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YEAH…it is finally FRIDAY!!!

I am totally doing a Garfield inside right now……..=)

As it has been a VERY LONG and UP & DOWN week so I am so happy that Friday, has finally arrived!

Breakfast was had at work this morning & oatmeal finally made an appears this week……….I had a big boal of maple brown sugar instant oatmeal with a ground flax seed, a spoon full of walnuts, 1/2 a diced apple, a dash of cinnamon mixed in and heated until the below appeared out of the microwave.


Lunch came a bit early on this fine day as we had a Co-Worker’s Birthday Lunch at a local restraurant called “Ember” so I got to have my favorite BBQ Chicken Flat Bread…………=)


In light of my lunch splurge I had a HUGE salad for dinner, while the hubby had Pizza and my daughter had dinner at her friends house who she is spending the night with! 


I am off to enjoy some “quality time” with my hubby while the little one is away…….hope everyone has a great weekend!  =)



Your A-to-Z Guide to a Flat Belly

X-X out sofa time.

In a Duke University study, women living la vida couch potato piled on 11.6 percent more deep-belly fat in eight months.


Just another reminder to STAY TUNED for the weekend post about Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping 101“!!!

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