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New Theme (INove)


So after almost a 1/2 of year of blogging I have finally decided to change my theme and I really like it so far, as it provides wider reading area and my pictures appear larger as well. 

What do you think??? 



If you have yet to see my post on my upcoming JDRF Walk For a Cure please check it out at the below web link: 



So let’s get to a recap of my Tuesday, 3/16/10 shall we……… 

Breakfast was had at home prior to departing for work.  I a bowl of  Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats and a glass of orange juice


I then tried to be as creative as possible with my lunch options today or more likely “lack of lunch options” today and had 1/2 a whole wheat tuna sandwich with mayo, carrot sticks w/ranch dressing and some pickles


I also snacked on a little piece of dark chocolate with some peanut butter on top in the afternoon and since ate it so quickly there wasn’t a chance to snap a picture. 

Upon my arrival home from work, which was just a few minutes before 6pm, I quickly threw on my running attire and headed out for what a quick 3 mile run prior to having to get dinner started.  

Luckily, the run ended up being pretty quick, around 35 minutes in all, however it felt like it took forever as my muscles were still sore from my toning work out (legs, back & bis) and run (3.5 miles) on Monday night at the gym so I had a hard time running fast. 

Once my shoes were off I quickly got to some prep work that needed to be done prior for dinner prior to taking my shower and then about 20+ minutes later I was back in the kitchen getting everything cooked so we could hopefully eat before 8pm.  =O  And, as hoped we ended up sitting down just before 8pm to a plate full of pork chops, baked potatoes and broccoli


I am not a big pork chop girl but I have to admit that they came out very juicy and super crispy tonight, YUM!  I only had one, but my hubby had 3……..=O 


T’was not a super night for TV watching, however I luckily had a new show called Home Rules on HGTV that I recorded the night before waiting for me so I was saved.  The show is about how redecorating can transform a home as well as the people who live there and I totally agree, however they do not just go in and “redecorate” the shows participates without the entire family working on skills that will improve their lives at the same time.  

The family from last nights show was basically living WAY ABOVE THEIR MEANS and had to be brought back down to reality, this is something that I believe many American’s need to do so I think this is a great show to have out there! 

Bed time came after 12am yet again, that is now 3 “6 hour” sleep nights in a row…….ugh, “I can’t wait until my body finally adjusts to the time change (leap forward) and I get to bed at a more reasonable hour”! 

Is the time change affect you???



50 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

39. Head to a county fair or amusement park. You’ll slash 612 calories in 3 hours from the casual walking and standing in lines. (Subtract 105 calories if you have cotton candy.) 

*I know I would leave the fair gaining calories instead of  slashing them as would be eating everythign in sight (cotton candy, funnel cakes, corn dogs, etc.) while I walked around!


40. Play a game of touch football or basketball with your kids for 1 hour and burn 500 calories.

*I haven’t played either sport in almost 10+ years now that I think about it…..YIKES, I am getting old!

  1. Jenny
    March 18, 2010 at 12:12 am

    I like the new theme–very modern!! I had to look a little to find how to leave a comment–now at the top, not the bottom.

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