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Double D’s

No, I do not mean the Bra Size……….I mean Double-Digits Done, translated means I completed my 1st “double-digit” run today!  10 MILES!!!  =O

After last weekends 9 Mile Run I was not nervous for the 10 Mile Run I had ahead of me on Saturday morning, but that does not mean that I was 100% confident that I would complete it either.  However, I planned to give it my best shot of course. 

The night before I made sure to drink plenty of water so I would be plenty hydrated for the long run in the hot & humid Central Florida summer weather we are currently experiencing right now even early in the morning.  I find this KEY to performing well and making it through my longer runs, especially on hot days!

The next morning prior to departing for the Double D I hit up MapMyRun in order to see where I should run and to make sure I truly ran 10 miles as I didn’t want to short myself on this run like I did on my 7 Mile Run about a month ago.  Luckily, I found a perfect loop that was exactly 10 miles out and back from my house so I decided that was the one for me. 

Than I ate a granola bar with peanut butter and drank a glass of water while I got dressed and 30 minutes after waking I hit the road at 7:30a.m. exactly.

The first mile took about 11 minutes and was very easy-going.  Once I officially hit Mile 1 I took my first walking break for 1 minute.  It honestly felt a little strange to take one at this time as I have never done this so early in a run but I found that it helped me a lot, especially later in the run.  I than took my second walking break for another minute just after Mile 2 right as an up hill over pass hit, how convenient was that, huh!?!  Not, I planned it that way.  =)

A little information on Walking Breaks:

  • Once I was ready to achieve my 1st “double-digit” run I knew I would need to take plenty of walking breaks so that I would not hit the wall too early in my run and so I would also recover easier after my run
  • This “walking break” knowledge was made aware to me by Jeff Galloway and is called the “Galloway Method” or a/k/a Run-Walk-Run-Walk Method.
  • Basically, I planned to take a 1 to 2 minute walking break after every mile, but since I do not have a fancy dancy Garmin to tell me when I hit each mile and also could not remember “exactly” where I hit every mile from the map I made on MapMyRun I decided to just take a walking break every 15 minutes or so during my run, remembering to take my first one early as it is key!

Back to the run………Mile 3 was hit around the 50 minute mark and I continued to run on passed Mile 4, delaying my next walking break by about 5 or so minutes as I planned to take a break soon up the road when I hit a shopping center that was along my mapped route as I needed to visit the Little Girl’s Room and get a drink from the water fountain

Luckily, I was fortunate enough that my mapped run took me right past, not 1 but 2 shopping centers in which I could take a break at if need be.  And, that is exactly what was needed right soon after Mile 4 when natured called with a “vengeance”!  =O  So once the shopping center arrived I ran down to the store, quickly ran in did my business and walked out, getting back on the road about 5 minutes later. 

Now, mind you I would have never thought about doing this if it wasn’t for Caitlin @ Healthy Tipping Point mentioning doing the same on her longer runs.  What A Great Idea, Huh!?!?!  No need to worry if “nature calls” while you are out on a run if you have a few places you can run in and use the facilities easily and without hassle along the way.  Plus, for those (like me) that do not like to carry a big water bottle with them on the runs and don’t have a Camelback for their longer runs it is a great way to get hydrated too.

So…….5 minutes later I was back on the road, well “sidewalk” again and soon hit Mile 5 just up the road and about an hour into my run.  Right after that I started to head a very long hill that I went up slowly but surely and ended up not being too hard as it got higher gradually so it wasn’t very steep.

Once I reached the top I hit a long straight away that took me by several really nice neighborhoods and a few churches.  Mile 6 was passed during this time and right before Mile 7 I took my next walking break for 2 minutes just as I turned into a new road that had me heading back home………=)

After my walking break ended, about an hour & 40 minutes into my run right before 9am I hit the hotter part of the morning as the sun was out with full force so I slowed down significantly and it felt like it took me forever to hit Mile 8, but I finally did and took my next to last walking break due to the heat as I think I could have made it farther if it wasn’t for the it being so hot out.

2 minutes later I was running again and sort of “zoned out” at that poing and before I knew it I hit Mile 9 and took my last walking break on a slight up hill portion of my run.  About 1/2 way up the hill I started to run again and hit MILE 10 10 minutes later right before my house at exactly 2 hours and 15 minutes after I started! 

WOO HOO, I finally finished!  Not the fatest time, I was hoping for 2 hours, but given it was my 1st ever 10 Mile Run I think I did pretty good…….what do you think???

Upon completing my run I slowly walked the rest of the way home!  Stumpled with the key when I got to the door but luckily my hubby unlocked it and greeted me with a towel as I was dripping sweat.  Than I made my way to the fridge to get a BIG glass of “very cold” water and headed up stairs to take a long cold shower.  =) 

Can’t believe I did it, WOW!  If you told me a year ago I would have run for over 2 hours by this time next year I would not have believed you,  though I would have secretly hoped it was true……..=)

Later that day I met my BFF, Amy, for lunch at a famous local eatery by the name of Yellow Dog Eats and will post about it next so “Stay Tuned”!

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  1. August 24, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    Congrats! Sounds like a great run!!

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