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Lunch w/Laura….

My good friend Laura!

…..no NOT me, Laura, my good friend Laura! =) 

We work right next to each other (well in buildings next to each other) and try to get together for lunch monthly (if possible between both our work schedules and such) and finally after trying to for a few weeks ago we were able to meet up for lunch at a favorite Pizza place near by. 

I had what they call the works pizza with lots of meats & veggies, that kept me full all afternoon. 


Prior to departing for lunch a bit after noon I had a peanut butter jar full of oatmeal with 1/2 a diced apple, cinnamon & brown sugar mixed in for breakfast…….YUM, YUM! 


Little Tip – – – don’t put the jar in the microwave, it will melt!  =O 

I snacked on a juicy orange around 3pmish. 

Afternoon Snack

Right after work I RUSHED home as I had to grab some cloths for my daughter and get to her school as I completely forgot that she had a 3rd Grade “Multicutural Music” event that started at 6pm and she had to wear certain cloths that she did not wear to school that day!  =O 

My daughter performing her 3rd Grade "Multicultural Music" event!

She is just about to start a Chinese ribbon dance.  This was by far the favorite of the entire 3rd Grade as they smiled the entire time they did it and all the nervousness seen earlier seemed to have disappeared. 

The entire event only lasted about 30 minutes so we got home just a bit after 7pm as it took a little while for them to start.  Once home I quickly whipped up dinner before I started getting inquiries about it.  We had pork chops, rice and corn on the cop


I only ate about 1/2 my pork chop as I just wasn’t in the mood for it tonight. 

The husband was using up the t.v. after dinner playing a new XBox game he got from a friend…….got to love it!  Almost 40 years old and he still loves to play video games.  =O 

So I decided to read my book while he played.  I have been reading “Odd Hours” by Dean Knootz for a few months now.  Unfortunatelly, I do not get as much time to read as I would like so it takes me much longer to finish a book then it did in my younger (pre-wife/mom/career) days. 


I have read the entire Odd Thomas series by Dean Knootz and LOVE IT!!!  In fact, I have pretty much read almost every book he has written.  I started back in my early teen’s and have been hooked ever since. 

Last night I finally finished the book and was a bit sad when it ended as I have no idea if another one will follow, keeping my fingers crossed! 

Bedtime came right after that at 10:30pm, as I needed to get a little extra sleep because mine has been very broken (waking several times throughout the night) the past few nights.



Eat Out for Less (Calories!)





6. Be a prima donna

If the food isn’t good, kindly send it back. “Minding calories is like managing money,” Dulan says, so don’t waste yours on mediocre food. If the entrée is fine, but you know the dessert rocks, just poke at the penne so you can enjoy the tiramisu later.

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