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Forgot to mention…..

……that this month marks 5 years that my husband & I have been together!  

My husband when I first met him in March 2005!

Let me give you a brief history on our relationship:   

  • We met online in the middle of March 2005, chatted online for a few days and then via phone for a week before we met in person!
  • When I met my husband I was just starting my weight loss journey and weighed in around 230+ pounds
    • Though I will let you in on a little secret he did not know that at the time.  Yes, I was BIG of course, however I held the weight pretty well and from what people told me I only looked like I weighed around 200 pounds.
  • Due to my “uncomfortableness” with my weight and the fact that neither of us were really looking for a relationship at the time, we were just friends in the beginning and didn’t start dating until months later………when we both just fell for each other after spending lots of time together! 
    • We just clicked you know, it still surprises me to this day!
  • My husband was my 1st and only trainer to date! 
    • He had been body building for 10+ years when I met him and knew his way around the gym.  He even trained a few girls in the past so he knew how to work with women.  So he started training me soon after we met.  We met 2-3 times a week at a gym I went to that was in my office building.  At first I was very embarrassed for him to see me in my rather large “gym attire”, however he always made me feel comfortable and important.  It was difficult at first but over time I improved and 2+ months later when I switched jobs and buildings (no more work gym) I was able to start doing it on my own!
  • It makes me very PROUD to say that my husband fell in love with the real me………that he saw past what was on the outside to the “real” me on the inside! 
    • Now, I know for a fact (he told me this, he tells me everything) that he had not planned this and it even surprised him, as I was almost 100+ pounds overweight at the time and he was in perfect (only 5% body fat) shape, so I think you get what I am trying to say, it wasn’t a typical “match up”!
  • We dated for about a year & a half before we got married!
  • Our wedding day was on October 20, 2006!
  • Last October marked our 3rd wedding anniversary and I FINALLY hit my 100 pound weight loss a few months prior to that day in August 2009!
  • I give my husband a ton of credit for my weight loss, because even though I know I could have done it without him… is because of him that I found the courage to do it and in turn find myself again!

Here is my husband recently (last week), playing on his bike!  I need to get close up picture of him to share or better yet one of us together, you would think since I always have a camera with me all the time that this would be easy but it never seems to happen! 

My husband playing on his bike!


On to my EATS for the day! 

I stayed on track for the most part…….though I will admit when I got home from work I hit the pantry and had a handful of nuts and granola, plus a few pieces of Dove chocolate from my husbands stash!  =O




Dinner was the Red Chicken that I made on Monday with a little white rice and broccoli & cheese.



7 Foods That Fight Fat

Pine nuts

95 calories for 1/2 ounce (about 84 nuts)

Move over almonds! The heart-healthy fatty acids in pine nuts boost satiety hormones that make you feel full, according to Korean researchers. The same fatty acids also keep belly fat at bay.

Next: Cheese

I’m Back!!!

Did you miss me while I was M.I.A.!?!?!  I hope so as I missed you guys!!!   

I had a GREAT birthday and a nice long weekend as well!  Let me tell give you the reasons why my birthday was so G-R-E-A-T:   

  • It was a beautiful day out!  Sunny, blue sky with a few clouds and temperatures in the upper 70’s.
  • The weather allowed me to finally be able to wear a cute little black dress I bought back in December but haven’t been able to wear because it has been too cold outside.

Me on my birthday! =)

  • Twelve (12) of my co-workers/friends took me out for a birthday lunch at BJ’s Restaurant.  I had 1/2 a turkey club sandwich with string fries (not pictured) and a cup of my favorite tomato basil soup for lunch………..YUMMY!

Tomato Basil Soup

  • I received lots of touching birthday cards and gifts from everyone, that included some of the following items that I really wanted:
  • A surprise greeting by my hubby at home with a very thoughtful gift and then dinner & drinks with him later that night!


  • I got my favorite flowers (tulips) from my daughter! 

Purple Tulips

  • Then to end the perfect day I had a nice cold bottle of Leinenkugel’s Berry Wise Beer, which is my favorite…..just the right amount of wheat beer and sweet berry.  =)



Here is how my long weekend was spent:   

FRIDAY, 3/26/10   


I took my little one to Universal Orlando Resort for the day!    

We each have season passes thanks to my mom and we try to hit the park (that is just down the street from us) as often as we can.  Our last visit was on New Year’s Day, which was a very cold day so we couldn’t go on lots of their rides as you get quite wet on them so it was nice to go on a much warmer (in the 80’s) day and to be able to go on any of the rides we liked.    

We hit most of the show rides and one water ride (wearing our water ponchos purchased last year), but we skipped the roller coasters as my daughter wasn’t ready for that much excitement just yet at age 9.   

And, saw some characters along the way………..   

My Daughter & Scooby-Doo

 She loves “Scooby-Doo” as much as I did at her age!  Check out Shaggy driving away with Scooby-Doo in the The Mystery Machine……   

The Mystery Machine

I didn’t take any pictures of what I ate throughout the day so I will give you a quick run down below:

  • Cinnabon f/Breakfast
  • Turkey Leg f/Lunch
  • Blue Berry Icee f/Snack
  • Homemade Pizza f/Dinner
  • Berry Wise Beer f/Desert

  SATURDAY, 3/27/10 

I started my day just like any other Saturday……..I headed out for a run, about an hour after I had a bowl of Multi-Grain Cheerios and a glass of orange juice for breakfast that is!


The plan was to do my usual 3 mile run, however after the first mile and a half I decided to go for 4 miles and then a bit later 5 miles…… 55+ minutes later I was home from my 5 mile run and it felt great (even in my old shoes as I had not gotten my new ones yet)!  =) 

Prime Outlet International

 Later after I did some chores (laundry & grocery shopping) I ventured to the Prime Outlet International mall with my husband and mother-in-law to spend my birthday gift cards!  

Along the way I ate a turkey cheese and raspberry jelly pressed sandwhich on whole-grain bread with some baby carrots for lunch (sorry in to much of  a rush to take a picture). 

I bought my new Asics GT 2150 Women’s Black Shoes at Footlocker and then I stopped by the Nike Outlet and picked up a Black T-Shirt & Strap Bag.  

We also stopped and had ice-cream at Hersey’s Icecream!  I had one scoop of my childhood favorite bubble gum ice-cream on a sugar cone, it was REALLY GOOD, just as I remember!!! 

After arriving home a few hours later I got cracking on dinner, which was a quick skillet burgers with fries and green bean salad


SUNDAY, 3/28/10 

Today, was basically CHORE DAY around my house and the following was done: 

  • Rest of the laundry!
  • Bathrooms
  • Dusting
  • Kitchen wipe down
  • Dinner prep

A little fun was had though…………..around 1pm I went to lunch with my mother-in-law. 

We went to a local favorite eater called Yellow Dog Eats in Gotha (Windermere), Florida.  They make the best sandwiches in the world and have a great baker that supplies them with amazing cakes daily. 

We split the following: 

  • Classic Yellow Dog Club, Chips & Spicy Coleslaw
  • Orange & Carrot Cake

The rest of the day I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and roasted pork for dinner. 

***The camera was charging and then forgotten, I know I am bad at taking pictures when I am M.I.A………..sorry!  =( 

MONDAY, 3/29/10

Today, started unlike most of my Monday’s as I slept in…….then had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and hung out with my daughter a bit (who wasn’t feeling to good) before I hit the gym at 1oam+ for a 2 hour long work out, check out my new gym outfit: 

My "new" gym outfit!

 Ok, I know I wear a lot of black and grey but hey I like it (never been a lot of color girl) and I think it looks good……..the entir outfit is new, accept for the sports bra that you can’t see!  =) 

Once at the gym I did Week 11 of my Iron Pumping Challenge below and I have to say after seeing the above picture that I really think it is paying off in the TONING & TIGHTENING department!  

  • Sit Ups
    • Seated Leg Tucks Off Bench
      • 2 sets of 25 reps
    • Stability Ball Crunch
      • 2 sets of 25 reps
    • Straight Leg Pullover Crunch
      • 2 sets of 25 reps
    • Toe Touch Crunch
      • 2 sets of 25 reps
    • Weighted V-Sit Twist
      • 2 sets of 25 reps
  • Legs, Back & Biceps 
    • 21s
      • 2 sets of 21 reps w/10 pound dumbbell
    • Hammer Curl
      • 2 sets of 25 reps w/10 pound dumbbell
    • Hamstring Curl
      • 2 sets of 20 reps @ 50 pounds
    • Lat Pull Down
      • 2 sets of 25 reps @ 60 pounds
    • Leg Extension
      • 2 sets of 20 reps @ 75 pounds
    • Lunge
      • 2 sets of 20 reps 
    • Stability Ball Back Extension
      • 2 sets of 20 reps
    • Stability Ball Ys & Ts
      • Ys & Ts
        • Missed
    • Step Ups
      • 2 sets of 25 reps
  • Treadmill 
    • 3.3 Mile Run
      • 35 minutes (Build Speed With Ease)
        • Mile 1
          • 5 minutes @ 5.5mph
          • 5 minute 30-second pickups & cool downs
            • 6.5mph to 7.5mph for 30 second “pickup”
            • 5.0mph 30 second “cool down”
        • Mile 2 & 3
          • 4, 5 minute quarter mile runs & cool downs
            • 5.0mph to 5.5mph f/2 minutes
            • 6.0mph f/3 minutes
        • Mile 3 to 3.5
          • 5 minute, 1 minute sprints
            • 2 minute, 7.5 to 8.0mph f/60 seconds & 60 second “cool downs”

I finished just after noon and headed home to make lunch for everyone.  I had another turkey, cheese and rasberry pressed sandwhich on multi-grain bread with a pear

Than I made Red Chicken for later in the week and decided to do the bedding as it was way past due for a cleaning.  The rest of my day was spent lounging around (a/k/a…….resting).  

I did make dinner around 7pm.  We had Taco’s and I had a taco salad


I hit the bed early, just before 11pm as I knew my work would be crazy upon my return! 

***I will resume TIPS OF THE DAY tomorrow! 

Got my voice back!


On this Wednesday, 3/24/10……..well ok most of it at least, as it is still a bit harsh!  =)  

It is so nice to not have to whisper or feel pounding in my head when I try to talk anymore.  I also feel MUCH better and am able to sleep again. 

My appetite returned as well, as you can see from what I ate below: 



Late Morning Snack


Afternoon Snack


So as you can see I ate “very good” today!!!  GO ME!!!  And, it reflected on the scale as well as I weighed 142 pounds this morning………..=)  Let’s just hope I can keep that through the long weekend I have coming up & then Easter next week, YIKES!  =O

OH, I almost forgot I did get out of the house (at my husband’s urging) and ran a quick 1.5+ mile in about 15 minutes.  My mouth & throat were pretty dry upon my return but I was glad I got out there after almost a week off from running & the gym due to being “sick”.

P.S.  Tomorrow (well today technically) is my BIRTHDAY and I took Friday & Monday off from work so I could have a nice long weekend to celebrate so I may be M.I.A. for a bit but I promise to return with a long post next week!



7 Foods That Fight Fat

Dark chocolate

170 calories for 1 ounce

Just one more reason to indulge: nosh on dark chocolate and you’ll eat less at your next meal, according to research from the University of Copenhagen.

Why? Compounds in chocolate slow down digestion and make you feel full longer. A small piece of chocolate (aim for the size of a business card) can also curb your cravings for salty, sweet, and fatty foods.

Next: Pine nuts

This time last year……

……….I was arriving in Denver, Colorado!!! 


My daughter and I took a long (almost 2 week) vacation back to my hometown (born & raised most of my childhood in Aurora, Colorado) so I could one of my most favorite places on earth again, introduce them to my daughter and see family & friends who I hadn’t seen in years (6+ years since my last visit)! 

It was a GREAT vacation, despite it being much colder than I had hoped (was in the upper 60’s & low 70’s during the weeks before our vacation but in the 20-30’s while we were there) and the fact that a huge snow storm hit just 2 days after we arrived, check out the pictures below: 

Driving in the middle of the storm!

The morning after the snow storm.

It was pretty crazy and delayed our planned trek through the Rockies to see my Dad in Moab, Utah by a day but it was really nice to see snow again after so many years and my daughter loved it as it was her 1st time seeing the snow and playing it it.  =) 

My daughter's 1st time in the snow!

Once the snow stopped and started to melt we packed the car up were off to see my Dad!  Take a look at our pictures along the way………. 

On I-70 heading through the mountains....

....starting to come out of the mountains on I-70.

Highway 191 heading into Moab, Utah......

.....the beautiful view from Highway 191!

Moab is the only place I know that has both desert & mountains with snow on them!  You can literally take a hike in the desert in the morning in 90 degree weather and then drive up to the mountains in the afternoon and go fishing in 60 degree weather. 

It is one of my most favorite places on earth!   

It has such amazing natural beauty and the feeling I get when I am there is like nothing I have ever felt elsewhere. 

The day after we arrived we did some sight-seeing.  My dad took me to a well-known spot called Kane Creek Road Rock Art Site.  A place he took me when I was my daughter’s age that I remember very well as it hole in the cliff rock near the indian rock art that snaked up to the top of the cliff that you could climb and I remember being terrified that I was going to fall down while I was trying to climb up it with my Dad, Uncle & Cousins.

My daughter didn’t try to climb it as she isn’t quite as adventurous as I was as a child (I grew up in the outdoors, she I am afraid has not had much experience in the great outdoors!).  So she just checked everything out and posed for the below picture with Grandpa.

My Dad & Daughter @ Kane Creek Road Rock Art Site

Rock Art

 The next day we ventured out to Arches National Park ( to hike up to see Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

My Dad took me when I was my daughters age, however it was in the middle of summer back and almost 100 degrees outside at the time so I remember being very tired & hot but also having fun at the same time.  

We (my daughter & I) had a much different experience as it was 40+ degrees outside  during our 3+ mile hike up the rock to see the arch, which wasn’t necessarily better just different and very windy up at the top.

My daughter on the way up........

Taking a little break!

Hitting the steep part of the climb!

I think if the weather had been nicer we would of enjoyed it more, but it was nice to see it again after so many years and introduce my daughter to it as well.

The next day we visited Canyonlands National Park ( and visited Dead Horse Point!

Dead Horse Point (Me & My Daughter)

Dead Horse Point (My Daughter)

My Dad took me to this place several times as a child as well so I of course wanted to introduce my daughter to it!  Unlike me she wasn’t afraid of heights like I was (and still am) as you can see from the above picture…….mind you it is a 2000 foot drop behind her (well not directly behind her as that wouldn’t be safe, but close enough for me).

We visited with family for another day then returned to Denver and were greated by lots of snow upon our return as you can see……

Outside patio at a restaurant we stopped at on the way.....

Approaching the Eisenhower Tunnel!

Going down Loveland Pass on the way to Denver!

The next day we were on our way home!

It was a great trip and I can’t wait to return again…….planning to in May 2011!  =)

The power of a card!


My friend, Michelle, never forgets an occasion and always sends a card with a personal message and special quote inside that I just love to read!      

Most recently I received a Birthday Card from her that had a really great quote inside that I just had to share with you all, check it out below:      


Don’t you just love this quote!?!     

It took me a LONG TIME to give up on being perfect (back in my 20’s) and to begin working on becoming myself (early 30’s) and I have loved everyday since regardless what life has thrown at me!     

Here are some of the previous notes & quotes she left in cards past………     

Valentines Day Card

Thanksgiving Card

Thank You Card


You are not only a good friend but a great person who is always positive, motivating, helpful, giving and so much more!    


In light of my absence from running this weekend due to me being under the weather I gained a few pounds!  =(     

So since I am still not feeling so great and will not be making it to the gym tonight I am trying to stay on track eating wise the best I can given my current condition.    

Let’s see how I did on this Monday, 3/22/10:    

Prior to departing for work I had a glass of orange juice so I could get my Vitamin C for the day.    


Breakfast was a hot bowl of instant maple brown sugar high-fiber oatmeal with 1/2 a diced apple, cinnamon and some ground flax seed mixed in prior to cooking.    


I put a plate of Publix jalapeno & cilantro hummus, corn chips, carrots & cuccumbers together for lunch.    


Dinner ended up being a big bowl of Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Soup and some Publix peanut butter filled pretzels.  I forgot to take a picture as I wasn’t feeling to good……hope you can forgive me!   

After eating, I vegged on the couch for a bit before my meds kicked in and I hit the bed for a good nights sleep (hopefully)!   


As I am sure you figured out missed posting the above yesterday, due to the fact that I missed work because I felt horrible all day!  =(  I woke up to a splitting headach & no voice.  So I decided to stay home as I knew I wouldn’t be any good at work today.   

After dropping my daughter off at school I stopped and got me the following at the store:   

  • Publix Breakfast Bread
  • Tylenol Migraine (this is the only medicine that makes my headaches go away, as i have suffered with bad headaches since I was a child)
  • Ginger Tea (my ex-mother-in-law who is a nurse said to drink this to help my voice)

Once I was back at home I made myself a few pieces of toasted Publix Breakfast Bread with butter and sliced apples for breakfast.   


I also drank of glass of orange juice and a cup of Ginger tea later in the a.m. (not pictured).  

Lunch came a bit late (2pm) and I had left over roasted chicken, baby carrots & potoates from Sunday night. 


I tried to nap on the couch until it was time to pick up my daughter and had a little success.  My mind was buzzing a bit too much with things so I didn’t get into a deep sleep but it was nice to rest on the couch, especially since my dog curled up with me. 

By dinner time I was starting to feel a bit better as my headache was finally going away and luckily I had a super easy meal to make…….TACO’S!  I had a big taco salad and ate all of it but a few bites. 


The couch became my friend again after dinner.  I watched the previously recorded Ultimate Recipe Showdown with my hubby.  Tonights episode was about “party foods” and it was really good.  All the recipes looked really good but in the end the $25K Winner was Margarita Shrimp & Scallops


Doesn’t it look YUMMY!  The judges said the flavor was amazing.  Check out the recipe below: 

I really like this show a lot because all the recipes are from non-professional chefs (people like you and me) that I know I could mostly like make myself if I tried. 

Bed time came at 10pm tonight as I planned to return to work in the a.m. 




7 Foods That Fight Fat 

Fat Blasters

By Shaun Chavis
From Health magazine  

Want to get more bang for your bite? These foods do double duty—they help you blast fat and make you feel full longer, so you’ll eat fewer calories. 


78 calories each
An egg’s not only a nutritional powerhouse, it’s also loaded with protein that satisfies. Eat eggs for breakfast; they’ll curb your appetite enough that you’ll have about 330 calories less than usual throughout the rest of the day. (Take our quiz to find out more about eggs.] 

Bonus tip: For a healthy fried egg, brush a nonstick skillet with a smidge of oil or cooking spray. You’ll get crispy edges without much fat. 

*I totally agree with the above!  I ate eggs almost everyday during my 100+ pound weight loss in a variety of ways (fried, omelet, scrambled, etc.) and they kept me full for hours. 

Going Through The Motions


I pretty much was just “Going Through The Motions” this weekend as I unfortunately caught whatever “bug” my daughter had last week, which made me feel tired & light headed all weekend and had the following symptons:  

  • Scratchy throat
  • Bit of a stuffy nose
  • Slight cough

I first noticed the inkling of the above coming on Friday evening when my throat started to feel VERY dry, however I had hoped by morning it would be gone but of course it was not and I woke to the beginnings of the above.  

So in light of this I skipped my usual Saturday morning run.  =(  I hated to do this but I am a firm believer that if you are “Under The Weather” you should NOT push yourself….a/k/a….no gym/running is allowed and you should also try to get as much rest as possible!   

I did the former but not the later as I had a lot on my plate to do this weekend, check out my To Do List below:   

SATURDAY, 3/20/10  

  • Girl Scout Event f/11am – 1pm
  • Get Peanut’s nails clipped.
  • Hit the stores with my hubby to buy a new shirt & shoes for an important interview he has on Tuesday.
  • Grocery Shopping!
  • Start the laundry.
  • Make dinner.

SUNDAY, 3/22/10  

  • Give Peanut a “much-needed” bath.
  • Clean the house (bathrooms, kitchen & dusting)!  I would have skipped this if I hadn’t skipped doing it last weekend and was afraid that the mold might start growing if I didn’t do it.  =O
  • Hit the stores again with the hubby as yesterday’s shopping trip was a total loss (nothing was found).  This time we went to the Outlet Malls and had much better luck.
  • Finish the laundry & iron.
  • Dinner prep, after having to run to the store for forgotten ingredients that is………hate it when that happens!
  • Get last-minute things done for the up coming week.

From what you can see above I didn’t get a lot of REST & RELAXATION in this weekend as a mother’s & wife’s job is never done!   

Luckily, I did get a pretty good nights sleep (thanks to Tylenol P.M.) on Saturday so that helped a lot.  I am hoping that my week isn’t too hectic and that I get better soon as I already miss running and would hate to miss to much of the gym as well……..keep your fingers crossed!  


I almost forgot about my EATS for the weekend, sorry!   

My eating wasn’t too bad but wasn’t too good so I would say it was pretty much a wash.  

I have to admit Saturday’s eating was a bit of a blur and I didn’t take pictures until dinner as my battery had died and was on the charger for 3+ hours.  

Now, that I think about it I did have a bowl of Rasin Bran Extra with a glass of orange juice and a peach a little after for breakfast.   


Lunch was basically a snacking spree at my daughters Girl Scout Event, in which I had a variety of items from around the world as they were celebrating Thinking Day by participating in activities, games and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides & Girl Scouts in other countries.    

Some of the items I snacked on where:  

  • Rice & Peas f/Dominican Republic
  • Noodles f/China
  • Nachos f/Mexico
  • Sausage Roll f/Australia
  • Swedish Meatballs f/Switzerland

Homemade hamburgers, fries and green bean salad became a last-minute dinner on this very busy day!  


Sunday’s eating was much more on point, except for lunch.  

Breakfast was the last of my Rasin Bran Extra with sliced bananas and a glass of orange juice.  


Lunch was the following items that I nibbled on while doing various chores throughout the afternoon: 

  • A piece of cold/left over pizza from Friday night.
  • Peanut butter filled pretzels.
  • A few strawberries.
  • Mini ice-cream cone.

It has been ages since I made a roasted chicken so that is what I made for Sunday dinner.  I used a recipe I found on that had tons of good reviews.  It came out pretty good for my first time, take a look! 

Roasted Chicken with Rosemary

Here is the recipe in case you are interested in trying it: 

I modified the above recipe by adding crushed garlic cloves, lemon halves and olive oil to the onion & rosemary that was put in the cavity.  I also rubbed the entire chicken with olive oil and then seasoned it with salt & pepper.  Plus, I added about a cup+ of chicken broth to the bottom of the pan along with baby carrots & potatoes

Next time I will use a rack so the bottom of the chicken can get crispy! 

Also, don’t forget to let the chicken sit for 15 minutes or so before cutting so the juices stay evenly disrupted. 

Here is what I ate out of the above: 



So that pretty much concludes me weekend! 

All & all it was an “ok” weekend, hoping next weekend is better though………and I have a feeling it will be as it is after my birthday (Thursday) and I have Friday off!  =)



50 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

45. Kickbox. Sign up for kickboxing and burn 510 calories in a 45-minute class.

46. Go cross-country skiing for 1 hour and 5 minutes and sizzle off 516 calories.

47. Exercise at home. Pop in a 1-hour aerobics DVD, and finish with 20 minutes of yoga—500 calories, gone.

48. Walk or run a 10K and you’ll burn up to 680 calories.

49. Go hiking. Just 1 hour and 15 minutes will burn 510 calories.

50. Cut down your own Christmas tree. Hike out, find the perfect tree, cut it, and take it home. Put it up and decorate it for 1 hour to burn 519 calories.

4+ Mile Fly By


on the treadmill on this fine Thursday, 3/18/10!!!  =) 



I a LOVING my new “Build Speed With Ease” plan!  

Last night I tried it again for 45 minutes and swear to you the time just flew by as before I knew it I had run 4+ miles. 

Check out exactly what I did during the run below: 



  • 4.3 Mile Run 
    • 45 minutes (Build Speed With Ease)
      • Mile 1
        • 10 minute “warm up” @ 5 to 5.5mph
      • Miles 2 & 3
        • 5 minute 30-second pickups & cool downs
          • 6.5mph to 7.5mph for 30 second “pickup”
          • 5.0mph 30 second “cool down”
        • 20 minute quarter mile runs & cool downs
          • 5.0mph to 5.5mph f/2:30 minutes
          • 6.0mph f/2:30 minutes
      • Mile 4
        • 5 minute, 1 minute sprints
          • 3 minute, 7.5 to 8.5 mph f/60 seconds & 2 60 second “cool downs

Prior to starting this new plan on the treadmill my runs could become quite BORING, however it is the complete opposite with “Build Speed With Ease” as you are always changing up your running speeds that you just don’t notice the time going by and before you know it your run is done!   

I haven’t ran over 3 miles in months and I swear I didn’t even notice the extra time last night and it felt GREAT! 


Of course I completed the following for Day 1 (Shoulders, Chest & Triceps) from my Iron Pumping Challenge before I did the above! 

  • Sit Ups
    • Bicycles
      • 3 sets of 50 reps
    • flutter kicks
      • 3 sets of 25 reps
    • frog crunches
      • 3 sets of 25 reps
    • knees up crunches
      • 3 sets of 25 reps
    • oblique v-ups
      • 3 sets of 10 reps each side
  • Shoulder, Chest & Triceps 
    • Bench Dips
      • 3 sets of 10 reps
    • Lateral Raise
      • 3 sets of 12 reps
    • Overhead Press
      • 3 sets of 15 reps
    • Overhead Cable Triceps Extension
      • Missed (Machine Broken)
    • Plank
      • 3, 1 minute poses
    • Stability Ball Leg Lift
      • Missed
    • Stability Ball Push Ups
      • 3 sets of 20 reps

Now that I am into Week 9 I am really starting to notice a difference in my body……… back, biceps, chest, shoulders & triceps are all tighter!   

I have noticed the most difference in what was formally my “trouble spots”, chest & triceps.  Both these areas have firmed up a lot and if you don’t mind me being completely honest my breast have lifted since I started this program and believe me that means to world to me as they weren’t doing so hot in the past! 

 Unfortunately, one of the side effects of extreme weight loss is saggy breasts or what I would call “deflated balloon” breasts!  =O  So I am VERY happy to see that this is not the case for me anymore, especially since I was starting to wonder if surgery was going to be necessary to correct the problem. 

I have also noticed much more definition & tightness in my quads, which is always a nice thing.  I love feeling the hard muscle in my thighs and finally not having to push through a thick layer of fat to feel it. 


My EATS were pretty good for the day, however they didn’t start off so hot as I couldn’t resist one of my weaknesses while getting coffee at 7-Eleven in the morning. 

I had my favorite “hazelnut” coffee this morning, a little weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) treat of mine!  =) 


Than I walked by the donut, muffin & pastry display and picked out a “apple fritter” for my breakfast of choice this morning! 


I KNOW, I KNOW………I shouldn’t have but I did and I enjoyed every last crispy, sweet and appley bite of it!  =) 

Luckily, I made up for the later in the day as I had a very healthy plate for lunch that included the following: 

  • carrot sticks
  • celery
  • cucumbers
  • cherry tomatoes
  • whole wheat bread (toasted)
  • crunchy peanut butter


Right before I left work for the gym I snacked on Yoplait YoPlus Vanilla yogurt with granola.  It is smooth, sweet & crunchy! 


I did not really have a meal for dinner tonight, instead I had some of the following: 

  • 1/2 a pear
  • a few handful of peanuts
  • a few spoonfuls of green bean salad

I was planning to hit the hay early but of course as was the trend the entire week I didn’t make it to bed until after midnight and got almost 6 hours of sleep yet again, that is 5 nights in a row now so I am pretty TIRED! 



50 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

43. Tackle the garage. Clearing out junk for 1 hour and 30 minutes will burn 510 calories.




44. Rake the leaves. Do yard work for 1 hour and 45 minutes and burn 512 calories. (Jumping in the leaf pile won’t hurt, either.)

Calling All Former Yo-Yo Dieters‏


We are working on a piece for FITNESS about real life ways to cut the yo-yo dieting strings, and we need YOUR help. We are looking for women in their late 20s to early 40s who have lost and re-gained the same 5 pounds (or 20 pounds, or 50 pounds…) over and over, but are now successfully keeping it off and maintaining your ideal, healthy weight.

Whether you changed your relationship with food, took up a new sport, or found inspiration in your family, we’ll discuss what worked for you, share your tips with our readers, and potentially publish a picture of your fab self in the mag. 

Want to share your story and help other women get their weight under control? Please send the following to our writer, Kenrya at by Friday, March 19th(but the sooner the better!): 

First and last name:
City, State:
Phone Number (for research):
Email Address (for research):
A brief summary of your yo-yo dieting experience:
How you cut the yo-yo strings once and for all: 

She will be in touch after she receives your email to discuss next steps. Thanks for your help! 


On Tuesday, 3/16/10 I saw the above on Facebook and sent an email to Kenrya with my answers to the above! 
Today, I got a reply email from her that said the following.
Hi, Laura.
Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. I love that you cut the yo-yo string using moderation and balance, not deprivation. I’d like to ask you a few questions to help me figure out if you’re a good fit for this article. Do you have a few minutes to answer them for me via email by Friday morning? After I take a look I might have to come back to you over the weekend for more info to complete the story. Does that sound like a plan? Let me know.  The questions are below.

Thanks again,

Check out her questions and my answers below! 


1. What is the most you have weighed?

At my heaviest I was 246 pounds.  I believe that I may have weighed more than that at one time, however the most I remember ever seeing on the scale was 246 pounds. 

2. When was that? How old were you?
That was “5 years ago”!  I was 28 years old. 

3. How much do you weigh now?
Currently, I weigh 143 pounds. 

4. How long have you maintained your weight?
Almost a year now.  I hit 146 pounds back in August 2009. 

5. How tall are you?
5 foot, 6 inches 

6. Why do you think you’ve had such a difficult time maintaining your weight loss in the past?

I have struggled with my weight since I was 12 years old and first realized I was overweight by about 15-20 pounds at the time.  That is when I started my first diet and started running/biking to burn calories.  I lost the weight but not even a year later it started to creep back on and my up & down cycle started and continued for years.  For me it was mostly “insecurity” and “emotions” that played a part in my Yo-Yo dieting as I would do good for a long time by dieting (eating healthy) and exercising (running, weight lifting, etc.) and then something bad would happen in my life and I would turn to food for comfort.  That is the exact reason that led me to gain 100 pounds.  It wasn’t until June of 2008 that I finally made permanent changes in my life and stopped my Yo-Yo dieting, which is almost 20 years after the entire cycle began! 

7. What made you decide to embrace moderation over dieting and deprivation?
After almost 20 years of Yo-Yo Dieting (going up and down in weight) I had finally had enough!  I was sick of losing and gaining.  I knew I could lose the weight but I knew how I was doing it up to that point wasn’t working as I would always end up gaining it back.  So in June 2008 I decided to “stop dieting”, start eating healthy as much as possible and in moderation and stick to a regular exercise (running & weight lifting) plan weekly.  

8. How, specifically, have you changed your eating habits?
I eat whole grains, fruits, veggies, low-fat dairy and lean protein as much as possible.  I limit what I call “bad” carbs, items high in sugar, “bad” fat and rarely eat Fast Food or drink Soda.  I cook as much as possible and always bring my lunch to work.  I cut my portions in half (eat on smaller plates) and eat little meals often in order to keep me from getting hungry and going after bad food choices.  I also found that educating myself on the nutritional value of foods and trying new healthy recipes keeps me motivated. 
Here are some examples of what I eat now:

  • Instant high-fiber oatmeal (single serving size) with fruit, nuts & flax seed mixed in or a piece of fruit on the side
  • Whole-wheat frozen waffles (2) toasted with a tablespoon of peanut butter, ½ a sliced banana and a drizzling of syrup on top with orange juice
  • One serving size bowl of high-fiber cereal (Multi-Grain Cheerios, FiberOne Raisin Bran, etc.) with 2% milk and a glass of juice or a piece of fruit
  • Homemade frozen mixed berry smoothie made with milk & ice
  • Toasted whole-wheat bread with peanut butter and fruit on the side
  • A two egg omelet with tons of veggies (mushrooms, onions, peppers & tomatoes) and light cheese


  • Tuna/Peanut Butter on one or two pieces of high-fiber whole wheat bread with carrots, pickles & fruit on the side or frozen veggies
  • A medium size chef or chicken salad with tons of veggies (romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes and peppers), beans (red, black or garbanzo beans), egg, sunflower seeds, a few croutons, a pinch of cheese and a little ranch or Italian dressing on the side
  • A bowl full of homemade vegetable soup with low-fat beef or hamburger & beans added and whole-wheat crackers on the side
  • A small plate of humus and whole-wheat pita crackers with a small side salad or raw veggies on the side and a piece of fruit
  • Small cheeseburger, small fries & water or unsweetened ice tea


  • Whole-grain taco shells with lean taco meat, lots of shredded romaine lettuce, diced cherry tomatoes and a little cheese with yellow rice mixed with black beans and salsa on the side
  • Small bowl of whole-wheat pasta with lean hamburger meat & marina mixed together on top and a side salad
  • Marinated lean pork loin with ½ a baked potatoes and vegetables (asparagus, corn, broccoli or cabbage) on the side
  • Homemade whole-wheat pizza with tons of veggies (mushrooms, green & red peppers, onions and tomatoes) and thinly sliced pepperoni and a small amount of cheese sprinkled on top
  • One serving size of pot roast with baby carrots & potatoes and a small salad
  • Small cheeseburger, small fries & water or unsweetened ice tea


  • One small serving size container of high-fiber and active culture yogurt with a tablespoon of granola and a handful of fresh berries
  • A small piece of homemade chocolate chip, walnut, raisin & flax seed granola and a fruit
  • A handful of whole-wheat pita chips and a scoop of humus and raw veggies
  • Occasionally a small cookie, piece of cake/pie or a small bowl of ice-cream

9. What foods did you used to overindulge in (and cut while dieting), that you now let yourself have a little of?
For me it was mainly “Fast Food”!  I ate it often, almost everyday when I was at my heaviest and I could polish off a whole key lime pie on my own in a week, which I did a few times.  =O  I also would eat very large portions of whatever I was eating.  I wouldn’t just have one donut I would have 3, or 2 tacos I would have 3 plus a buritto from Taco Bell. 
Below is a list of what I typically ate while I was at my heaviest:

  • Several servings (bowls) of cereal high in sugar
  • Fatty bacon, egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches several times a week
  • Large muffins or pastries
  • Hardly ever ate any “fruits”

Lunch & Dinner 

  • Cheeseburger, fries & coke
  • 3 tacos & a large burrito
  • Large portion sizes of pasta (lasagna, spaghetti, etc.)
  • Frozen Pizza’s or Pizza Bites (unhealthy versions, not Kashi)
  • Large salads with lots of cheese, croutons & fatty dressing  
  • Basically “large” portions of whatever I ate!!! 


  • Baked goods (donuts, cookies, cake & pie)
  • Chips 
  • Ice cream  
  • Soda (large glasses)  

Prior to my “huge weight gain” I would pretty much eat the same way when I wasn’t dieting I just didn’t eat as much and that is the only reason my weight wasn’t in the 200’s at that time in my life.
10. Why do you think practicing moderation over deprivation has helped you be successful in your weight loss?
Because “deprivation” only makes you want what you are keeping from yourself more and when you do finally give in and have it you will eat it and then some!  Thus, why after losing 50 pounds in the past I would in turn gain back more than half of it because I felt so deprived and when I finally gave to my carvings I couldn’t stop them and the weight creeped back on.  This happened to me several times over years.  Once I finally realized what was happening I stopped the vicious cycle, started eating healthy & in moderation and never felt deprived again! 

11. How have you applied the idea of moderation to your workout regimen?
Yes!  I used to feel extremely guilty if I missed a work out or run as I was afraid if I missed a work out or two that I may fall off the wagon so to speak but over time I realized that I was stronger than that and missing a day or two or even a week wasn’t going to kill me or throw me back into my old habits and I started looking at my workout regimen just as I look at food. 

12. What role do you think making lifestyle changes has played in keeping the weight off?
A HUGE ROLE!  In my eyes you can diet to lose the weight but you have to change your lifestyle in order to keep it off and ultimately be healthy, which is the most important thing to me as I don’t just want to be at my ideal weight I want to be healthy to and a good role model for my 9-year-old daughter.  I don’t want her to get stuck in the Yo-Yo Dieting cycle like me, I want her to learn healthy habits that she will have for life. 

13. How do you feel now that you’ve lost the weight and kept it off for so long?
GREAT!  I almost don’t believe I did it at times as I was obese for so long (6+ years) and struggled with my weight for so many years before that I thought I would never lose it all or be where I am at today.  But, I finally realized that it was possible, I just had to believe that and do it! 

14. What is the best thing about being at a healthy/ideal weight?
Being a good role model for my daughter, feeling comfortable and not having others look at me differently because of my weight!  

15. If you could offer women just one piece of advice to help them cut the yo-yo string for good, what would it be?
The only true way to lose weight, maintain your weight and be ”healthy” is to CHANGE YOU EATING HABITS & LIFE STYLE COMPLETELY!!!  Otherwise the weight will creep back on eventually, take my word for it I know this from lots & lots & lots of experience!!!   


Well that was a lot of writing above!  

Why don’t we move on to some pictures, some “food” pictures………=) 








50 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day 


41. Head for the nearest hill. Go sledding with the kiddos for 1 hour and 5 minutes. You’ll burn 500-plus calories. 

*Might be a bit late for this one in some parts of the country, but it is a good tip and a fun one at that! 



42. Do an hour of circuit training and you’ll burn 544 calories. 

*I love “circuit training” as it is a great full body workout!

New Theme (INove)


So after almost a 1/2 of year of blogging I have finally decided to change my theme and I really like it so far, as it provides wider reading area and my pictures appear larger as well. 

What do you think??? 



If you have yet to see my post on my upcoming JDRF Walk For a Cure please check it out at the below web link: 


So let’s get to a recap of my Tuesday, 3/16/10 shall we……… 

Breakfast was had at home prior to departing for work.  I a bowl of  Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats and a glass of orange juice


I then tried to be as creative as possible with my lunch options today or more likely “lack of lunch options” today and had 1/2 a whole wheat tuna sandwich with mayo, carrot sticks w/ranch dressing and some pickles


I also snacked on a little piece of dark chocolate with some peanut butter on top in the afternoon and since ate it so quickly there wasn’t a chance to snap a picture. 

Upon my arrival home from work, which was just a few minutes before 6pm, I quickly threw on my running attire and headed out for what a quick 3 mile run prior to having to get dinner started.  

Luckily, the run ended up being pretty quick, around 35 minutes in all, however it felt like it took forever as my muscles were still sore from my toning work out (legs, back & bis) and run (3.5 miles) on Monday night at the gym so I had a hard time running fast. 

Once my shoes were off I quickly got to some prep work that needed to be done prior for dinner prior to taking my shower and then about 20+ minutes later I was back in the kitchen getting everything cooked so we could hopefully eat before 8pm.  =O  And, as hoped we ended up sitting down just before 8pm to a plate full of pork chops, baked potatoes and broccoli


I am not a big pork chop girl but I have to admit that they came out very juicy and super crispy tonight, YUM!  I only had one, but my hubby had 3……..=O 


T’was not a super night for TV watching, however I luckily had a new show called Home Rules on HGTV that I recorded the night before waiting for me so I was saved.  The show is about how redecorating can transform a home as well as the people who live there and I totally agree, however they do not just go in and “redecorate” the shows participates without the entire family working on skills that will improve their lives at the same time.  

The family from last nights show was basically living WAY ABOVE THEIR MEANS and had to be brought back down to reality, this is something that I believe many American’s need to do so I think this is a great show to have out there! 

Bed time came after 12am yet again, that is now 3 “6 hour” sleep nights in a row…….ugh, “I can’t wait until my body finally adjusts to the time change (leap forward) and I get to bed at a more reasonable hour”! 

Is the time change affect you???



50 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

39. Head to a county fair or amusement park. You’ll slash 612 calories in 3 hours from the casual walking and standing in lines. (Subtract 105 calories if you have cotton candy.) 

*I know I would leave the fair gaining calories instead of  slashing them as would be eating everythign in sight (cotton candy, funnel cakes, corn dogs, etc.) while I walked around!


40. Play a game of touch football or basketball with your kids for 1 hour and burn 500 calories.

*I haven’t played either sport in almost 10+ years now that I think about it…..YIKES, I am getting old!

JDRF Walk For A Cure

Next month, on Saturday, April 3rd at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida I will be taking part in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Walk to Cure Diabetes along with a half-million other walkers from across the country who will also be “walking to cure diabetes” this year!

I was asked along with my fellow co-worker’s to take part in this event in order to help raise funds to help support a our co-worker’s son, Jake, who was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 4!

To learn more about Jake’s story, please visit his families post at YouTube at

Our goal is to raise $105 million nationwide to help fund research for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes and its complications. 


I set a Fundraising Goal for myself of $100, seeing as this is my 1st official fundraiser and all!  And, to my surprise I have already raise 60% of my goal thanks to some very generous donations from my friends and family.

Below is a little information on Juvenile (Type 1) Diabetes:

Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes, is a devastating, often deadly disease that affects millions of people–a large and growing percentage of them children.

Many people think Type 1 Diabetes can be controlled by insulin. While insulin does keep people with type 1 diabetes alive, it is NOT a cure. Aside from the daily challenges of living with type 1 diabetes, there are many severe, often fatal, complications caused by the disease.

That’s the bad news… and yes, it’s pretty bad.

The good news, though, is that a cure for Type 1 Diabetes is within reach. In fact, JDRF funding and leadership is associated with most major scientific breakthroughs in Type 1 Diabetes research to date. And JDRF funds a major portion of all type 1 diabetes research worldwide, more than any other charity.


I am posting about this “walk for a cure” in order to ask for your support because now more than ever, EACH of us can be a part of bringing about a cure. Each of us can make a real difference!

As my friend Michelle said to me recently after making her donation “generosity is giving when you really don’t have the money to give and you have to go without in order to support the cause.” 

So that is exactly what I did when I made my donation online today and even though it was a small donation it was a generous amount to me (and my budget) and as I stated above no amount is too small and every $1 helps!!!

Unlike other fellow bloggers that also post about fundraiser’s they are involved in I am afraid I do not have a fancy prize to give away in a donation raffle, however if you are so inclined I & the JDRF would greatly appreciate your generosity if you are able to give

As together, we can make the cure a reality.

Thank you,


Please visit my Walk Web Page if you would like to donate online or see how close I am to reaching my personal goal:

Follow this link to make a donation:

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