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Rainy Day….

 ………here in what is usually sunny Central Florida as you can see from my view from my office on this Thursday, 3/11/10

Luckily, it is only supposed to rain today & tomorrow and they are projecting that the weekend will be great……..in the 70’s, sunny & no rain! 

Which is a great thing as my parents are having their annual St. Patty’s Day Party on Saturday, 3/13/10 that is held inside & outside so “rain” is certainly NOT invited to the party! 

My day started out pretty early for me @ 6:20a.m. this morning as my mom dropped my daughter off on her way to work (she stayed with her last night while I was at the concert).  

We both tried to lay back down and get some more zzzzzzzz’s, however that didn’t happen as the dog, who was wide awake, kept trying to play with us so we gave in and started to get ready for our day.  AND, go figure despite our earlier rise we missed the bus so I had to drop her off at school and was 10 minutes late for work due to that…..=O 

Prior to leaving this morning I had a bowl of Kellogg’s Mini-Frosted Shredded Wheat and a glass of orange juice for breakfast


I really wanted to have more, however I resisted for the following reasons:

  • Needed to leave some milk (running low) for the hubby in case he wanted to have a bowl of  his favorite granola this morning.
  • Cereal is expensive!  Even though I did get this on sale recently.
  • I believe my bowl was already more than 1 serving so I did NOT need to eat anymore then that despite my feelings.

Do you have a hard time eating just 1 bowl of cereal!?!?!  I know I could eat 3 bowls if it wasn’t for the above items!!!  =O 

Ok, onto lunch, I had a bowl of my homemade 9 veggie hamburger soup that is almost gone…..=( 


Just before I left work I had a Activia Vanilla Light Yogurt with granola mixed in for a quick snack.


I was planning to run outside after work tonight, however that didn’t happen as we all the sudden got SLAMMED with hard rain, wind & tornado warnings……the sky was blacker then black too!

Dinner was pork chops with baked potatoes & broccoli with cheese on top.


***I have Friday off so I won’t be posting again until Monday!  I have some family things to take care, so I hope you understand my absence and I will have a nice long post for you on Monday, 3/15/10!  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!______________________________________________________________________________________


50 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day


31. Help a friend move. You’ll burn more than 600 calories in 1 hour of carrying boxes and furniture up and down the stairs.



32. Shovel snow. Clearing the driveway and sidewalks for 1 hour and 15 minutes will torch 510 calories.

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