  =O  Which, I cannot deny because when I don’t run I just don’t feel the same mentally or physically.  

Does the same happen to you when you missing several days of running or exercise!?!?! 


I apologize for the lack of pictures and post after the weekend but I sort of needed a Physical & Mental Break over the weekend and I did just that…………no running, no pictures, no computer, etc……….all weekend long!  FELT GOOD! 

P.S.  Almost done on my impending post titled How To Become A Fat Burning Machine!!!  So stay tuned! 

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