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1st Splint

My daughter & her 1st Splint!

My daughter received her 1st Splint yesterday as you can see above! 

While playing after school on Wednesday, 4/21/10 she attempted to hit a ball that her friend spiked to her and the ball hit her pinkie straight on pushing it down and backwards.  At first we thought it was just sprained, especially since she wasn’t in too much pain (unless you touched the finger of course).  

However, upon inspection the next morning we noticed that the swelling had not gone down and it the middle part of the finger was black & blue.  So we took her doctor, who referred us to Orthopedic as she could not say for sure if there might be a fracture and suggested we get an x-ray of the finger.  2+ hours later we were viewing her x-rayed finger on the screen and saw a tiny hairline fracture in the first joint of her pinkie finger.  The doctor suggested my daughter have a full hand splint for 3 days and then she could downsize to a smaller “finger only” splint after for 2 weeks. 

Amazing how a simple game of ball can lead to all that…..thus why my husband is always telling his son and our daughter to be careful out there because you never know what can happen!  As he knows from lots of experience in his own childhood, which he has several broken bones/fractures and scars to prove it.  Unlike me who has yet to break/fracture a bone (knock on wood), nor do I have many scars from my childhood. 

Did you hurt yourself a lot as a kid!?!?  If so how??? 


I a little behind in light of the above so I am going to give you a quick run through of my EATS on the below days: 

WEDNESDAY, 4/21/10  





THURSDAY, 4/22/10 





*I also had a small bowl of cookies & cream ice cream that I bought for my daughter.  It isn’t my favorite so I thought I could avoid eating it, however while making her a bowl I tried a spoonful and the rest of history…… 


Usually, I hit the gym Thursday night after work, however I was VERY exhausted so I decided to head straight home after work instead.  I spoke to my hubby about this before hand as I was feeling guilty of course and was happy to hear him say he thought it was best (believe me he would tell me to go if he didn’t think it was a good idea to miss the gym or thought I could do it). 

So I went home and had a very nice relaxful evening and woke up feeling “refreshed” this morning!  =) 



  Food Court Survival Guide





Panda Express

Best Choice: Mushroom Chicken entrée with Veggie Side

Panda Express offers several “Wok Smart” entrée and appetizer selections that have less than 250 calories per serving. The Mushroom Chicken entrée totals just 180 calories, 10g fat (2g saturated fat), and 14g protein. Boost your vegetable intake but add only 70 calories and .5g fat with the veggie side dish.


  1. April 23, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    I hope her paw is ok! 🙂

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