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You can paint a pretty picture…

…..but you can’t predict the weather!  

This saying was SO TRUE for me this week, specifically on Wednesday, when my husband said those exact words to me when I called him extremely upset that evening after work while I was driving around downtown during a huge rain storm in tons of traffic looking for a gas station because my little yellow “low on gas” light came on that morning when I was heading into work and I knew I was going to run out if I risked getting on the highway without filling up first!  =O  

The extremely upset (and screaming in the car prior to calling him) part came not just from the very frustrating situation above but due to the fact that I knew I was not going to make it to the gym to run as I had planned after work because I was running out of and had to pick up my daughter by a certain time so I knew I wasn’t going make it and that of course made me upset…………  

………..BUT as he said to me, “You can paint a pretty picture, but you can’t predict the weather”, which is so VERY true and was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment so I would stop beating myself up about missing the run realizing it is what it is (that things happen) and I needed to move on and away from the GUILT I was feeling from missing the run!  

Does the above (losing it in the car or guilt about missing a run or the gym) ever happen to you!?!?!  

I am usually pretty good at not doing either but that day I just couldn’t hold it in and it all came out!  Luckily, I was alone in the car when it did.  Hey, it happens.  This week has been a very CRAZY BUSY and stressful work for me so I am not surprised.  But I am glad to have someone there to calm me down and bring me back to reality.  Thank you, hubby!  


Prior to losing it above I ATE the following at work that day….    


Sliced Gala apple and a whole wheat banana nut muffin.    


I huge slice of veggie pizza and a garlic knot.  

Upon my arrival home I whipped up Taco’s for dinner, however I had a taco salad.    


A few hours later a yummy PhillySwirl “tangerine, cherry & lemon” icee followed dinner for desert.    



Thursday was a not extremely upsetting like Wednesday, but was extremely busy!  

Work has been crazy busy as I have a new assignment I am working and also a few projects coming up.  

Home as well with school starting soon and my  kicking into high gear as it now is requiring an extra “2 Mile Run” every week.  

Plus, the usual day-to-day stuff (cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, shopping, errands, etc.) I have to do! 

I have a feeling my Busy Schedule is going to continue to be this way for quite awhile……..not that I am complaining as it is good that this is the case for the following reasons:   

  • I am hoping to get a promotion at work in the near future and the new assignment I am working on will help me prove I am ready for it so I of course do not mind the extra work involved!
  • I will be racing my very first 15K (9.3 Mile) Race on Saturday, September 25th so my increased runs called for in my 16-Week 15K Training Plan are necessary in order for me to cross the finish line and hopefully run well in it at the same time.
  • My daughter is starting school in a week so we are getting prepared for that and I also know she will have lots more homework this year that will need to be done after school (work) every night and weekend.

So things are going to be hectic for a while but as I always say “such is life” for a career goal oriented, wife, mom, runner, healthier eater, etc.!  And, I rather like it most of the time……..=)   


During my Busy Day, I ate the following when I was able to get a to the kitchen that is…..   


Blueberry instant oatmeal with real blueberries mixed in.   


Yet, another avocado black bean salad with corn & cherry tomatoes and lime vinaigrette dressing

Later that night after the gym I had pork chops, apple sauce, broccoli w/cheese and a baked potato for dinner.   



 At the gym on Thursday night I did the following: 

 Ab Exercises         

  • Seated leg tuck off bench
  • Sides with dumbbell

*I did 3 sets of 25 reps each.    

Toning Training Plan     

 DAY 20: Weights (Shoulders, Chest & Triceps) – 3 sets of each move, 10-15 reps each. 

16-Week 15K Training Plan


5 miles @ “Build Speed With Ease” (10:30)

My run was one word last night………A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I honestly thought it was going to be rough as I was not originally planning on doing a 5 mile Speedwork Run, but a 4 mile as I was supposed to do an Easy 2 Mile Run the night before but I didn’t make it to the gym in time (as explained above) so I upped my mileage last night to try to make up for it a bit and in light of that I thought it would be hard but it was the complete opposite in fact. 

I took the 1st mile easy running between 5mph to 5.3mph. 

The 2nd through 4th miles were run doing the “Build Speed With Ease” Plan and I sprinted up to 7.5mph the last mile. 

I left the gym dripping in sweat but feeling GREAT!  =)  Don’t you just love runs like that! 



The New Superfoods:   

10 Inexpensive Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight 






The superstar: Tomatoes   

You say “tomato,” I say “antioxidant”: The two are practically synonymous. The fruit is loaded with lycopene, which may help protect against cancer and heart disease.  

The understudy: White button mushrooms 

Toss the budget-friendly fungi onto salads and order them on your next pizza; the antioxidant powers of white buttons rival those of wild cream and brown varieties, such as the fancier and pricier shiitake, French researchers have discovered. Mushrooms also contain vitamin D, which aids calcium absorption for strong bones and may even help regulate levels of the feel-full hormone leptin. One study in the journal Appetite found that white buttons can be a good lower-cal alternative to red meat: People who ate lunches made with these ‘shrooms consumed at least 300 fewer calories than those eating lunches of the same size made with beef. Plus, they were just as satisfied as the carnivores afterward, according to researchers. Fake out your taste buds by making lasagna, stir-fry, chili, and fajitas with mushrooms.

  1. August 14, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    I absolutely LOVE that quote. I’ll need to remember it.

    I definitely have times when I get upset about not being to do what I had originally planned. I like things structured. Organized. All planned out. So when it doesn’t pan out that way specifically, I can go a little haywire. But it really comes down to that quote, just like your husband said.

    Love how you handled the whole situation! 😀

    • August 14, 2010 at 7:42 pm

      Oh, I am totally the same way……..as I am an organized & planning freak, but I love it and just try to not let it control me too much! Thank you. =)

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