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That is pretty much how I felt most of the day as I am still recovering from yesterday’s run (6.3 miles) in which I didn’t properly fuel before and after my run and paid for it ever since!  =(  

Luckily, just before quitting time I started to get my energy back and was feeling back to normal.  =)  

However, I must admit that I know I would have bounced back sooner if it wasn’t for the fact that I ate the below around 10am…….=O  

Carrot Cake

My boss brought in a HUGE chunk of left over birthday cake from her husband’s party over the weekend and of course it just had to be my favorite Publix Carrot Cake!   

So I had a piece of course, which paid for the rest of the afternoon by feeling VERY TIRED!  My boss said the same after she had a piece herself.  I think that shows you just how badly your body can react to a sugar overload.  

Do you ever feel “bad” after eating too much sugar?  Or fatty foods like fried chicken, fast food, etc?  

We were talking about how eating “bad” foods (those high in sugar or fat) affect us (my boss & I) and I also noticed a few health bloggers I follow mentioning it as well yesterday so it has been on my mind.  I know that I never noticed this in the PAST (pre-weight loss & running regularly), but that I really notice now how what I eat affects me 

At first it was in reference to running 

For instance, I noticed how badly I would run the day after I did not eat so “healthy” and then how good I would run after I did eat healthy.  It was quite a difference in fact.  When I ate unhealthy my runs were more difficult because I just did not have the energy I did when I ate healthy and I ran poorly (bad form, slower pace, had difficultly breathing and finding energy to run more than a mile) cause of it!   

I then also started to notice how my eating habits affected me outside of running and the gym.  How, I would be more tired and have less energy when I ate poorly at work and home.  It also would affect my “mood” a great deal as well.  I found that I just feel better overall when I eat healthy! 

Of course we have been told the importance of eating healthy since we were children but until recently I did pay it as much attention.  I am glad I do now and that I can teach this to my daughter.  I want her to know that eating healthy and exercising is more than just so you look good it is so that you feel good as well, plus it keeps you healthier overall (inside & out)!


Prior to eating CAKE I did have a “healthy” breakfast of Multi-Grain Cheerios with 2% milk and sliced strawberries & bananas with a glass of orange juice on the side.


Lunch was pretty good as well.  I had leftover Chicken Enchiladas that my mom gave me that were SUPER YUMMY and baby carrots.


Than there was dinner, which I tried my best to keep as healthy as possible and eat in moderation.  Though I have to admit I wanted 2 taco’s instead of the 1 I ate. 


I did take 2 small bites of the Publix Cookies & Cream Icecream that we still have in the refridgerator and about 2 handfulls of the Publix Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels as well after dinner. 

I wanted more but I STOPPED!  =)



Food Court Survival Guide






Best Choice: Turkey and Swiss Sandwich with mayo

Many Starbucks stores offer nutritionally-sound snack and meal options. Their Turkey and Swiss Sandwich with mayo will fuel your shopping trip without weighing you down. This sandwich has 390 calories, 13g fat (4.5g saturated), and 34g protein. Need a caffeine pick-me-up too? Add a tall skinny latte for just 100 calories, and you’ll meet 35 percent of your daily calcium needs, too.

NextTaco Bell

  1. April 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    YES! I always feel bad after having too much sugar. Sugar has always been my downfall. I try hard to limit my sugar intake, but I “fall off the wagon” sometimes and it sucks!

  2. Jenny
    April 29, 2010 at 12:28 am

    Congrats on the fast miles!! I just got back from a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean and although I had a wonderful time, I am ready to get back to reality, esp in the eating department. Oh-and happy birthday to Peanut!! She is so cute!!

  3. Jenny
    April 30, 2010 at 1:31 am

    Yeah-being away from the computer and phones was a huge change. IT was nice to have the separation but I missed my bloggies!!

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