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Sometimes you just have…..

to have ice cream

Ice Cream


And, that is exactly what I did on Friday, 7/9/10 for lunch…….=O 

Luckily, I ate lite the rest of the day.  Just snacking on fruit and having a bowl of cereal for dinner as I made spaghetti but didn’t have enough for all 4 of us as the boys eat quite a lot of it.  

I also ran the next morning too as my step-son made plans to go and play basketball with my sister’s boyfriend at 7am in the morning so after I awoke, got him out the door, I headed out the door myself at 7:35 a.m. for my scheduled 5 mile run that ended up taking me 55 minutes in all ending at 8:25a.m. 

What a run it was that morning too! 

Since I was able to get out there bright & early I was able “beat the heat” for the most part as it was still 74 degrees outside and ended up have a REALLY GOOD run………=) 

In fact, the entire run felt very smooth and I didn’t have to fight the urge to quit much at all from what I remember.  I also didn’t have to stop walk at all either.  

There was still quite a bit of sweating involved.  My tank top was removed towards the end and I finished in just my sports bra and shorts.  Plus, I chaffed on my middle thigh area again……OUCH!  So I know I have to get some tight shorts for underneath my Nike Running Shorts for next weekend so I can avoid that from happening again. 


The rest of my weekend was spent doing the following: 

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Watched “The Crazies” on DVD rented from Blockbuster Express Box.
  • Cleaned the bathrooms.
  • Attended a 10th Birthday Party for my niece at a local skating ring.
  • Laundry
  • BBQ Pork Chops (camera battery was charging, no pictures)
  • Fell asleep while watching “Challenge”

I hope everyone had a good weekend! 


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