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The “Singing Bird”….


…..in some tree outside my bedroom window is driving me CRAZY!!! 

Now, I love that it is Spring and he (or she) is up before dawn, 5am to be exact, singing their little heart away in hopes of being heard by another bird so they can “fall in love”, however why can’t this morning ritual wait until the sun has at least risen so that I can get a full nights sleep!  =( 

This has been going on since Monday and at this point I am starting to get seriously sleep deprived and plan to invest in some “ear plugs” this weekend so I can make it back 5am in the morning before waking!  

I remember this exact same thing occurring last Spring and I als remember getting so frustrated with it at one point that I went outside before dawn and started shaking the tree the bird was in………….=O 

Ok, enough about that!  Just needed to vent a bit, “thank you” for listening! 


On to my Wednesday, 4/7/10……..EATS!!! 

A bowl of Multi-Grain Cheerios with 1/2 a sliced banana and a few strawberries in 2% milk was on the breakfast menu this morning. 


Lunch was a big TREAT today!!!  Because you may ask???  Answer – I didn’t eat humus & pita chips for the 3rd day in a row!  =)  

Instead, I went downstairs and “treated” myself to a 1/2 sandwich & soup for $5!  My 1/2 sandwich had turkey, cheese & cranberry mayo on it and was pressed and the 8 oz soup was chicken mushroom……..SO GOOD!!!  

I also go a bag of homemade potato chips (no pictured as I ate then on the way back to the office and gave what was left to my boss). 


Than to my very pleasant surprise I received a venti Tazo Passion Shaken Tea Lemonade, that I recently discovered at StarbucksIt was sweetened with Sweet N’Low too so it isn’t full of sugar, big grin!  =) 

Doesn’t it look GOOD!?!? 

Afternoon Treat!!!

IT WAS!!! 

As soon as 5pm was showing on the clock I was out the door and on my way home with a quick stop at the grocery store and gas station.  

Once I finally made it home I got cracking on dinner….which was pork chops, baked potatoes, chunky apple sauce and broccoli with cheese on top


I stayed up until mid-night watching something on t.v. but I can’t remember for the life of me WHAT???  Guess it wasn’t that interesting, huh!



Eat Out for Less (Calories!)

3. Grill your waiter

Ask him if sides are included in the total calorie count. If not, be sure to factor them in. “Many times we found that side dishes had more calories than the actual entrée,” Roberts says.


Next: 4. Go two-fisted

  1. April 9, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Sorry about all the “noise” in the morning! I have the same problem. I think there’s a bird nest right outside my window, because every morning there’s a loud bird that likes to sing (really loudly, I might add 😉 ). It’s pretty—but way too early!

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