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Eat Healthy On A Budget!

YES, it is possible to eat healthy on a budget!   

Let me prove it to you!  

See this past weekend I under $100 to spend for my entire household of 3 (my husband, daughter & myself) on groceries that did not just include food but also a few household items (toilet paper, dishwasher liquid, etc.)!   

Typically, I have between $100 to $130 to spend each week on the following:  

  • Eating Out (1 fast food meal for all 3 of us)
  • Groceries (food & household items)

However, this weekend $$$ was VERY TIGHT and I was left with less than $100 to spend so of course the “Eating Out” part was cut out completely and only the necessary “Groceries” were purchased!  

Check the tally on my receipts below:  

Publix Receipts

Receipt1 (Saturday, 4/10/10)

Receipt2 (Sunday, 4/11/10)

Total Amount Spent:   $77.99  

Mind you I do need to return for a few items that I opted to get later in the week so I will most likely spend another $10+ at the grocery store at the beginning of the week and I also plan to pick up some of my husbands favorite Popeye’s Chicken tomorrow for dinner at a cost of around $5+ so with those added in I will have spent just under $100 for the entire weeks worth of food for my family of 3 this week!  

Of course, that CAN NOT be done every week as I was fortunate enough to have many staples (rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, etc.) on hand that I was able to use in this weeks meals!  When it is time to “stock up” on those items I always spend more at the store…….  

I will add that my planned dinners for the week are very basic, but very affordable:  

  • SUNDAY – Hamburgers & Fries (Sweet Potato f/me)
  • MONDAY – Taco’s w/Mexican Rice, Black Beans & Corn
  • TUESDAY – Chicken w/Baked Potatoes & Corn on the Cop
  • WEDNESDAY – Pork Chops w/Rice, Apple Sauce & Green Beans
  • THURSDAY – McDonald’s f/the hubby only using coupon for a free meal we received after getting our order wrong!  My daughter is eating at grandma’s and I will most likely have a small salad after the gym.

FRIDAY is PayDay so a new week of “Grocery” spending begins then!!!  

Also, my daughter eats lunch at school that I pay for monthly at a cost of $1.80 a lunch, which equals $36.00 a month and my husband & I pretty much eat the same things for lunch each week……….sandwich with deli lunch meat, tuna, humus & pita chips, salads, etc.  

Breakfasts are also very simple…….frozen waffles or pancakes, cereal or oatmeal with fruit & milk.  


So keeping in the eating healthy on a budget theme let’s check out my EATS for the day, all of which were right on track!  

Breakfast was the ever “affordable” Publix instant oatmeal with 1/2 a diced red delicious apple ($.99lb this week), a dash of cinnamon & a table-spoon of brown sugar.  


Continuing the theme, lunch was 1 slice of previously purchased high-fiber/flax whole wheat bread that was a BOGO (buy one get one free item) that I keep fresh in the freeze and thaw out as needed.  I toasted it and topped it with peanut butter and sliced banana.  Then I had 1/2 of a box of frozen vegetables that I bought yesterday as they were on sale for $1 each! 


Now I don’t snack daily, so I can keep cost check but every other day or I have a vanilla light fat-free yogurt with a little granola.  I try to buy whatever yogurt is on sale at the time and same with the granola. 


Dinner was “super” budget friendly as were had Taco’s with all the fixings (shredded romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese, sour cream & taco sauce) as well as Mexican Rice, canned corn and black beans, which are a weekly occurence in our house! 

SAVINGS – – –  Ground chuck was used for the taco meat and was on sale so I saved a $1.40 on that, plus I also used about a 1/3 of it on Sunday to make the hamburgers so I technically got 2 meals out of it.  Then the plum tomato’s were on sale for $.53lb as was the romaine hearts 2 f/$5, I purchased only one bag that has 3 hearts inside and lasts a week+.  I also by Publix brand taco seasoning as it is good and cost 1/2 as much at Taco Bell’s taco seasoning at $.79 a bag. 

I of course had a Taco Salad as usual and it was VERY GOOD, I finished it all.  Plus, I did mix in some left over baby spinach leaves for extra Vitamin A. 


While cleaning up after dinner I did sneak 3 small pieces of chocolate from my daughter & husband’s stash in the pantry.  MY BAD….=O 


Since my hubby was recording 2 shows at one time and we couldn’t watch live TV due to this I got to watch one of my favorite shows from the food network……..CHALLENGE!  =) 

It was Extreme Villain Cakes on the show last night and it was very good, with quite a few mishaps and some really good cakes in the end.  I wish I could show you the winning cake as it was amazing but they never have pictures of them online……….=(



 Ok, I know I said yesterday I would get back to the “Eat Out for Less (Calories!)” tips…….however, keeping in today’s post theme about Eating Healthy on a Budget I decided to share some tips I found on an article at the MSNBC Today’s webpage!

Eat Healthy on a Budget

Money-Saving Fundamentals:

  • Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach! Make sure you shop after a meal, or after a light snack to help resist temptation.
  • Shop the perimeter (outside) of the store first. That’s where all of the healthier choices usually are; you’ll avoid all the more processed, costly items.
  • Look for sales on fresh fruits and vegetables — stores get a bargain sometimes, and pass that savings on to you
  • Choose a large bag of fruit (like apples or pears), instead of the single, large fruits priced per pound.
  1. Jenny
    April 14, 2010 at 12:37 am

    Thanks for the eating on a budget tips!! I am always trying to find ways to save and stick with our budget but stay healthy too. I know that plateau is hard! A food journal helped me to see where I was straying off track and made me account for all the little bites. I didn’t want to write that cookie down so I did’t eat it. That helped for me!!

    • April 14, 2010 at 2:27 pm

      Yeah, I should do a “food journal”, however I guess this blog is mine and I have pictures of most of the stuff I eat too, plus I have to admit to the world everything I eat…….YIKES! =O I better start eating better!

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