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What a nice weekend I had!!!  =)  

Hope your’s was as well?  

Of course my weekend started with the “Lady Track Shack 5K” that I gave a full report on in my earlier post so check it out if you haven’t already as it was a GREAT race with new PR’s!  =)  

I forgot to mention that after the race we visited some of the booths they had at Mead Gardens where the race started & ended.  One of them was Florida Hospital Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation.  


I took a look at some of their handouts about “Common Running Injuries & Treatment Guidelines” and from what I read I believe my Knee Pain (anterior – around or behind kneecap) that I get after 3+ mile runs appears to be Patellofemoral Problems, which is a imbalance in alignment of the kneecapIt starts to hurt after long runs and then afterwards while I am going up/down steps, squatting or am sitting for a long time.   

They recommended doing the following for it:  

  • Quad, ITB & Hip Flexor Stretches
  • Quad & Hip Strength Exercises

As they advised the pain is occurring because my quad & hip muscles are not strong enough and during my longer runs I am putting too much pressure on my knee and this is why the pain starts!   

It is nice to pinpoint what I have and be able to start working on it.  =)  

After the race I came home and took a much NEEDED shower.  Blogged about my experience at the race as I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone!  

Then, we (my husband, daughter & myself) all headed out to do a little bit of shopping at Target as my daughter needed to get some valentines for class and then Ross as my husband wanted to look for a new t-shirt.   

Lunch followed our shopping excursion…….and we headed to one of our favorites Back Yard Burger!  


I didn’t have my camera on me as I left it on the counter top at home but I had their 1/3 burger with all the toppings & some seasoned fries on the side.  


Once we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves we headed home.  

I commenced to trying to finish most of my laundry, 4 loads, for the weekend and helped my daughter paint her Valentines box for class.  

Oh and I did go to the grocery store too, which was SWAMPED with “Super Bowl Party” buyers!  

Later I made up some chicken salads for dinner as we were still pretty full after our yummy lunch.  I had my favorite southwest chicken salad of course.  


A little bit after dinner I had some of my favorite Haagen-Daz low fat frozen yogurt coffee for desert.  


Desert (Nutrition Facts)

The movie Whiteout followed, which I liked a lot but my husband did not and he fell asleep while watching.  


I finished the movie without him and then watched a little TV after until I finally dragged him up to bed around 1am.  


Sunday morning came a bit earlier for me then I had hoped as my daughter came knocking on our door around 7:30a.m. because she was out of TP and didn’t think about getting some from the downstairs bathroom!  =O   

I ended up having to take the dog out after that and though I tried to go back to bed it didn’t work and about 15 minutes later I was up making the bed and starting on my house cleaning.  =(  

 About 30+ minutes later I was done with the “little” house cleaning I did…..just bathrooms & dusting today as I needed to get cleaned up and out the door so I could get to Coggin Honda and get my oil changed before everyone and their mother arrived to do the same.  

I was in and out in less than an hour!   

And, the drive home was so nice, I just love how much better my car drives after a oil change……..especially mine as I was going on 7K miles since my last.  =O  

I had wanted to stop and get a bagel from Panera on my way home, I was craving for one since Saturday when I saw someone at the race with a bagel & cream cheese but my hubby called and needed me to get home quickly so I didn’t make it……….=(  

Once home I finally had my breakfast just before noon so at least it was still “morning”.  A small bowl of rice crispies with milk & sliced bananas and orange juice on the side ended up being on the menu.  


The rest of my afternoon was spent chatting with my hubby and cooking!  

My favorite southwest chicken salad made another appearance for lunch today.  


Sorry I used the same picture as Saturday’s dinner as I forgot to take one before I ate!    

Dinner was a “new” one for my blog as I haven’t made them in ages due to past cooking failures but today they turned out AMAZING!!!  

I made BBQ Ribs with baked potatoes & corn on the cob that I both cooked in the oven wrapped in foil with the ribs.  


I am a Western Girl at heart as I was pretty much born & raised in Colorado so I love myself some BBQ and BBQ Pork is my all time favorite in any more…….ribs, pulled pork, etc.  

In the past both my husband & daughter haven’t liked my ribs as they were too “fatty” and “mushy” but this time I picked a great piece of ribs (hardly any fat) and I finally got the cooking down packed:  

  • 250 degrees for 1 hour covered in foil, seasoned with S&P
  • 300 degrees for another hour covered in foil, covering with sauce every 30 minutes
  • 325 for 30 minutes covered in foil & sauced once
  • 350 for 45 minutes, no foil cover & sauced once

NOW, I shouldn’t have done it (more like ate it) but I did and will admit it……I had ice-cream yet again for desert tonight but a different kind this time.  Tonight, I had vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate on side.  


I only watched a few parts of the Super Bowl and pretty much channel surfed the most of the night as not to much was on.



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