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Crazy Day

Not exactly the kind of crazy that would put you in the above, I just thought it was a cute picture

The kind of  crazy day that “drama” seems to occur throughout the entire day.  Luckily, it was mainly at work and not personal drama as I hate drama.  Also, I wasn’t involved directly so that was good.  It was just all around me……..=O

And, wouldn’t you know it my camera battery was dead when I went to take a picture of my breakfast!  I know no surprise there as it always seems to be dead.  =(

However, I remembered had my cell phone camera so I took pictures with that but of course the mega pixels aren’t the best so don’t expect great pictures now.


Breakfast was my always on hand instant maple brown sugar oatmeal with diced apple and cinnamon mixed in.


Lunch was super yummy and something NEW!  =) 

I made a Boar’s Head ovengold turkey, white american cheese on Publix whole-grain bread with honey mustard and sliced apples sandwich that I then put in the toaster over for a few minutes so it could melted and toasted.  And, then I also had a small side of baby carrots.

I got the idea for this sandwich from a local restaurant that I love called Press 101 Sandwhich & Wine Bar who serves the most amazing pressed sandwhiches, in which I love the following one and eat it all the time.

Turkey and Brie

Smoked turkey, granny smith apples, brie cheese and honey mustard on ciabatta bread.

It is as good as it sounds!  I tried to memick the best I could and made a few subsititions as I can’t really afford “brie” and I used whole-grain bread instead of “ciabatta”.


Pork chops, white rice and corn on the cop were on the dinner menu tonight.  Not my favorite but the hubby and little one like them, so I make it.



Go Hard Core: 5 Ab Exercises for a Faster Run

Get a whittle faster. In a study, runners who did these moves four times weekly shaved a minute off their 5K times in six weeks. Try two sets of 12 reps each.





Ball Crunch

Lie faceup on a stability ball, knees bent 90 degrees, feet on floor. Put hands behind head with elbows out to sides and crunch up, then lower.

Next: Hip Raise

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