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6 in 66

On Sunday, 7/18/10 I ran 6 in 66, 6 miles in 66 minutes (11 minute miles)!  =)

Seeing as my last “6 mile run” a few weeks ago that I posed about under LOTS OF SWEAT was a challenge to complete and took me a total of 75 minutes to complete I was thrilled to complete yesterday’s run in 66 minutes as you can imagine.

I still sweat quite a bit but nothing like last time.  As there was a cool breeze out and several clouds that covered the blazing sun most of my run, which allowed me to run much faster then last time as you can see above……….9 minutes faster

However, the run was by no means “easy”, just easier than last time.  I still had to push myself, especially on the way back home and during the last mile when I tried to run faster towards the end I had to keep repeating to myself “you can do it, only a mile left“.

This weekend I am scheduled to run 7 miles, so let’s see if I can do it in 77 minutes…….though I think that might be hard to achieve I will give it my best shot.

OH, I almost forgot to tell you that I had no chaffing at all during my run this time because I put on below on my problem areas (inner thighs) and IT WORKED!!! 

Cocoa Butter

The idea came to me as I was heading out the door, so I hurried and put some on and felt no pain the entire run………..so no need to buy tight shorts for underneath my running shorts now.


Prior to my run on Sunday I had a piece of breakfast bread and some water for my Pre-Run Breakfast.

Pre-Run Breakfast

Upon my return I showered and then had a bowl of frosted mini-wheats and a banana as a Late Morning Breakfast.

Late Morning Breakfast

The grocery store beckoned after as I did not get a chance to go on Saturday as I was in a class all day Friday, 7/16/10 & Saturday, 7/17/10 for work from 8am to 6pm each day.  So all my weekend chores had to occur on Sunday. 

Upon my return from the store I had a plate of toasted breakfast bread with fruit for Lunch.


I then did some laundry, hit the pool with my daughter for a little while and came home and took an hour nap before dinner had to be attended too.

We had pot roast with cabbage, potatoes and carrots for Dinner.


And, a bowl of cherries were for Dessert.



Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of my EATS from Friday & Saturday due to the above mentioned class I took for work. 

However, I can give you a run down of what I ate below:

Friday, 7/16/10

  • blueberry muffin f/breakfast
  • banana f/morning snack
  • Chipotle burrito bowl with pork f/lunch
  • Fiber One granola bar f/afternoon snack
  • Wendy’s taco salad f/dinner

Saturday, 7/17/10

  • Dunkin Donut’s iced coffee & donut f/breakfast
  • banana f/morning snack
  • Bubbalou’s BBQ pulled pork sandwich & fries f/lunch
  • plum f/afternoon snack
  • Papa John’s italian & veggie pizza (3 slices) f/dinner

Lot’s and lot’s of “eating out” occurred as you can see but I think I balanced everything pretty well considering.


UPDATE – Since I was out on Friday I was unable to post about my eats and such that day so here it is………..

Thursday, 7/15/10

My EATS for the day included:


Late Morning Snack


Afternoon Snack

Dinner was skipped this evening as I hit the Gym after work and did not get home until late.  I snacked on a small bowl of cereal and had a cherry icee.

I finally returned to my Gym (Bally Total Fitness) on Thursday after a 3+ week hidas as I was working out with my step-son at a gym near our house because he was too young to go to mine.  Though I had wanted to complete Week 6 – Day 12: Weights (Back & Biceps) and some Sit Ups prior to my scheduled 4 Mile “Build Speed With Ease” Run I didn’t due to lack of time so I just completed the run.

4 miles @ “Build Speed With Ease” (10:30)

 My Speedwork was broken out as follows:

  • Mile 1 (0 to 10 minutes) – Warm Up
    • 5 to 5.5mph
  • Mile 2 (11 to 21 minutes) – Quarter Mile Sprints
    • 5.5mph for a quarter mile
    • 6mph for a quarter mile
  • Mile 3 (22 to 33 minutes) – Quarter Mile Sprints
    • 5.5mph for a quarter mile
    • 6mph for a quarter mile
  • Mile 4 (33 to 42 minutes) – Minute Sprints & Cool Down
    • 8 minute, minute sprints
      • 6mph to 8mph
    • 1 minute, cool down
      • 5mph



20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories

Move things around

Liven up the layout of your favorite room with 30 minutes of furniture rearranging.

Hit the bull’s-eye

Spend 1 hour and 10 minutes at your favorite watering hole playing a fun game of darts with friends.

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