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Florida Sunrise


Now that is worth getting up at 6am and running to see isn’t it!?!?! 

When I first headed out it was still dark out.  So I didn’t see the sunrise until I got back home.  And, do you know what that means?  That Fall is coming!  =)  WOO HOO, I love Fall!  I always know the seasons are about to change when the sun rises later and sets earlier, guess that is common sense huh!?!  =O 

I do not like to run when it is dark out but seeing as all the high schoolers are out at the many bus stops along my running route and that I also run along a busy street I felt ok with it this week.  Plus, I did not have much choice as I couldn’t wait until it got light out to run as I would have been late for work.  

Man sometimes I feel like running is so hard to fit in my schedule but you got to fit it in!  Schedule it like you would schedule anything else (a doctors appointment, a meeting or what not) because if you treat it like an appointment you are less likely to miss it.  At least it works for me.  I love to schedule and plan things so that is what I do with everything in my life.  Of course I used to freak out when things would not go as planned or off schedule but over the years I have worked to not let that control me and I just adjust my schedule as needed when things throw me off course.  

Such is life, you can plan all you want but that doesn’t mean it life will go as planned! 

Stressing about it will not do any good, actually it will do harm (stress is linked to weight gain you know) so just adjust things as they occur and move forward, that is all you can do. 

Trust me you will be much happier if you do it this way, take it from someone who used to not do that and was always stressed and unhappy. 

Let’s talk about my Morning Run now!   

I ran 4 miles in all.  Took me approximately 48 minutes, which is a 12 minute mile pace.  I was supposed to run at a 11:30 minute pace but felt really tired and it took me a minute to get going.  In the end I finished at a much faster and more comfortable pace.  A pace that I feel I could continue to run and run at, don’t you love it when you find that!?!  It doesn’t happen all the time so when it does I love it.  Just wish I could have kept on running and didn’t have to go to work but I did.  =( 

The rest of my day was crazy busy.  Such is my life these days.  Not complaining by any means, just trying to adjust is all.  Something that can take time sometimes.  Hopefully, I will feel more in control of things before the Holiday’s hit and things get even more crazy.  Yes, I said it……..the HOLIDAY’S!  They are officially only a few months away.  Can you believe that???  I swear I feel like the summer just started and now it is almost over, man who was so fast.  Again, such is life, right! 

My EATS were normal and pretty boring all in all.  I wish I had the option to eat a better variety of food and dishes but that just isn’t realistic for me right now……both budget & time wise, so here is what I get to eat until that changes one day. 

Blueberry Instant Oatmeal w/Lots of Fresh Blueberries

Avocado Black Bean & Cherry Tomato Salad

Taco & Rice

So that about covers it!  BORING, I know!  But each dish is affordable, easy to make and tastes good……..right up my alley. 

Off to stare at the T.V. until my hubby gets home.  A girls got to take advantage of being alone with the t.v. and being able to watch whatever I want when it happens………have a good one everyone.

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