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I have always loved that saying, however I am happy to report that during this mornings 3 Mile Run I had NO PAIN and I did GAIN…….a huge smile that is!  =) 

And, as you might have guessed I was minus the Pro-Tec Knee Strap that I received earlier in the week due to issues explained on my last post, Very Disappointed.  Which, I am sure you also guessed was a very good idea since my run went so well.  

However, I must admit that I did get a bit of a discomfort behind my knee that felt like strained ligaments but it didn’t hurt and I think was caused by the fact that I did Leg Extensions while at the Gym last night per the recommendations I mentioned previously that I found at the Runner’s World website while searching for information on my knee that stated you should strengthen your medial quad muscle if you are experiencing knee pain as this muscle that is in the front inside of your thigh holds the kneecap in the center of the groove so the stronger it is the less likely you are to have issues with your knee.  

So as you guessed it, I have started to follow that advise and will continue to do so on a weekly basis going forward.  In fact, now that I think about it I think part of my problem may have been due to the fact that I stopped using this machine for almost 2 months, as I did with any other leg machines and strength moves I was doing at the time, due to the fact that I did not want to tire out my leg muscles during the last 1/2 of my 16-Week 15K Training PlanThat I now see might have been a very Big Mistake!  =(  

What is done is done, you can’t change the past, you can only work on improving the future! 

Anyway, back to this mornings run, it was rather nice.  The sun was just rising and the weather was cool, though still a bit humid.  My pace was easy and after the first 1/2 mile I fell into a groove and really enjoyed the run, even did a very short sprint at the end right before I got home….again with a big smile on my face.  =) 


On to my EATS, here they are……….. 





Late Night Snack

As you can see it was a day full of good eats, yet another big smile for me!  =)


2 Days & Counting to my 1st 15K………..WOW, I can’t believe that it is almost here after 4 months of waiting and training, yet again another big smile!  =)

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  1. September 23, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Good luck on the 15k! I hope you feel good during it! 🙂

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