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……..are back on this Friday, 1/15/10!!!  They took a break over the holidays as I wasn’t working for several Friday’s in a row but now they are back and of course I love them!

My desk is by no means messy like the above (compulsive neat freak I am), however I just thought it was the cutest pin and I do feel like that by the end of the week!  =O

Before I departed for work today I had a toasted whole-grain waffle with chunky peanut butter & raspberry jelly, a slice of melon and a glass of orange juice on the side for breakfast.


Then it FINALLY happened, I was actually “on time” for work this morning!!!  =) 

And, I also managed to stop and get another hazelnut coffee from 7-Eleven as well.


I got busy finshing up some things I had been working on all week in the a.m. and before I knew it was noon and I was hungry so I snacked on the pear I had in the fridge all week.


2 hours later I finally had lunch (only one today) and I was very happy to have the “very” last of my chili that I brought from home this morning along with some shredded cheese.


Quitting time came a bit early, around 4:30pm as I had a few errands to run before I picked up the little one.  Once at home I took a shower and got started on dinner, which was grilled hamburgers & fries.


 Dinner was eating quite late so only a little bit of t.v. time followed as everyone in the house hold was pretty tired and we all were in bed before 11pm.



Your A-to-Z Guide to a Flat Belly

J-Just say ‘moo.’

Dieters who consumed 1,200 to 1,300 milligrams of calcium every day experienced three times the middle-whittling as those getting the same number of calories but less calcium, a University of Tennessee study found.


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