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Lady Track Shack 5K


I just got back from running the Lady Track Shack 5K  that benefits the “Florida Hospital Track Shack Breast Cancer Screening Program”, which provides mammograms to under-served women in our community. 

The race started at 7:30a.m. so I was up & out of bed to start getting ready at 5:45a.m.  After getting dressed and eating a toasted whole-grain waffle with crunchy peanut butter, raspberry jelly & 1/2 a sliced banana on top for a pre-race breakfast I headed out to the race at 6:30a.m. 

Pre-Race Breakfast

I ended being behind my co-worker friend Catrina while parking so I didn’t have to search for her later.  We met up with our other co-worker friends at the Packet Pick Up area inside beautiful Mead Gardens in Winter Park, Florida. 

Then we headed to the start line, as close to it as we could get as we didn’t want to be caught up in the swarm of 2200 women that were in the race.  =O 

It hit 7:30a.m. and we were off, the race went as follows: 

  • 1st Mile – Was spent running along side Catrina through the beautiful tree covered & garden rich neighborhoods of Winter Park.  Both of us working on our breathing (it always takes me about a mile to get my breathing regulated).  We were aiming for 10 minute miles and we very happy to see 10:22 on the clock at the Mile 1 marker.
  • 2nd Mile – My breathing finally slowed at this point and my pace stayed on point as well, however just before the mile & 1/2 marker I lost Catrina who needed to take a walking break (she had been under the weather the past few weeks and out of the gym so I was happy she even made it to the race).  I then hit a water station and got a few sips out of my cup before discarding it and running ahead.  At this point we came across the faster runners that were on their way back to the finish line (that was close by the start line) and I got a little energy to surge ahead and was again happy to see the clock say 20:25 at Mile 2.
  • 3rd Mile – I did pretty good during the first portion of this mile and was surprised I didn’t slow down as much as I typically do during the 3rd mile, I think my recent faster 3 mile runs really helped with not only my speed/pace but my endurance at the end as well.  Before I know it we were rounding a corner that lead to the last few blocks and a crowd of men were cheering us on (this was a women only run so there were lots of men cheering on the side lines, kids too), which gave me some pep in my step and I was off, then I heard a woman on the side line say “only 1 block to go” and I asked her to be sure I heard her correctly and she said “yes, 1 block left” and that is exactly what I needed to hear as my body was starting to tire.  I jetted off at that point, unfortunately it was a bit too soon and at the 3 Mile marker that said 30:45 I hit the famous WALL and couldn’t not go any faster the last part of the mile to the finish line!
  • Finish Line – I crossed the finish with a time of 31:24!!!  =)  I was hoping for a time that started with “30” but was very happy with the time I got as it was a 10:06 mile pace and that is what I wanted, FINALLY I AM A 10 MINUTE MILE RUNNER!!! 

Check out my official results below:

Place Name Bib Age Div Place Gender  Place Clock Time Chip Time Pace Hometown
540                     LAURA 835 32  85 540 31:45 31:24  10:06.2          ORLANDO, FL

I have shaved off 4+ minutes from my last official (D-Tag) race results from the I-Drive 5K back in May 2009!  

I found my past 3 Race Results at www.trackshack.com for me, see the below: 

Race History     

Race Date Net Time Gun Time Pace
Florida Hospital Lady Track Shack 5k 02/06/2010 31:24 31:45 10:06.2
Florida Hospital Celebration Health Founders Day 10k 11/15/2009 1:07:54 1:08:55 10:55.6
I-Drive 5k Run 05/09/2009 35:08 35:41 11:18.3

Ok, I just wanted to share the above with you all……off to have some lunch as I a STARVING.

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