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Training Session #3

Got in another Training Session with my step-son on Thursday, 7/9/10 and we did the following at the gym:

Ab Exercises      

  • Bar Crunch (3 sets of 20)
  • Ball twist (3 set of 20)
  • Traditional Sit Ups (3 sets of 20)

Toning Training Plan   

DAY 9: Weights (Legs) – We did 3 sets of each.  I did 15 to 20 reps and Tori did 8 to 10 as he used slightly heavier weight them me.

  • Leg press machine
  • Squat jumps (as many as you can for 1 minute total)
  • Step ups (using dumbbells)
  • Wall squats  (hold for 30 seconds w/30 seconds rest; 3 times) – We also did side to side with a dumbell while doing these to make them slightly more difficult.  Tori does these for football but not with the “side to side” action and he found that much more difficult.

16-Week 15K Training Plan

4 miles @ 44:00

Tori went out to the pool to swim with my daughter while I ran. 

I honestly wasn’t feeling like running for so long yesterday at all but once I passed the 1st mile I started to fill better and upped my pace that started at 5.2mph and ended at 6mph.  =)  Also, I kinda like having a t.v. all to myself while working out at my mother-in-laws condo gym as I can watch whatever I want unlike at my gym.  And, of course I watch my favorite t.v. channel……..The Food NetworkI know, I know it seems strange to watch “food” while working out but it honestly doesn’t bother me to do so and I love all the shows so much……just hoping one day I can start to make some of the great things I see on there.

Off to figure out what is for dinner.  I’ll try to get back on track with my “daily eats” next week as I know I have been slacking lately on that………..HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

  1. July 10, 2010 at 11:36 am

    I almost always feel better after that first mile of running. It’s getting into the run that’s usually the hardest part. 😉 Great job on your run! 😀

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