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So my Wrong Way day that I posted about last week pretty much continued for me throughout the weekend due to the following that occurred:

  • Car wouldn’t start and had to put it in the shop to get a new starter!
  • Both our cable & internet went out “again” (3rd time since we moved) and we had to get Bright House Networks out to the house to get it working!
  • Toilet started running continuously and had to call a plumber out!

However, I am not going to let the above get me down for too long and I am now vowing to start heading the Right Way as of today! 

So please bare with me as I do that as my hands are pretty full with the above and I do not have enough time to do a “full” post today, but I promise to return tomorrow with a full post that will include my new 16-Week 15K & Toning Training Plan that I am starting this week and details about my New Do as well.

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