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4th of July Weekend


As for most I had a long 4th of July Weekend and I hope that you enjoyed your time off with friends and family as much as I did mine! 

Let’s review things starting on Friday, 7/2/10.  I explained in my Quick Update post that day that I took my step-son, Tori, to the gym that afternoon.  

 Afterwards we headed to Tijuana Flats for lunch and I had the below: 

Blackened Chicken Taco Salad

And, yes it was as GOOD as it looks!   =) 

Later that evening after doing a little shopping and picking my daughter up from summer camp the kids (my daughter & step-son) went swimming and I lucky enough to have remembered my camera so I took a few snap shots of them playing in the pool


The were pretty popped after all that playing, so we went home and vegged out the rest of the night.  Oh and we sort of fended for ourselves for dinner.  I had a bowl of KIX cereal myself. 

After waking on Saturday, 7/3/10 I got cracking on cleaning the bathrooms and tidying up the house a little bit.  I didn’t do a “full clean job” as I did the weekend before but the restrooms always need a weekly cleaning of course. 

Than I had to head to the grocery store as the fridge and pantry were both pretty empty.  Upon departing I bumped into my mother-in-law and invited her over for steak that we planned on grilling, she of course accepted as it is one of her favorites and she cannot grill in her condo complex.

Steak, Loaded Sweet Potato, Aspargus & Corn

It was really nice to have everyone (my brother-in-law visited as well but didn’t eat) over to our house for dinner, espically since it was our first time entertaining in our new digs and everyone (my husband & mother-in-law) have to work on the 4th of July.

My 4th of July (Sunday, 7/4/10) begun with a 4 mile run that took 46 minutes to complete outside at 8:50a.m. to 9:36a.m. on what was a most cloudy, slightly cool breezy, 81 degree morning.

Once I was back home and drenched in sweat despite the slightly cooler weather I had breakfast as I was starving.

Orange Juice, Multi-Grain Cheerios & a Banana

I only did a little snacking throughout the day as I was saving my appetite for this………

4th of July Food Spread

and these……..

Cup Cakes

plus these……..

Grandma's Famous Mint Brownies

……..I also had 1/2 a cheeseburger and some really good potoate salad my cousin’s girl friend made that I forgot to photograph.

Food wasn’t the only thing that was enjoyed on the 4th of July!  We also played in the pool………

Laughed, talked and took pictures………

My nephew, daughter & niece.

And, of course did fireworks……….

We had a few afternoon and evening of fun that lasted until 11:00p.m. at night, so as you can imagine we were beat by the time we got home.

I slept in on Monday, 7/5/10!  Though it was only until 9am as I honestly have a hard time sleeping longer than that because something just clicks inside and says “hey wake up, you have this and that and this and that to do today”……….does that happen to you!?!?!

My day was spent making breafkast for the kids, then going to see the movie “The Last Airbender” with the kids and my mom, which was really good and I highly recommend it, and than lots of cooking.

I made the following for dinner on Tuesday night after the gym as it is always better the next day.

Montreal Red Chicken

Than I made the following for dinner, as you just can’t celebrate a Summer Holiday without RIBS!  =)

Ribs, Corn & Baked Potato

Well I  hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend (if you had one like me) and the 4th of July!  Overall, I didn’t do horrible with my eats and the scale pretty much stayed the same most of the weekend.  Though I must admit I did not weigh myself this morning so we will see what it says tomorrow.  =O


P.S.  I was thinking earlier how it would be fun to post pictures from my blog viewers so please shot me an email at findingahealthybalance@hotmail.com with some pictures of your EATS that I can share with everyone!?!?!

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