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My 1st 15K Race!!!


On Saturday, 9/25/10 at 7:20a.m. I began my 1st 15K Race and man what a great race it turned out to be, my best yet! 


I feel I must recap a bit on how I actually got to the horn blow on race day because believe you me last year at the same race I was by no means ready to complete the 15K Race.  However, I did complete the 5K that year (Miracle Miles 5K Race) and hoped by this time the following year I would be ready to complete the 15K though I was afraid I wouldn’t be ready.  =(  But luckily for me I was, though luck really did not have much to do with it as it was ME that made it happen by following the a 16-Week 15K Training Plan that I made for myself at SMARTCOACH, which I started at the beginning of June 2010.

Check out some of my 15K Training Run posts throughout the past 16-Weeks:


On Friday, the day before the big race, I made it a point to drink lots and lots of water all day so that I would plenty hydrated for the race and I also tried to fuel myself well by eating the following:





I know I should have had a few more veggies during the day then I did but all and all I stayed pretty healthy for the most part and had plenty of carbs that should have helped on race day.


Finally, onto the race recap………….it all started at 5:30a.m. when my alarm went off!  I snuck out of bed as quite as I could so I wouldn’t wake up the hubby. 

Pre-Race Prep Area (Extra Bedroom Closet Shelves)

Than I darted to the extra bedroom where I always keep my running gear my early a.m. runs and quickly started to get ready with all the pre-race gear I had laid out the night before. 


Not forgetting to put my add my D-Tag to my shoes as I left.

Pre-Race Breakfast

And, of course not forgetting to have my pre-race breakfast in the car as I drove to the race along with a bottle of water.

As I approached my exit for the race site, a local children’s hospital near downtown, I noticed a long line of cars that were trying to get off on the same exit so I immediately called my friend and fellow co-worker, Catrina, to advise her that we might need to change our pre-race meeting area so that we would not be late.

We decided to do just that and met at the race site Registration Table after parking near the site in the designated parking garage.  After getting our race bibs on we located the port-o-potty area and waited in the long line to utilize the facilities prior to the race.  Luckily, we just made it before the horn sounded at the Start Of The Race at 7:20a.m.  After doing our business we rushed over squeeze our way into the crowd of runners that started walking towards the start line and a minute later we crossed the line and started to run.

It was a muggy but semi-cool overcast morning with the temperature in the mid-70’s, unlike prevoius years when it was well into the 80’s and quite hot & humid out………..so in light of that the first few miles of the  race went rather nice as the sun wasn’t beating in our eyes and there was even a cool breeze in the air.

We decided before the race that we would take a walking break at every mile marker in order to allow us the strength to finish the race well in light of it being both our 1st times running a 15K and the due to my Runner’s Knee issue. 

We hit Mile 1 marker around the 13 minute mark and took our 1st Walking Break for 1 minute exactly before pounding the pavement again.  Since we entered the race a minute+ late due to the port-a-potty line delay most of the runners were ahead of us in the race so we didn’t block to many people when we stopped to walk, though we did move over the side as well.

In light, of our easier than normal race running pace that was about a 12 minute mile pace we were able to chat very easily during the 1st half of the race which made it go by pretty quickly and easily……….because before I knew it we had ran by Mile 2 & 3.

Now, we weren’t running slow by any means, just not fast due to the following reasons:

  • 1st time running a 15K for both of us!
  • Catrina not feeling quite ready for the race!
  • My Runner’s Knee!

Overall we were happy with our pace and progress in the race as our goal was just to be able to finish the race, not run it fast, though we did hope to finish in under 2 hours.

Mile 4 hit after the first major bend in the race and it was around this time that my knee started to feel uncomfortable and Catrina started to get a little tired, luckily a Water Station appeared a little ahead of us so we took a little longer walking break at this point and also took our “grape” Energy Beans before we hit the pavement again.

We slowed a bit at this point until the energy beans kicked in that is and we also heard some of the Volunteers on the side of the road shot “You are 1/2 way done, keep up the great work!”  After that we felt a surge of energy and forged ahead and around the 2nd to last bind in the race that took us into one of the older and really nice neighborhoods of Orlando.

Miles 5 & 6 went well and at an easy pace once again, though we slowed on chatting a bit and sort of zoned out.  We both also were completely socked at this point and started to get a bit chilly due to the cloud covered sky and light breeze that was out, which felt rather nice as it was also very warm & humid out as well.

Mile 7 is when the going got a bit tough.  My knee was getting more and more uncomfortable and Catrina was starting to hit her wall, BUT we still forged ahead though we did take an extra walking break between Miles 7 & 8 for a few mintues to help.

Than we hit Mile 8 and got a second wind as we knew the end was near, as we only had 1.3 miles to go!  =)  So I sprinted ahead on my own for a bit…….

Sprinting ahead.....

……….than I slowed down to wait for Catrina as I wanted to complete the race with her and I knew we both could benefit from eachothers support in the end!  =)

Once we saw the Mile 9 marker we both sprinted ahead!!!

Running Towards The Finish Line!

And, soon we saw the finish line and raced ahead crossing together at 1:57:10 exactly – per the D-Tag results and were both given our first Race Medals!  =)

Crossing The Finish Line!!!

We immediately slowed to a walk and than worked our way to the side to sit-down for a few mintues at which point Catrina snapped the below shot of me on her blackberry.

My Medal & I after crossing the finish line!

We than made our way through the crowd of people to get a bottle of water and try some of the free food that was being given out before we headed to the parking garage to locate our cars.

Once we made it to my car and asked a fellow racer to take a picture of us with our medals!  =)

Catrina & Myself after the 15K Race with our Medals!!!

I can honestly say that this was the BEST RACE I have ran thus far and I will never forget it!!!

Thank you for running with me Catrina! 

I know you weren’t as ready as you wanted to be but you ran with me anyways, you are a great running partner and friend!

Can’t wait for our next race….

  1. September 27, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    That was a good idea to take walking breaks at the mile markers. Congrats on the medal too!

  2. September 28, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    So ! Awesome! Congrats on your race!

  3. September 28, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    I was supposed to do a 10 miler this fall but I broke my ankle instead. Can’t wait to be able to walk and walk and walk again. I just added you to my blogroll. I’ve lost 70 lbs and have about 50 mor to go.

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