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Daily Eats

As promised here are my recent daily eats……..

MONDAY, 7/19/10


Blueberry Instant Oatmeal w/Lots of Fresh Blueberries

 Late Morning Snack:

Grapes, Toasted Breakfast Bread w/Peanut Butter


Veggie Salad w/Cheese & Ranch Dressing


Taco Salad w/Rice, Corn & Crushed Up Taco Shell

TUESDAY, 7/20/10 eats will be missed, well I did eat but the camera battery was dead in the a.m. when I left and I didn’t have time to charge it before I left for work so I don’t have any pictures of them basically……….

However, pictures are not needed to tell you what I did at the gym last night.  I am happy to report that I completed the following:

Ab Exercises      

Toning Training Plan   

Day 12: Weights (Back & Biceps) – I did 3 sets of each, 10-20 reps depending on the move.

16-Week 15K Training Plan

2 miles @ 21:00

My training plan called for a 12 minute mile on the Easy “2 Mile” Run I did last night, however as mentioned before I have a hard time running that slow (on the treadmill, outside in the Summer Heat no problem) so I ran faster completing the 2 Miles in 21 minutes insteat of 24, which means I ran a 10:30 minute mile……..though I didn’t run that fast the entire time. 

Basically I started at 5.2mph then upped the mileage every few minutes or so until I ended with a SUPER FAST pace run at 8.5mph (7:30 minute mile page) to end things, which felt great but was hard at the very very end as I haven’t even ran that fast in my life.  I could literally feel my shoes wanting to come off the treadmill.  =O



20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories






Make over your casa

Give your living room a fresh hue. Rolling on a new coat of paint burns 204 calories an hour.

  1. July 22, 2010 at 10:48 am

    Congrats on your fast finish to your run. I like bumping up the treadmill and running as fast as I can at the end of my runs too. 🙂

    And I had no idea painting burned so many calories! Wow.

    btw…I was reading your about me page and I just have to say — your daughter is beautiful!! 🙂

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