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Hard 8

Well, I was scheduled to run 12 Miles, planned to run 9 Miles and ended up running a Hard 8 Miles!

It seemed my entire run was doomed from the beginning for the following reasons:

  • I was Very Tired all week for several reasons!
    • Short work week that are always crazy busy.
    • Lack of sleep each night, getting less than 7 hours each night.
    • Time of the month.
    • Overall “drained feeling” all week.
  • I had no appetite the night before my run so I didn’t eat dinner, which in turn left me with Very Low Energy the next morning for my run!
  • My Runner’s Knee started to bother me at around Mile 4 of my run, which made the end of my run very HARD to complete! 

However, despite all of the above I was happy that I got up and went for the run even though I REALLY did not want to at all!  But, I knew once I got out there I would start feeling better, at least that is what I told myself as I usually do whenever I have felt this way in the past…..even though this time I was feeling worse than I have in a while before a run.  =( 

Luckily, though I ended up being correct because about a mile into the run I started to feel better and got into a running groove that lasted for the next several miles.  In fact, I decided to postpone my 1st walking break until a little after Mile 2 due to that.  And, wouldn’t you know it my first overpass incline came right at the same time……..funny how that happened, huh!?!?  =O

After taking my walking break for about 2 minutes I headed down the other side of the overpass decline into Miles 3 & 4 of my run and that is when my knee started to hurt =( and I took my 2nd walking break for several minutes.  I than started running back home at that point, which took me through Miles 5 & 6 and into my 3rd walking break right before Mile 7 .  The break lasted awhile as I honestly was not looking forward to starting to run again BUT I DID!

The last 2 miles weren’t really difficult, but they were hard!  I would have been able to run them fine as my “cardio” was fine but my knee was bugging me a lot at that point so I had to take my 4th and final walking break at the beginning of Mile 8 in light of that.  I did not want to take a break at all but I couldn’t help it and it also lasted much longer than I would have liked as I had to work up enough nerve to run the rest of the way home at that point.

I arrived home after 1 hour and 50 minutes of running!  Quite long for 8 miles but seeing all the walking breaks I took and the fact that I was running pretty slowly as well it wasn’t too bad.

Upon walking in the door, I grabbed a huge glass of water and a bag of ice, than I proceeded up stairs and iced my knee for about 20 minutes or so while I slowly re-hydrated myself.  Than a nice long hot shower followed.  My knee hurt through the rest of the day on Saturday and into Sunday but no where near as bad as last weekend.

Hopefully, my patellar tendon strap that I ordered earlier in the week will arrive before my scheduled 9 mile run this weekend or I might have to skip for fear of a repeat of the above………FINGERS CROSSED!!!


Well, I am happy to report that my EATS over the weekend were pretty good……..no mindless snacking, no drive thru eating, no food binges, etc. 

However, you decide for yourself from the below:

Breakfast on Saturday, Before Run!

Iced Coffee on Saturday, while heading to the grocery store!

Lunch on Saturday!

Afternoon Snack on Saturday!

Afternoon Snack2 on Saturday!

Dinner on Saturday, PIZZA from PapaJohn's!

Breakfast on Sunday, while at work!

I had to go into work for a few hours on Sunday so I treated myself to my favorite donut……..an Apple Fritter and a cup of Hazelnut Coffee from 7-Eleven! 

Yes, they have good coffee & donuts……in my opinion their donuts are better than Dunkin Donuts, but of course their coffee isn’t better.

Lunch on Saturday, while I was still at work (only thing in the fridge)!

Little Snack on Sunday, after getting home from work!

Dinner on Sunday!

I made a lovely roast for dinner, but the family didn’t like it much as there was lots of hidden fat inside….=(

So all and all my EATS were pretty good, aside from the donut on Sunday morning, what do you think!?!?!

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  1. September 13, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    I’m surprised you were able to keep going! When I ran last my knee hurt too much. I was able to finish like 2 miles for a total of 4 and I was DONE. 😦

  2. Jenny
    September 15, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    It is hard to keep going when you want to stop-that takes a lot of courage. Also,knowing how to listen to your body and balance all the things in your life, which you do such a great job at!

    • September 16, 2010 at 8:33 pm

      Thank you so much, means a lot to hear that as believe me I wasn’t good at doing that for the majority of my life so it still amazes me I am able to do so now! =)

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