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Jewish Apple Cake


On Tuesday night I made my very first cake from scratch, a Jewish Apple Cake to be precise, for my Mother-In-Law, whose birthday was on Wednesday and I am VERY HAPPY to report that it came out good! 

I was a bit worried being my first time and all, especially since it was for my Mother-In-Law who is also a big “Foodie”!  

Than when I discovered that I over baked it by about 15 or so minutes I got even more worried, luckily though it was able to be saved and only the top was lost as it stuck to the bottom of the bundt pan and had to be scraped out (and eaten by my husband & myself)!  I just took the rest of the cake, which was plenty big enough as you can see above and flipped it over so the bottom showed with all the apples and sprinkled some powered sugar on top.  It looked amazing (sorry no picture) and my husband thought it looked like a Christmas cake and suggested I make it then as well.  

And, to my very pleasant surprise my Mother-In-Law loved it!  

How do I know this you might ask?  

I know this for the following reasons: 

  • She told me!  However, you can’t always count on a compliment from your Mother-In-Law to be true as she may just be being nice.  But then she said she likes it because it isn’t too sweet and that it would go great with coffee & tea, which she loves.
  • She had a 2nd piece!  And, she never has 2nd’s so I was super happy to see that.
  • She asked for the recipe!  And, said she wants to make it this weekend, which was a shocker as she has the rest of the cake I made her still and only a few slices were eaten from it last night.
  • She didn’t offer us any to take home!  =O  And, she never does that so that was a clear sign that she really liked it.

Speaking of the recipe, here it is in case you would like it Jewish Apple Cake

Other than the cake last night I snacked on a handful of chips, peanuts and had an icee as I skipped dinner because we were at the Mother-In-Law’s until late and I just wasn’t in the mood to make or eat anything big. 

Luckily, my daughter was fed by grandma who always loves to feed her and the hubby ate leftover spaghetti once we got home. 

Earlier in the day I had the following…….. 

Apple Oatmeal

Avocado, Black Bean, Corn & Cherry Tomato Salad

Publiz Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets

Prior to all of the above I Ran 3 Miles outside in the early a.m. before work in approximately 30 minutes.  I was a bit nervous about the run as I wasn’t sure how my “Runner’s Knee” would act but luckily for me it didn’t hurt during the run and only a bit afterwards.  =)  I also Ran 2 Miles this morning and felt no pain during or after so I am very happy to report that. 

However, in other news I am VERY SORE from my Stability Ball Exercises workout the other day!  But, I am not complaining by any means now because it isn’t often that I get sore anymore these days so when I do I love it as I know I really had a great workout and hit some muscles. 

What is your favorite cake!?!?! 

Mine is “Carrot Cake” and “Coconut Cake” is a close 2nd! 

  1. September 9, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    CHEESECAKE!!!! 😀

  2. Jenny
    September 11, 2010 at 11:23 am

    That cake looks amazing!! Have to try making it over the weekend! I love carrot cake, but apples are coming into season and I love trying different dessert recipes with in season produce. I agree with the addiction to PB pretz!! They are SO GOOD!!

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