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Long & Busy….

………3 Day Weekend!!! 

It was a VERY GOOD one however as I got “a lot” done and spent some quality time with my friends & family as well!  =) 

However, I was a little off as far as Breakfasts were concerned as I pretty much didn’t eat any breakfast all weekend long……….=O…….I was just so busy from morning to-night that they slipped my mind or I didn’t have time for them! 

Let me take you through the long weekend, day by day, starting with Saturday, 2/13/10

I tried to head out for my scheduled morning run early, however that did not happen for various reasons and I didn’t hit the pavement until just after 10:30a.m. 

Once I was on the road (sidewalk) all bundled up as it was COLD & BREEZY outside I did an easy paced 3 Mile Run in about 35 minutes, not sure exactly as I didn’t have my watch so I just guessed.  Despite the cold wind trying to blow me down and the heavy layers I had on it turned out to be a very nice run. 

Upon my return home I took a shower and headed out to the following places: 

  • Panera Bread
    • I met up with my BF Amy and had myself a toasted whole-grain bagel with low-fat hazelnut cream cheese and a large hazelnut coffee (sorry to picture, forgot camera).  Guess this could of been counted as breakfast but it was eaten after noon so I didn’t????
  • Farmer’s Market
    • We then headed to the local famer’s market by us and I bought a TON of fresh veggies to use in my Hamburger Veggie Soup that I would be making over the weekend sometime.
  • Girl Scout Troop Leaders  House
    • Picked up “Girl Scout Cookies”, 104 boxes in all!!!
  • Publix
    • Grocery shopping, of course…….=)

Once I was back home and had everything put away I got cracking on some lunch, which was a regular Saturday lunch occurrence around my parts………a southwest chicken salad (surprise, surprise)!  =) 


The rest of my afternoon was filled with the dreaded LAUNDRY, luckily I finished a lot so it won’t run into the rest of my long weekend. 

We then ventured out to do some shopping late afternoon and in light of being out late we decided to grab dinner at Five Guys, which is one of my favorite places to eat as their hamburger & fries are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

I had a little cheeseburger and some fries.  =) 


Can’t really remember what we did the rest of the night but I think the TV & the couch were involved. 

On to Sunday, 2/14/10……a/k/a Valentines Day


I gave my daughter a HUGE card and a heart cake for special occasion and she loved both…..couldn’t believe how big the card was.   

I also got my hubby lot of CHOCOLATE. 

I was up pretty early this morning, 8am, as I had a lot to do again today: 

  • Clean House
  • Publix (again, Deli was just to busy yesterday to wait)
  • Wal-Mart
  • Laundry (last of it)

As stated above I missed breakfast pretty much the entire weekend, however I feel it necessary to admit that I did eat a BUNCH of “Girl Scout” cookies upon my return home and after getting a Hazelnut Coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  


Below are some pictures of the damage I caused this morning, though I did eat some on Saturday & Monday as well to the tune of the following amounts in all over the past 3 Days

  • 1 sleeve of Thin Mints
  • 1/2 a sleeve of Shortbreads

Shortbreads & Thin Mints

  • 2/3 a box of Carmel Delites

Carmel Delites

  • 1/2 a box of Peanut Butter Patties

Peanut Butter Patties

  • 3 Lemonades

YIKES, RIGHT!?!?!  =O 

Well, I told myself I could eat whatever cookies I wanted over the long weekend and I did just that…….of course I ate a bit more than I planned to or should have but they were REALLY GOOD and officially out of my house now as I gave the rest away! 

In light of this “Cooking Eating Spree” I gained some weight…….=(…….but scarfices just have to be made, sometimes!  Though not very often! 

Later in the afternoon I visited my Mother-In-Law’s house and helped her with some stuff and in turn she fed us her famous Pot Roast for dinner


I do remember bed time coming early on Sunday as I was exhausted. 

And, it was Monday, 2/15/10….a/k/a President’s Day

You might of guess this day was BUSY as well and started early at 8am again, as I needed to get a jump start on this day if it was going to go as planned. 

  • I ran 3 milesTrying to make up for all the cookies I ate….=O
  • Ironed my daughter’s hair, that is naturally curly but she wanted to see what it looked like flat.  It took over an hour but looked good & much longer.
  • Met up with my sister & niece at Chevy’s for lunch and also dropped off the Girl Scout Cookies she ordered to her.  Of course I left my camera at home…..no surprise there I am sure……..but just in case you are wondering I had chicken fajitas for lunch and they were YUMMY!


  • Then I dropped off the Girl Scout Cookies my parents ordered to them.
  • Back home around 2pm.
  • Made my Hamburger Veggie Soup, which takes a lot of “prep work” but is totally worth it in the end as the soup has 9 Vegetables in all in it, is full of flavor and makes 24 cups in all!

Hamburger Veggie Soup (Prep1)

Hamburger Veggie Soup (Prep2)

Hamburger Veggie Soup!!!

  • Dinner followed my soup making!  The hubby grilled ribeye steak and I made corn on the cob, aspargus & loaded sweet potoates for the sides.  IT WAS AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS!  =)


  • Oh and I almost forgot……my hubby trimmed (3+ inches) worth of hair off my daughters long ironed locks while I was making my soup and she looks really cute, I will try to get a picture soon to share!  



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P.S.  Don’t Forget to VOTE for your favorite “Girl Scout” Cookie for a chance to win a free box!


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