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My Favorite Salad!

My Favorite Salad!

It is hard to choose just ONE favorite salad, however since I have pretty much-loved this particular since I was in highschool so I can honestly say it is my favorite salad!

My favorite salad contains the following:

  • romaine lettuce
  • carrots
  • cuccumber
  • celery
  • cherry tomoatoes
  • boiled diced egg
  • garbanzo beans
  • shredded cheese
  • sunflower seeds
  • croutons
  • ranch dressing

Sometimes I will add chicken, however with the egg & garbanzo beans there is more then enough protein in this salad for me without it.

Why is this my favorite salad you may ask???

Basically because I just love the TASTE & TEXTURE of it! 

Now, I love almost all “gourmet” salads as I call them.  I would have to say my 2nd favorite is bbq chicken salad and my 3rd favorite is taco/mexican salad.

What is your favorite salad!?!?!


Prior to having my salad yesterday, Thursday, I had the following for breakfast.


I also snacked on a peach in the afternoon but my camera battery died so no picture.  And, dinner was not had last night…….instead I munched on 150 calorie popcorn, a mango 100 calorie icee and nibbled on the taco fixings while I made some for my hubby.


Last night at the GYM I did the following from my training schedules:

Ab Exercises      

*I did 3 sets of 25 reps each.  

Toning Training Plan    

Day 16: Weights (Shoulders, Chest & Triceps) – I did 3 sets of each, 12-20 reps each.

16-Week 15K Training Plan

4 miles @ 12:00



20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories

Sing, laugh, repeat

Settle in for an hour of Glee and participate by belting out those lyrics; you’ll burn more if you do it standing, chorus style. When it’s your turn to rest your chops, laugh. Singing zaps 136 calories an hour, and 20 minutes of giggling torches another 67.

Bypass the boob tube

A 2-hour game of Scrabble will make you smarter and 200 calories thinner.

New Dishes (Recipes)

Well I bet you all are surprised to see that I have finally made some new dishes (recipes), I know I am!  =)

Introducing new dish (recipe) #1:  

Avocado Black Bean Salad Recipe

I had this salad for lunch on Monday and Tuesday.   


This salad was very good (taste wise & for you) and refreshing!  

I highly recommend it due to taste, ease of preparation and the fact that it is a good source of……… 

  • Fiber (black beans) – keeps your digestive system clear.
  • Good Fat (avocado) – monounsaturated fat is believed to lower cholesterol.
  • Vitamins (cherry tomatoes) – vitamins a & c, calcium and potassium.

And, now for new dish (recipe) #2 courtesy of Curtis Stone…..Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla with Avocado!  

I made this last night for dinner.  

Dinner Prep1

Dinner Prep2


This dish (recipe) was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!   

Both my husband & I loved the depth of flavor of this dish and I will be making it again in the near future.  

However, it was a little on the “spicy side” for my taste buds, even with cheese & sour cream, and for my husband as well who had it without cheese & sour cream……so next time I will be using only 1/2 the chipotle chilli’s in the recipe.   

Also, I did not “shred” the suggested 3 cups coarsely shredded roasted chicken breast and I also did not “pre-cook” it.  I took 3 skinless boneless pieces of raw chicken breast, cut them up into small strips and added them to the sauce while cooking…… seen in the above picture named Dinner Prep2.  

And, I added a bit more honey then it called for to make it a little sweeter.


My EATS, aside from the above, included the following on: 





*I did not have dinner on Monday night as I got home from the gym pretty late, so I just munched on cherries and had an icee. 





In light of my Dad’s work schedule changing I had to modify my 16-Week 15K Training Plan as he picks up my daughter once a week from Summer Camp (or school depending on the time of year) and takes her to dinner so I can hit the gym after work.  

So this week I will be working out on Monday, Thursday & Saturday and then for 3 Weeks after that I will be working out on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

I did the following while at the GYM on Monday night after work: 

Ab Exercises       

Toning Training Plan    

Day 15: Weights (Back & Biceps) – I did 2 to 3 sets of each, with 10-15 reps each. 

*Please note that I have also updated my Toning Training Plan, however not do to my Dad’s schedule but do the fact that I will be increasing my mileage a lot over the next 8 weeks (8 miles, 9 miles, 10 miles, etc.) and feel that doing LEG Toning right now would make my legs tired/sore during these runs and adversely affect them. 

16-Week 15K Training Plan

4 miles @ 12:00

It took me exactly 48 minutes to run 4 miles @ a 12:00 pace, which is supposed to be an EASY RUN and was not difficult by any means but as I have said before it just feels tougher for me to run “slower” now on the treadmill (not outside) so the run did not feel easy to me.  As I felt like I needed to run faster most of the run and also felt more tired towards the end then usual.  Though this may have been due to the fact that I ran 7 miles two days before so I only had one days rest inbetween.



20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories






Bat a birdie around

Challenge partygoers to a friendly game of badminton and burn about 200 calories in 40 minutes.

Act out

Help your guests burn off even more of that barbecue fare by leading them in an hour of charades.

What a FULL…….

………..weekend I had on all levels, due to the following:  

  • Ate a lot! 
  • Long Run (7 Miles)
  • Grocery shopping and more……..
  • Spring Summer cleaning!
  • Loads of laundry…..

Let’s begin with Friday, 7/23/10

It was a crazy day at work but good on the EATS department, good in the sense of “tasting good” not really being “good for me”. 




In case you are wondering………the above is a BBQ Chicken Pizza from Pizza Xtreme and it is as good as it looks!  =)  In fact, it is my favorite pizza of all time.  All their ingredients are so fresh and their crust is cornmeal, which I had never had until I ate this.  

I have not had one of their pizza’s in over a year as honestly though I love them I try to avoid eating them because I can’t help but eat the entire pizza myself……good thing they come in “individual sizes”…… I don’t go often but when I do I enjoy it to the fullest as I did on Friday night!  =) 

On to Saturday, 7/24/10

I woke up bright and early on this morning at 7am………then I went back to bed for an hour and finally got up at 8am to go for my scheduled Long Run (7 Miles)!  And, then I didn’t get out the door until after 8:30am.  Luckily, it was only 79 degrees outside that late in the morning.  I started my run officially at 8:35am and finished at 9:57am……….a total of 82 minutes (an hour and 22 minutes) in all.  

Overall, it was a “really nice” run!  It was hot out but not too hot as the sun was shielded by clouds or trees part of the run and there was also a nice breeze at times.  Of course, that did not mean I didn’t sweat my pants off as I literally did not because my shorts were socked by the end of my run.  I think this was the first Long Run I have done that actually felt really good.  I only took 2 walking breaks for 2 minutes exactly each time.  

The only bad part of the run was after I got home and mapped my run on and realized I was shy of 7 Miles exactly by .2 miles so I only ran 6.8 Miles in all……….=(……..but that is close enough in my book.  

After showering I had a breakfast before heading to Walmart to do some grocery/household shopping


I was going to head straight to Publix after Walmart to buy my meats and such that I don’t like to buy at Walmart but we (my daughter & I) ended up going out to eat at  CRAVE a new restaurant by the mall with my Mom. 

I had their Savory Chicken Chop Chop Salad that has chicken breast, golden raisins, apples, grapes, pine nuts, smoked Gouda, blue cheese and honey vinaigrette in it. 

Then I had a banana cream pie Crave Miniature Dessert that was YUMMY!  =) 

It was really nice to get together with my Mom and have lunch as we rarely get to these days with both our “busy schedules”…..=)  


Once we departed the restaurant my daughter headed home with my Mom to play with her cousins who would be coming over later and I headed to Publix finally to finish my shopping for the day. 

And, I arrived home just a little before the hubby did so we were able to cook grill dinner together.  We had T-Bone Steaks as they were on sale for $7.99 a pound instead of $10.99 a pound. 


Since we had the house pretty much all to ourselves the rest of the night as the little one went to the movies we curled up on the couch and watched “Silent Hill” for the 2nd time and were again once again scared.  The movie is very well done but freaky! 

And, then it was Sunday, 7/25/10…………or a/k/a Summer Spring Cleaning Day!   

Prior to starting on my cleaning day I made a huge pancake breakfast. 


I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon cleaning the following: 

  • bathrooms
  • dusting
  • mopping
  • vacuuming
  • wiping down appliances

I then did loads of laundry while doing the above and a little after as all the “bedding” needed to be done. 

During lunch time I made one of my hubby’s favorites, Chicken BLT Sandwich. 


I snacked on some frozen blueberries throughout the day.  If you have never had them, do yourself a favor and do……they are SO GOOD. 


All the chores were completed by mid-afternoon so I was able to relax the rest of the day and to my surprise the hubby took us out for dinner at Back Yard Burger, YUM!  

I had a cheeseburger with seasoned fries and a strawberry lemonade…..=) 

The night ended with me falling asleep on the couch watching Challenge



20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories



Throw a barbecue, but first vacuum, sweep the patio, and straighten up. 


Hit the market

Buy groceries for your fete (45 minutes of cart-pushing burns 117 calories), carry them inside (5 minutes of schlepping them up stairs burns 43), and put them away (40 calories in 14 minutes).

Drip, Drip, Drip

………is what was occuring after my pretty speedy 4 Mile Run yesterday that I completed in 42+ Minutes. 

The sweat was literally DRIPPING off my forehead and I was soaked from head to to as well, YUCK!  =O

Prior to my run I completed the following at the GYM:

Ab Exercises      

  • Russian Twist (2 sets of 20)
  • Seated leg tuck off bench (2 sets of 20)
  • Stability ball crunch (2 sets of 15)

Toning Training Plan   

Day 14:  Weights (Shoulders Chest & Triceps) – I did 2 sets of 15-20 reps of each of the below moves, except for the “Diamond Pushups” that were pretty challenging for me so I only did 8 reps of those.


My EATS were pretty on point yesterday, in fact I didn’t have any “meat” at all……my only protein sources were milk, yogurt & peanut butter.


Yogurt, Blueberries & Granola


Whole-wheat toast w/peanut butter, veggies & 1/2 an apple


Frosted Shredded Wheat w/2% Milk


Cherry Real Italian Icee

I was so busy yesterday that I barely had time to eat, if you can’t tell by the above………guess that isn’t such a bad thing as the “scale” rewarded me this morning with a very low number, but I am sure I will go up over the weekend as I always do.

I don’t have much planned for the weekend besides some chores (grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc.) and lot of running (2 miles tonight and 7 miles on Sunday) so I am looking foward to hoping getting some down time or time at the pool……….have a great weekend everyone! =)



20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories







Throw a barbecue, but first vacuum, sweep the patio, and straighten up.

It begins soon…..

………..the Florida’s Best Running Series that is on August 14th!  =) 

See Florida’s race season doesn’t begin in the Spring like most of the country it begins in the Fall, well the end of Summer if you want to be exact. 

How do I now this you may ask? 

Because the Track Shack – 2010 to 2011 Event Guide arrived in the mail today………….. 


……..and I was so happy to see to advertisements for the Miracle Miles 15K that I am currently training for on the back of the guide. 


I am SO excited!!!  I have run in the race for the past 2 years but in the 5K that they also have on the same day, not the 15K.  Not the 15K that I have been wanting to run for the past 2 years.  

  • Year 1  (2008) I was not ready by any means to run the 15K, as I a hard time finishing the 5K as it was.  It took me 38 minutes.  See it was one of the 1st races I had run in and I also had not been running outside on a regular basis so I was just not ready for an outside race in the hight of Florida hot & humid season.
  • Year 2 (2009) – I ran the 5K much stronger the 2nd year and it only took me 33 minutes that time, that is 5 minutes faster than the 1st time I ran.  The reason, I was much more prepared.  I spent the year, 2008 to 2009, running outside more so I could become more accustomed to it and as you can see in my time it worked.  However, I had yet to run any “real” long distance at that point so I was not ready to run the 15K by any means.

BUT, Year 3 (2010) is the year!!!  I am so excited now, I can’t wait to finish my 16-Week 15K Training Plan now.  

No fear, not even of the double-digit runs I have scheduled towards the end of my run as one of my followers, Jenny, so kindly said yesterday “You have great determination so you will be able to do it, I’m sure“!!!  And, I believe her.  Because as she also said……..”It is harder to THINK about the run than to actually DO the run“!  So true, running is very mental.  It is amazing what your body can do once you mind convinces you to do it. 

The Track Shack always puts lots of TIPS for runners in the Event Guides, like “Goal Setting”  that I found in this edition. 


 Here my EATS for the day……….. 


 Lunch was a 1/2 a turkey, cheese and cranberry mayo sandwich on whole-grain with an 8oz cup of Torita soup


Dinner was a baked pork chop with broccoli and cheese, a little white rice and apple sauce


Dessert was a cherry italian icee.  A recent “addiction” of mine, I have been eating one every night for 2 weeks……good thing they are fat-free and only have a 100 calories. 

Sorry, for posting so late!  I started a new assignment at work today and did not get a lunch break, in fact I almost forgot to eat……luckily my stomach reminded me with many growls.  =O 

Have a good night (morning, afternoon or evening)!

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Daily Eats

As promised here are my recent daily eats……..

MONDAY, 7/19/10


Blueberry Instant Oatmeal w/Lots of Fresh Blueberries

 Late Morning Snack:

Grapes, Toasted Breakfast Bread w/Peanut Butter


Veggie Salad w/Cheese & Ranch Dressing


Taco Salad w/Rice, Corn & Crushed Up Taco Shell

TUESDAY, 7/20/10 eats will be missed, well I did eat but the camera battery was dead in the a.m. when I left and I didn’t have time to charge it before I left for work so I don’t have any pictures of them basically……….

However, pictures are not needed to tell you what I did at the gym last night.  I am happy to report that I completed the following:

Ab Exercises      

Toning Training Plan   

Day 12: Weights (Back & Biceps) – I did 3 sets of each, 10-20 reps depending on the move.

16-Week 15K Training Plan

2 miles @ 21:00

My training plan called for a 12 minute mile on the Easy “2 Mile” Run I did last night, however as mentioned before I have a hard time running that slow (on the treadmill, outside in the Summer Heat no problem) so I ran faster completing the 2 Miles in 21 minutes insteat of 24, which means I ran a 10:30 minute mile……..though I didn’t run that fast the entire time. 

Basically I started at 5.2mph then upped the mileage every few minutes or so until I ended with a SUPER FAST pace run at 8.5mph (7:30 minute mile page) to end things, which felt great but was hard at the very very end as I haven’t even ran that fast in my life.  I could literally feel my shoes wanting to come off the treadmill.  =O



20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories






Make over your casa

Give your living room a fresh hue. Rolling on a new coat of paint burns 204 calories an hour.

Week 7

It is official, I am into Week 7!  =)

That means I am 6 weeks down and have 10 weeks to go…….on my 16-Week 15K Training Plan.

So far so good. 

I have had to make a few adjustments to the training plan. 

Mainly adjusting some of the per miles times as the original times were a bit to slow for me and I found it difficult to run that slow (12:00 per mile, except outside that is when I typically run slower, especially in Summer).  And, I also adjusted some of the long runs slightly to account for a run that I at the beginning of the plan.  But I will still be ending with a 12 mile run in the end before race day.

Overall, though I think I should be able to succeed at completing this training plan if all goes well. 

YES, I am nervous about the longer runs to come but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it and I also plan to do what they call the “Galloway Method” invented by Jeff Galloway or a/k/a the run/walk/run method in which you basically run for a mile or 10 minutes, then walk for 1-2 minutes, etc. 

This gives you time to catch your breath, cool down and “most important” let your running muscles rest. 

Many marathon runners use this method, running a mile then walking for 30 seconds to a minute and so forth, in order to keep themselves rested and their running steady throughout the entire race.   So I plan to do the same on my Long Runs!

Both of my Ab Exercises and Toning Training Plans are going good as well! 

I am really enjoying all the different moves on both as they are not only different but challenging as well, which is always good to have in your workouts as it keeps your muscles guessing. 

Just wanted to give you a heads up (update) on my progress and thoughts so far into all my plans.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some of my EATS and what I did at the GYM tonight, have a good one………..=)

6 in 66

On Sunday, 7/18/10 I ran 6 in 66, 6 miles in 66 minutes (11 minute miles)!  =)

Seeing as my last “6 mile run” a few weeks ago that I posed about under LOTS OF SWEAT was a challenge to complete and took me a total of 75 minutes to complete I was thrilled to complete yesterday’s run in 66 minutes as you can imagine.

I still sweat quite a bit but nothing like last time.  As there was a cool breeze out and several clouds that covered the blazing sun most of my run, which allowed me to run much faster then last time as you can see above……….9 minutes faster

However, the run was by no means “easy”, just easier than last time.  I still had to push myself, especially on the way back home and during the last mile when I tried to run faster towards the end I had to keep repeating to myself “you can do it, only a mile left“.

This weekend I am scheduled to run 7 miles, so let’s see if I can do it in 77 minutes…….though I think that might be hard to achieve I will give it my best shot.

OH, I almost forgot to tell you that I had no chaffing at all during my run this time because I put on below on my problem areas (inner thighs) and IT WORKED!!! 

Cocoa Butter

The idea came to me as I was heading out the door, so I hurried and put some on and felt no pain the entire run……… no need to buy tight shorts for underneath my running shorts now.


Prior to my run on Sunday I had a piece of breakfast bread and some water for my Pre-Run Breakfast.

Pre-Run Breakfast

Upon my return I showered and then had a bowl of frosted mini-wheats and a banana as a Late Morning Breakfast.

Late Morning Breakfast

The grocery store beckoned after as I did not get a chance to go on Saturday as I was in a class all day Friday, 7/16/10 & Saturday, 7/17/10 for work from 8am to 6pm each day.  So all my weekend chores had to occur on Sunday. 

Upon my return from the store I had a plate of toasted breakfast bread with fruit for Lunch.


I then did some laundry, hit the pool with my daughter for a little while and came home and took an hour nap before dinner had to be attended too.

We had pot roast with cabbage, potatoes and carrots for Dinner.


And, a bowl of cherries were for Dessert.



Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of my EATS from Friday & Saturday due to the above mentioned class I took for work. 

However, I can give you a run down of what I ate below:

Friday, 7/16/10

  • blueberry muffin f/breakfast
  • banana f/morning snack
  • Chipotle burrito bowl with pork f/lunch
  • Fiber One granola bar f/afternoon snack
  • Wendy’s taco salad f/dinner

Saturday, 7/17/10

  • Dunkin Donut’s iced coffee & donut f/breakfast
  • banana f/morning snack
  • Bubbalou’s BBQ pulled pork sandwich & fries f/lunch
  • plum f/afternoon snack
  • Papa John’s italian & veggie pizza (3 slices) f/dinner

Lot’s and lot’s of “eating out” occurred as you can see but I think I balanced everything pretty well considering.


UPDATE – Since I was out on Friday I was unable to post about my eats and such that day so here it is………..

Thursday, 7/15/10

My EATS for the day included:


Late Morning Snack


Afternoon Snack

Dinner was skipped this evening as I hit the Gym after work and did not get home until late.  I snacked on a small bowl of cereal and had a cherry icee.

I finally returned to my Gym (Bally Total Fitness) on Thursday after a 3+ week hidas as I was working out with my step-son at a gym near our house because he was too young to go to mine.  Though I had wanted to complete Week 6 – Day 12: Weights (Back & Biceps) and some Sit Ups prior to my scheduled 4 Mile “Build Speed With Ease” Run I didn’t due to lack of time so I just completed the run.

4 miles @ “Build Speed With Ease” (10:30)

 My Speedwork was broken out as follows:

  • Mile 1 (0 to 10 minutes) – Warm Up
    • 5 to 5.5mph
  • Mile 2 (11 to 21 minutes) – Quarter Mile Sprints
    • 5.5mph for a quarter mile
    • 6mph for a quarter mile
  • Mile 3 (22 to 33 minutes) – Quarter Mile Sprints
    • 5.5mph for a quarter mile
    • 6mph for a quarter mile
  • Mile 4 (33 to 42 minutes) – Minute Sprints & Cool Down
    • 8 minute, minute sprints
      • 6mph to 8mph
    • 1 minute, cool down
      • 5mph



20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories

Move things around

Liven up the layout of your favorite room with 30 minutes of furniture rearranging.

Hit the bull’s-eye

Spend 1 hour and 10 minutes at your favorite watering hole playing a fun game of darts with friends.

Quiznos Subs


Even though I absolutely love Quiznos Subs I rarely get to eat them anymore as they closed all the shops around my house and work.  =( 

Luckily, yesterday when I was dropping off my step-son at the airport I noticed there was one in the food court when I got lunch for him before his plane departed so I promptly headed over to order my favorite sub…………a Classic Italian for me! 

Classic Italian

It has the following ingredients on it: 

  • ham
  • salami
  • pepperoni
  • capicola
  • mozzarella
  • black olives
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • pickles
  • mayo
  • red wine vinaigrette

And, is on 9 grain artisan wheat bread.  

In the past I could eat a “regular” and have room for more, however these days I think my stomach has shrunk as I was full after eating only 1/2 of it so I ended up throwing out some to my dismay.  As, I enjoyed every bite to the fullest, YUM! 

Oh, Quiznos please build more franchises by me again…….you used to have several all around, now none, NO FAIR!  =( 

Prior to lunch I had the following for breakfast

Banana Oatmeal

And, then I had the following as a late afternoon snack. 

Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream w/Bananas & Blueberries

Yes, ice cream has been featured a lot lately and for some reason I thought if I added “fruit” it wouldn’t be so bad but of course we know the answer to that alread………NOT……..however I don’t care I steal had some so there!  =O 

After work I had to go to the Eye Doctor to get my eye’s dilated as I couldn’t during my original visit because I had to go to work afterwards. 


Can I just say “I HATE GETTING MY EYES DIALATED”, especially if you have to drive in the bright sun afterwards……..=(  

While waiting for the doctor I read that latest issue of Health Magazine and saw the following two things I just had to share with you all and myself………. 

Black Bean Tacos Recipe

 I am going to try these in the near future for lunches at work as they are easily put together so all I will have to do is bring all the stuff to work on Monday and I have lunches for the week. 

Clip Those Bat Wings

 I have been doing this move or variations of it for years and can attest that IT WORKS!   

Believe me after losing 100+ pounds I had very bad “bat wings” and this move helped get rid of them.   

I do then every week if I can. 

And, in light of the my high calorie/fatty afternoon snack at work I tried to eat pretty healthy at dinner by having the below. 

Chicken, Sweet Potato & Green Beans

Later in the evening I had the following, because I was hungry and just ate whatever I could find….. 

  • a small bowl of Reese’s cereal with 2% milk
  • handfull of honey roasted peanuts
  • cherry italian icee

I was able to AVOID the chocolate luckily!  =) 

The rest of my evening was spent watching silly programs as I was able to get dinner done and on the table by 7pm, usually don’t until 8pm or later with my schedule so it was a nice change to have time to laze around a bit and also have the T.V. all to myself as the hubby was off riding his motorcycle and the little one was play video games. 


 20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories 






Work out, then make out

Hit the gym with your mate for a healthy dose of exercise—you burn about 100 calories in 30 minutes of weightlifting—then dive between the sheets and torch another 100 with an hour of foreplay and vigorous sex. 

Next: Move things around 

Veggies For A Day!

So after almost a month+ of not so healthy eating and a week+ of feeling very bloated and fat I decided to try to cleanse my system a bit and only eat veggies for a day!   


Plus, lots of fruit as well!

Honestly, I would love to do it for longer than a day and I will strive to do so in the future but I by no means plan to become a “Vegetarian” as I just love meat too much!  

Being a  mid-west girl, born & raised in Colorado, I was brought up on the meat and would find it pretty difficult to go without it for a long period of time.  Especially, cheeseburgers, steaks, ribs, pulled pork and more, YUM!   

However, I know that even though we get many of our vitamins and minerals from meat that it is also loaded with many so healthy things as well.  So taking a break from it isn’t a bad thing, which is exactly what I did on Tuesday, 7/13/10 as you can see from my EATS below: 


Morning Snack

Early Afternoon Snack



I also had a Luigi’s Cherry Italian Icee for dessert and a handful of honey roasted peanuts after that while watching a movie with the family because eating veggies only may be good for you but it isn’t very “filling” at all so I found myself having to eat often.  At least I kept it healthy!

After work I was scheduled to hit the GYM but that didn’t happen, in fact I haven’t been to my regular gym, Bally Total Fitness, in almost a month. 

Ever since my step-son came to visit as I have been hitting my mother-in-laws condo gym with him after work and was planning to last night as well but didn’t feel like going as he was down because he flew out today so I hit the pavement for a 2+ mile run in 25 minutes.

Despite the fact that it was in the mid-90’s outside my run went well and I tried to run it faster then I normally due on my outside runs since I wasn’t running a long time.  I believe I did just under 2 and 1/2 miles so fininshing that distance in 25 minutes means I was running close to a 10 minute mile!  =)

The rest of my even was spent showering, making dinner, doing laundry and watching a movie with the family before I finally hit the pillow after mid-night, which was way to late for me and I totally felt it today as I woke up with a splitting headache that is still lingering now 8+ hours later.  =(

Unfortunatelly, today is also a sad day as my step-son had to return home after visiting us for almost a month.  I was lucky enough to get a picture with him before we headed to the airport though, the 1st and last one on this visit.

My Step-Son & Me!

Isn’t he adorable!?!?!  And, taller then me too at 15 years old!  Which, I know my daughter will soon be as well as I am only 5 foot 5 inches.

We can’t wait to see  him again soon and will miss him so much! 

He is such a great kid (young man) and I loved having him here as did my daughter who looked up to him so much and wanted to hang around him all the time.  That of course got on his nerves a bit but I know he cares about her as I could see it on many occasions though he tries not to show it.


Well I guess it is about time I get back to my Tips Of The Day so here it goes………..

20 Ways to Torch 200 Calories

Get in shape without working out

By Susan Hall

Staying slim doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. We found 20 easy ways to burn calories that don’t require a trip to fitness boot camp.

Cut a rug

Invite some pals over, turn on some tunes, and have a 37-minute dance party. You know you haven’t forgotten the Macarena.

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